Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Golf Swing Body Mechanic Specialist

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Hi I'm John Vickers I'm a golf swing by the mechanics specialist what does that

mean in practical terms? It means that I look at how your body is moving during

the golf swing. Because this is the number one tool that you take out onto

the course to get your club to move properly and if you're being coached up

or you have a golf pro that's working with you and sometimes you find it

frustrating because you're not able to do the things that golf pro wants you to

do with your club nine times out of ten the problem lies in the movement of your

body and that's what I focus on. I focus on what your body is doing and I'm easy

working with a golf pro or with a coach or with an another golf specialist in

order to help you get better. Because I understand from the big toe up to the

neck what this needs to do throughout all phases of your golf swing. I have a

background in physical therapy in anatomy, physics that, put together what I

do is to light years ahead of what's currently out there as far as getting

people better at playing golf and making it easy for them to do it and them to

play better and be successful

The Description of Golf Swing Body Mechanic Specialist