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In today's video, I will be showing you guys how I transformed my

baby sister's hair into this super moisturized wash and go for back

to school.

So, she actually requested a simple wash and go for the first day,

y'all, she's going to high school now, so she was not trying to have

any clips or anything like that in her hair.

She just wanted something simple with a middle part and also she

hasn't seen her friends in over a year and I think she wanted to

show them how far her hair has come since the last time.

So, I thought ,what better way to show off her wash and go and

show off her curls than by using the CurlMix lemon creme wash

and go system with argan oil for softening hair.

So, as you guys can see, her hair is quite dry.

I just took her hair out of the jungle braids that I did about six

weeks ago, y'all, and her hair is in some dire need of moisture so

I'm going to follow up with the CurlMix aloe vera shampoo.

This is very clarifying but also really, really moisturizing.

As you guys know, CurlMix shampoos are my absolute favorite.

I actually have them on subscription, you guys, so they send a

shampoo to my home every eight weeks so right now I have about

three bottles of shampoo from them at my home.

So, yeah guys, I actually keep this on rotation because it is a really

really moisturizing, you guys, it clarifies your hair without making it

feel super dry or super stripped and with this lemon creme

fragrance, you guys, with this particular wash and go set for the

softening hair, after I rinsed it out, it felt very silky and while I was

washing her hair, it was detangling instantly as well.

So, that is also a plus.

Alright guys.

So, as you guys can see, this is her hair after I rinsed out the shampoo.

You can see her curls starting to come back and her hair looks very


So, now I'm going to be following up with the pure grapeseed


This is also very hydrating.

I love the consistency of this, it's very nice and thick and I love that

it doesn't sit on top of her hair when I applied it to her hair.

You can see that it was penetrating her hair shaft and also guys,

the bomb thing about this is that this acts as a conditioner and

also as a deep conditioner.

So, as you guys can see, I'm applying it to her hair and it is

softening her hair right before your eyes and I'm just going to go in

and start finger detangling before I start using the brush and once I

start using the brush, you're going to see just how easily her hair

has detangled using this conditioner.

So, as you guys can see, I am using CurlMix brush to detangle her

hair in sections.

I started from the ends and I'm working my way up and as you guys

can see, the brush is gliding through her hair.

It is not snagging at all and her hair looks so moisturized, you guys,

just so soft and so moisturized.

So, as you guys can see, her hair was detangled quite easily so

what I'm going to do is, I'm just going to put it in some twists and

then I'm going to proceed to detangle the rest of her hair once her

hair is fully detangled, you guys.

I did allow her to just sit tight for about 10 minutes because as I

mentioned before, this conditioner does act as a deep conditioner

as well.

So, I did rinse her hair out in the shower, off camera, and now I'm

going to follow up with the pure avocado moisturizer, you guys.

I want to say, y'all, this is one of my favorite products in this line as


When I applied this to her hair, her hair responded to it so well you guys.

Like my eyebrows did rise up a little bit y'all because I was like yo,

her hair feels silky soft, I love the consistency of this, I love how it

feels on her hair.

It is so moisturizing as you guys can see.

Once I apply it to her hair, it penetrates her hair shaft and then her

curls are going to start popping you guys even before applying the


Y'all her curls are popping, y'all.

So, yeah.

This is definitely a go-to product.

This will be a staple in her regimen.

Look at her curls, y'all.

There's no gel in her hair and her curls are already popping.

So, now that her hair is fully moisturized, I'm going in with the pure

flaxseed gel.

Y'all, the consistency of this gel had me shook, okay!

This isn't like regular gels where the consistency is kind of sticky

and slimy.

This is the complete opposite.

This felt like water so I was pretty surprised at how well it defined

her curls because of how the gel felt.

It's super duper lightweight and I do like that about it because it

gave her curls a very fluffy and soft type of look and feel.

It wasn't very crunchy or very stiff and her hair

wasn't weighed down.

Also, her curls are very different than mine.

She has a ton of different curl patterns.

I feel like she has four or five curl patterns in her hair so even in this

section, you have some curls that are a little bit tighter and then

you have some that are looser.

Her hair has been like that since she was a itty bitty baby so yeah I

just wanted to clarify that with you guys.

She doesn't have any damage or anything like that that's just how

her hair has always been.

So yeah, for the rest of her hair, y'all, I applied the moisturizer and

then on top of that, I went in with about two or three sprays of the

um gel and I just applied that throughout her entire hair.

You guys are going to see at the end just how beautiful everything

turned out.

I was super impressed by this wash and go.

As you all know, it is super easy to use CurlMix products to do

wash and go's.

When I use their products, my wash days usually last about 30

minutes so that's always a plus.

So, for her going back to school with everybody being so busy and

her wanting to do a wash and go, this is something simple that we

can do each morning.

I don't have to go through and shingle each piece, I just really have

to make sure that I rake it in real good and that's it y'all.

As you guys can see, her hair is so defined and just so beautiful.


Alright guys.

So, this is the final result, I just went in with a little bit of jam just to

kind of slick her edges back just a little bit but in this footage her

hair is about 80 to 90 percent dry and as you guys can see it is

drying nice and fluffy.

You can tell that it's not very stiff.

It is a very soft you guys and it looks really really nice on her.

She loved it um she had a really nice day with the wash and go and

when she came home, her hair was still nice and still defined so

yeah guys, that is it for today's video.

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