Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Draw Tip Tuesday - Draw A Circle and Make a Sphere

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Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

Today well do an exercise, using color pencils to add depth to a circle and transform

it into a sphere.

Draw a circle. By hatching with your color pencil, you add shading. See, this is where

the light source would be, so on the other side of the circle, I am adding shading.

Bt adding layer upon layer of hatching lines, you are deepening the color and shading.

With each layer, you can make the hatching lines a little bit longer. This way, the part

of the sphere that would be in de most shaded area, becomes darker because it has many layers

of hatching, and you make a smooth transition from darkest to lightest.

Use crosshatching for more layers and to deepen the color. You can put your hatching lines

in many directions, and by making the lines overlap, the colour deepens and you can create

many different shades and variations. Make sure you keep the area closest to the light

source, the lights area - and the area furthest from the light source become darkest.

Now to deepen that colour and make the darkest area a bit heavier, use the opposite color

of the pencil youve been using. In this case, the opposite color of red is green.

Gently add a few layers, alternating the two colors so the green doesnt predominate,

but complements.

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