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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kaiser Wilhelm And Strategy in Pre-War Germany VS. Hitler and Nazi Germany

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the pre-war german army contrary to what people said I mean people like max

hoffman who was usually the brits will tell you the great strategic genius of the

first world war

and regardless of what we think of ludendorf he was a very talented guy these were

not aristocratic prussians ok

and in fact they were their behavior hoffman spent most of his time before the war


ludendorf was chasing other mens wives they were

but there's also the fact that that having to deal with the kaiser which was

a special issue

it sort of broadened their views of the world and it gave them a sense of


but this got lost i think it got lost and what you have is a bunch of guys who and

and they're just in awe of hitler I mean it's very strange

what do you think they would have done i mean you you point out that this was so pronounced

that rommel who is regarded as this great genius suggested in forty three that one

way to disarm the world's distaste for hitler's treatment of the jews is put a jew in

high government circles my god they were putting them in concentration camps

this is crazy that's right what difference would it have made if they

had retained a strategic sense

well i think i think if they had retained

that sense to a great extent

uh... they would have

german senior german officers were very good at handling the kaiser

kaiser wilhelm was not as is often said crazy he wasn't in control he had


post birth trauma

a very serious kind and

he he it was like he was

had a serious head injury yeah he was fairly easy to manage

uh... and contrary to what people say the army

took great pains to

could they have controlled hitler yes so I'm saying I think the same thing

could have been

employed okay so maybe not as successfully they might have told hitler don't invade

russia this is a disaster in the making

this excerpt is brought to you by

the massachusetts school of law

The Description of Kaiser Wilhelm And Strategy in Pre-War Germany VS. Hitler and Nazi Germany