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Hello, everyone.

So this game is packed with references to other games,

as well as other games by its developer ID software,

whose logo you can see over there in the distance.

and so I wanted to quickly jump onto the mic and show you some of my personal favourites.

So first off, you can find this suspicious note on a monitor

which is a reference to the mimic ability from the video game Prey.

Next you can find Mr Fuzzy in a store window,

a toy from the game Fallout 76.

By far my favourite game in the se-

Back in the hub, a row of books reference various games. These include:

Why Im So Great by Dork Norkem. A reference to Duke Nukem.

Mesa Science Monthly is a reference to Half Lifes Black Mesa,

and the book title Predicting Unforeseen Consequences

is a reference to the chapter Unforeseen Consequences from the first game.

Living with Rage, a reference to the RAGE games.

The first of which shares a developer with DOOM Eternal.

RET-CONNED: The Life and Times of Flynn Taggart.

a reference to the Doom Slayers real name from the novels.

A name which wasnt used for the games, hence the book title Ret-Conned

You can even input this name into Doom Slayer's PC to unlock DOOM 2.

Vault Dwellers Survival Guide. A reference to the Vaults from Bethesdas Fallout series.

and finally, you can find a reference to Doom Slayers skating days

in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3.

Thanks for watching.

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