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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Shifting in 1st gear @ 90km/h -Engine damage!-

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Hey folks, great you're watching again

Welcome to;

Useless experiments part 3

We have our terrific test car overhere

we've tested a few things;

We've shifted at 100km/h in reverse

opened the hood at 120km/h

and today on your request;

Shift into 1st gear at high speed

Let's test it!

Let's do it!

I'm curious, here we go

What do you think, Dirk?

will it explode?

Noo.. but I think it will slow down very hard

Shall we try it now? We're going 90km/h

It's in 1st gear

That's fun

The engine didn't find that was fun

It's making strange noises

it's knocking

The piston rods will come through the firewall soon

it doesn't pull up anymore


No.. I think this is bad

Do you hear that?

a lot happened there

I heard some kind of rattling

I heard; tickatickaticka

not good

We can already say; don't try at home

There are only three cylinders left

one is gone..

Let's do it again


We're gaining speed

is this full throttle?

Yeah.. it doesn't go much faster

How much?

80, here we go

It still works

I think too

I don't have an oil pressure warning yet

Okay.. we can't go much faster anymore

These are only three cylinders for sure

It's very slow

Three? Or maybe less?

I think it's even slower as before

It's getting worse.. maybe the rods will come out soon

That's the goal!

The issue is; it won't do more rpm's

so we can't break it any further this way

It doesn't go much faster

We can say this engine is broken

it runs on three cylinders

I'm going to load it on the trailer as long as it runs

or else we have to push it on there

and that ain't fun

I hear you thinking;

That engine makes such a sound..

it wants to be blown apart

we would like that as well of course

But this is an experiment of course

and we're very curious what exactly broke down

if we blow it up now

the piston rods will come out

everything will be broken and we won't know what's causing that noise

so we're going to bring it to the workshop

take off the cylinder head

look inside and see what's broken

here's the patient

ready for the authopsy

Nice hey..

What do you think what happened?

I think something's wrong with the valves

it made a lot of rpm's

I think something's broken or bend

only one way to find out;

take that thing off

indeed, take the head off, let's look inside!

Is that the last one?

Yes it is!

The moment of truth!

I keep filming when it comes off

Maybe we should have dissassembled the valve cover first

This doesn't look bad


Oh hey, look at this!

That's it!

The valve rocker broke

how did that happen?


This is caused by too much rpm's

because it needs to make so much rpm's at once

such a high forces are inflicted on these parts

It just snapped, here's the other half

With a 4 stroke engine you have combustion chambers

which are sealed by valves

these valves make it possible for air and fuel entering the engine

and the combustion fumes to escape

the valves are controlled by the cam shaft

it's in the top section of the head, you see it here

and the cams activate the valves

in this case the cams press on the valve rockers

the valve rockers are supported by hydraulic adjusters on this side

it adjusts the clearance

on this side it presses on the valve stem

there's a port which is closed by the valve like this

and if it's compressed..

it will open

wait a minute..

I already thought that other part didn't match very well

this half belongs to this one

look at this

This one belongs to this

and therefore the engine ran on 2 cylinders

we have two broken rockers

but we can fix that, and then it's fine again!

and we can do another test with this car!

Do you have a good idea for a test?

post it in the comments below

and maybe we'll do your test next time!

Hey folks! Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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