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Hi, everybody today. We are going to make

injeolmi”. injeolmi is a rice cake made with sweet rice

My grandmother used to make it in Injeolmi when (in) special occasion, and it was so delicious

She had a huge in a mortar in a made to over stone in a backyard. She used to pound

this is steamed rice with a

pestle and then sooner or later it turned into so chewy elastic delicious. you know, injeolmi.

I developed this recipe to simplify the process, the taste is almost similar to my grandmother's.

I'm going to use microwave oven using mortar and pestle and make it

elastic and chewy and then like the taste is like

authentic traditional taste in 10 minutes you can make delicious injeolmi. Ok let's start!

so we are going to make two kinds of injeolmi and then one cup sweet rice flour and

each bowl

These bowls are safe for microwave use. Salt each one, 1/4 teaspoon


the water

3/4 cup water each bowl and

add the sugar

for each bowl one tablespoon and

This guy is going to be a soup injeolmi, so we need ssukgaru [mugwort] powder

It looks like this

yeah, and

We use this one, one tablespoon, so I'm going to add one tablespoon water

to make it nice consistency

and I mix this

Mix this well to make nice dough

Push this on the center like we make one lump

This is a green color such a beautiful green soup injeolmi, we are going to make

This also push this into centre like that

cover with a saran wrap.

Plain rice cake first. You see when you cover this

just that I don't cover whole to make the gap little bit to..

..let it breathe! I'm going to cook this in the microwave oven for 3 minutes.

Okay three minutes. Okay, three minutes!

This looks like rice cake, but not yet

done! Mix this again use your rice to scoop like this, maybe 30, 40 scoops

and one more minute

I don't want the rice cakes to stick to this bottom. So I'm going to sprinkle some water and also pestle also water

It's very hot so when you handle this always use cold water. Cold water

Grab this with your hand, one hand and then just pound

50 times, pound. 1, 2, 3 - 49, 50! Okay, that's it. I'm going to cook this one in the microwave oven

Roasted soybean powder, it smells so good and I'm going to use around a half cup

Rice cake is so, so elastic when made

Okay, make block

So, let it sit here a little, cool down

also its a mix this

Mix well from the bottom to top like this

One more minute

And go to this

this rice cake

So we didn't use any sugar here if you want sugar you can sprinkle some sugar on top like this

Wow, awesome. So pretty color

Pestle and dip in the cold water and pound! How many times pounding? Fifty times!

How elastic it is? WOWOWOWOWOWOW, go go go go go go go go go-

Yeahh! Awesome

So clean water, so clean this easily. Your hand like this

Leftover soybean powder, Ill just put it here

Is it delicious?

So smells so good


It's optional right so but sugar more tasty. We made injeolmi today, so let's taste it!

this is

ssukddeok, ssuk injeolmi, see wow look at this

Looks like a mozzarella cheese, or just a marshmallow, right?

Hmm more soybean flour, more tasty


So good sweet and nutty

Delicious so make it very easily you can make it at home

You can use this as a snack or a dessert. Enjoy my recipe, see you next time. Bye!

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