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can create a pop-up of a countdown timer to create a cool sense of urgency for any visitor here's how

on our landing page we're going to drag over the pop-up element right up above the sign up form

now your visitors won't see this element this is invisible to them but it will trigger the pop-up

now we can either have that triggered by popping up or by somebody clicking a button but we're

going to leave it on the pop-up trigger for now we'll add our delay of 5 seconds

and then we'll add what gets shown in that pop-up we'll drag our image element over

now using the tools at we're going to create a countdown timer gif by deciding when this

countdown timer ends we'll say this friday we can also change around a little bit of the elements of

the countdown timer like the background and the font color so we'll generate that and now we'll

grab the url that's displayed below our newly created gif and we'll open that up in a new tab

from here we'll save this to our desktop and then upload it as an image

and so now when people come to our page that pop-up will appear five seconds after they arrive

with that countdown timer

of course we want to add a little bit more to this so let's go back real quick

i'll click on the pop-up element again

and we'll add some text

this way it'll give a little bit of context to the countdown timer itself

we'll let people know they get 50 off if they act before the timer ends

change around the styling a little bit maybe call out that 50 a little bit with some bold

and then we'll save

so now after five seconds the text and the countdown timer appears

so what are you waiting for why not take what you just learned and try it out in aweber today

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