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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tutorial: The Gmail Sidebar

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- The number one complaint that people have about CRM

is it's just another thing you've got to do

to manage your business.

- That's why Insightly has the Insightly sidebar

for Gmail and Chrome browsers.

Let's you do those things without having

to leave your inbox.

- Let's check it out.

All right Tony where do we go to get this sidebar?

- [Tony] So we could just do a quick Google search

for Insightly sidebar.

- [John] Add it to Chrome?

- [Tony] And we're gonna add to Chrome.

And there it is.

Right there on the side. - Ta-da!

- [Tony] Which is why we call it the sidebar.

Now you're going to log in using your

Insightly credentials here.

- [John] And to start with you can use this search bar

to search for different records within Insightly.

Let's go to our old friend Kevin Long.

Everything from his email to his website.

- [Tony] It's all right here.

- [John] And with this button you can

open his contact record in Insightly.

We've also got tasks.

You can see all the tasks that you've got due today.

Or you can create a new task for yourself.

- [Tony] So one of the benefits you'll see

is when you hover over these items on the right

you can see details about different records.

That also works once you receive an email.

So we should take a look at that.

- [John] All right this is test account,

so Tony, I need you to send me an email.

Do you have anything important to share?

- [Tony] Always.

(digital swish)

- [John] Tony Roma, my favorite guy.

All right, so here's where it gets

really cool, really powerful.

Tony Roma is a contact in Google.

Let's see if he shows up in the CRM.

- [Tony] So we're gonna go to our info icon.

All right, so you can create a contact directly

by clicking that create contact button over on the right.

It pulls the relevant information.

You can add more if you'd like.

And there you go, your contact is now in Insightly,

you didn't have to switch tabs or change anything.

- [John] You're a real boy.

Now that you're an official record in Insightly,

oftentimes you're going to want to create an opportunity

or a project associated with that record.

- [Tony] For example in this email this client wants to

take on a video project,

so let's add an new opportunity for it.

- [John] All right.

And again we'll just save this opportunity.

- [Tony] There we go.

It is linked to that contact because you created it

while you were viewing the contact.

- [John] And finally the last thing we want

to tell you about.

You can see that we've added this little button here,

it says save to Insightly.

With our nice ion logo.

And you have two options, you can either click this

and simply save the email or you can click here

and say save and add link.

So the email has been saved already Insightly is

automatically linked Tony and me because

we're both associated with this email.

And there's the suggested link here of new dance video.

Insightly's smart enough to know that this is likely to be

a relevant opportunity when saving this email,

so you can click here, add this link.

And you can link it to anybody, anything else

you want right here within Insightly.

But this seems good to me.

So all set, we'll close it.

- [Tony] Perfect.

Now when you send a reply you may want to

save that to Insightly as well.

That's why there's that other orange button down there,

works the same way.

- With one click you're able to send it

and have it saved to Insightly at the same time.

So to wrap all this up let's take a look at

Tony Roma the record within Insightly.

This record has been completely created

from within the Google sidebar.

We've got a link to me, we've got the new opportunity

that we've created and we've got the two emails,

and so that everything for your entire contact

is in one place.

And we didn't even have to leave Gmail one time.

Pretty cool.

All right, get it set up for yourself

and you'll be well on your way

to a carefree CRM experience.

- Now we're gonna go talk to our engineering team

about that dance routine.

(light, easy going synthesizer music)

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