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Yang~ Yang~

Yang, are you resting?

Yang, would you come out?

You won't?

She always looks for the cat after school

It must be tough in such cold weather..

Only Haena can get closer to the cat

What a 10 year old girl is anxiously looking for is..

a stray cat..

The only person the cat listens to is Haena


Yang, eat up


The cat sticks her head out


His leg is almost cut off

The cat can't even stand right but is limping due to his injured leg

All righty

Yang who was eating

startled by the noise

and runs away

Hurriedly hides under the roof


Upon hearing Haena's voice

The cat plucks his courage to go outside again

That's my boy, Yang

So pretty, Yang

Want to bring him to the hospital,

But once trying catching him, he runs away

Why does he shut down any approaches toward him

while not refusing Haena's help?

I tried petting him, but he's too wary...

He barely comes out..

Others might think the cat's ours

The first friend Haena who came along with her parents who decided to live in the countryside

was the cat Yang

They've been together for 3 years..

But then, an unexpected accident caused trouble between Haena and the cat

Mom : The cat wasn't seen for about 2 weeks

Thought he died first

Was thinking what I should do about it..

Then some villagers said they saw the cat dragging a snare trap in his leg

The one who saved the cat caught in the snare was of course Haena

Right at the moment whent the rescuers and Haena were trying to put him inside the kennel,

The cat just ran away like that..

Since that day, the cat hid under the roof and barely came out

Mom : Haena wanted to help him

But it must be hard for Yang to understand her

I guess the cat kinda got salty about it

That's why he's being wary a bit

Want to have some food?


Yang comes out fast

He approaches her out of excitement

But soon after, the cat turns her back

Is your leg hurt?

Goes up to the roof to deliver sincerity through eye contact,

hoping he would clear up the misunderstanding



Shall we play together?

Just come out here once!

The cat answers but doesn't move at all..

I think it's too close

PD : What's too close? / You

PD : Do you think the cat doesn't come out because of me? / Yes, He'll be startled 'cause you're too close



As she gets on the roof alone and calls the cat

The cat comes out

and checks around

Never seen her moves like that before..

As Haena gestures to come near her

Yang plucks his courage again!

That's right! Good boy

Looks a bit uncomfortable,

But they soon look into each other's eyes

and the cat acts cute for Haena

He doesn't run away from me anymore~

So brave~ So proud of you

Yummy? Eat slow

But soon after

As soon as hearing the noise, the cat hides again

Will be back again. Take a good rest

That night

Haena makes a bed with such itty bitty hands

PD : Yang must be so thankful, right

Yes, I hope she likes it..

Haena's sincere heart could be reached to the cat..

and the cat feels her love..

As the day comes,

Haena's on the way to meet the cat again

Rushes to the girl with the injured leg

Rubs his head to the girl's hand, saying hello

Vet : The cat's wounded because of the snare

and the necrosis has been developed in the wounded area

In worst case, her leg should be amputated

so the cat needs to be rescued as soon as possible to check her leg condition

Install a trap cage in acrylic which looks less threatening

Vet : Since the cat has a great fear of steel

it'd be better for Haena to build up trust through communion

and rescue the cat accordingly

Haena who the cat can only rely on plays a very important role..



Uh! She's here!

Look, the cat's here!

As the cat comes to the front yard,

Haena patiently gets inside the cage first

Yang, it's okay!

But soon, the cat turns her back..

I think the cat's being wary of a strange trap cage as he's never seen it before

Without giving up, Haena calls her again



The cat gets frantic and starts resisting..

You are a good boy, Yang..

Seeing Yang losing her mind,

Haena bursts into tears

Yang, it's not what you think

Yang, you're a good boy

Our Yang..

Haena calms herself down and tries to relieve the cat

Didn't realize that she would run away so desperately

True friendship

and pure love to save the poor life could make this rescue come to succeed

You must be embarrassed, but you did well, Haena

It's you who rescued Yang

I'm glad.. Haena did such a wonderful job


Haena and Yang's second episode

will be continued in part 2

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