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For his first non-stop, solo, round-the-world Vende Globe

without aid, Yann Kermadec replaces Franck Drevil

after his unfortunate motorcycle accident.

On his 3rd day, he can boast second place in the running.

Franck Drevil, you won the last race

on the same boat, now skippered by your second.

Are you disappointed?

Obviously, it's a bit surreal,

but I'm happy for Yann's early lead.


It's unreal! Tonight, I take the lead.

- I know. - I'm way into it.

You'll see, it's a done deal.

It's great, but calm down. Save your energy,

we're all with you!

Get the boat back here!

Sure, Franck.

Don't get giddy.

You've got a long ride.

Don't worry. I'm careful.

Call you soon, Marie.

He's having a wild time with my boat.

It's a party. Hey, kids.

Hello, La.

Are you OK, La?

Can you clean up a bit?

You OK?

You OK?

Your brother's got nerve. "Bring back the boat." Sure.

I know, but understand, it's his boat.

I asked you to clean up! Please, listen.

You're not alone?

Your daughter invited some friends.

It's a bit chaotic, but I'm managing.

Is she alright?


But it's hard to have her here every day.

She's not used to it.

We're getting used to each other.

Don't worry.

Have you talked?

Together, about that?

She's not very talkative, like her dad.

What's that, there?

What? Where?



Beneath your scarf.

You mean, here?

Right there!

- Take a look. - It's beautiful.

There's another.

- Take care of them. - I promise.

Keep them safe. I miss them terribly.

Yo, sardine,

what's your sign?

Your astrological sign? Taurus? Aquarius?

I'm Pisces.

Of course, how stupid of me. Listen...

Pisces: Don't succumb to the sirens of facility.

Take challenges.

Follow your path. Take charge.

Take the lead.

What kind of crappy horoscope is that?

Trying to take the Canaries before me? Watch it.

- Between Bretons! - Yeah.

Respect the hierarchy.

What a jerk.

10 minutes isn't enough. You gotta sleep or you'll lose it.

I've got drive. I'm not feeling tired.

Yeah, but it'll hit you hard. You'll be a zombie.

Don't worry.

Don't worry?

See what happened to me?

Good thing, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Very funny.

Have a laugh.

Enjoy it. And try to be as good as me.

I'll try, boss.


5th Day - Off the Shore of Morocco Yann Kermadec - 1st

We've just learned

that Yann Kermadec has beaten

Drevil's 24 hour long-distance,

solo record

bringing it

to 542 miles.


To him.

- Next time it'll be you. - We'll see.

He's starting to step on my toes.



It sucks. I hit something.

Anything broken?

The rudder, maybe the daggerboard.

I hope the axel's undamaged.

- It's complicated to fix. - Is Franck there?


- Is Franck there? - He's sleeping.

Wake him.

- He's sleeping. - Wake him!

No choice. You gotta anchor for repairs.

That'll take 2 days.

And that means it's over... finished.

Don't be stupid. The others might need repairs.

Remember the Transat en Double. We overtook Juhel.

I'll put Franois on.

No, wait.

You're right...

"don't get giddy."

Forget about it. Victory's what counts.

Speak to you later.

Yann, Franois here.

In your reparation kit, use number 2.

It won't be easy... You must prepare the surfaces.

Otherwise, it won't hold. Be careful.

I know, OK.

7th day - Stop at the Canary Islands Y. Kermadec - 4th


Listen, Yann, I need photos... Images like MacGyver.

Robinson Crusoe at sea. I've called 5 times.

Call me back. It's important.

The Vende Globe?

Good luck!

I can't believe him!

He's so annoying.

Think he'll get off again?

We hope so.

Hi there.

How are you?

Nice. You seem so happy to see me.

I can go home alone. Why did you pick me up?

I enjoy picking you up. Understand?

You don't have to.

I know I don't.


a little smile.

There, that's better.


See the ranking? I'm pissed off.

I understand. If I were you, I'd stop. Just drop it.

What's the point of continuing? Turn around.

It's better.

Turn around?

You'll be here for Christmas, for La.

Hold it, listen...

I know you want to beat them, so go for it!

Stay confident and on course.

Come home quick.

We miss you.


The same sun's setting for you.

Your dad who's thinking of you.

I'll explain 3 signs that should help you during the 2 months

we'll follow the race.

We'll guess the decisions

the captains will make to win the race.

Are you following, La?

There's the anticyclone.

It's written with an "A".

Write it. It's pushed by winds

generally from the west.

And often, when they hit the Atlantic...

La, what are you looking at outside?

13th Day - Off the Coast of Senegal Y. Kermadec - 15th

What the hell are you doing here?

Holy shit!

How did you get on board?

What the hell are you doing here?

Fucking hell!

Don't move!

Stay put!

What the hell are you doing here?

Get into the cabin!

I don't want them to see you! Do you understand?

If they see you, I'm dead!

Fucking hell!


My darling...

Can you see me?

See what I've bought?

- It's nice. - I'll wear it for New Year's.

Like it?

- It looks great. - The length can change.

I can shorten it.

But you can wear it like this or this. Like it?

It's really nice.

I got another one, too.

Tell me which you prefer. This one's a bit more conservative.

Which one?


I've got something to tell you.


The first... I prefer the first one.

Listen, my darling... I'm lagging. I've got to go.

I'll call you back.

17th Day - Crossing the Equator Y. Kermadec - 15th


Don't touch anything!



Not France. The Canaries.

You got on the boat there.

The Canaries.

Yes, thanks.

Yeah, right. Thanks a lot.

Me... I'm Yann Kermadec!

Yes, Yann.

And you?

Your name?

Mano Ixa.

Listen to me, Mano Ixa, this is my race.

You've no idea the friggin' nightmare I'm in.

I'm going to take you and drop you off somewhere.

You understand? There...

You go there!

You know how to swim at least?

Can you swim?


Life vest!


The sea here is choppy and it's rainy.

I'm moving along at 14 knots

skirting St. Hlne anti-cyclone by the west.

That's about it.

See you tomorrow. Hello at home.

- He looks tired. - That's his permanent state.

Why's he going west? It's strange.

He's driving me nuts.

Forget about logic to his actions.

Aren't you fed up?

No, it's my job.

Is it always like that?

For you or Yann, it's the same thing.

Why that route? Got a problem?

No, everything's fine.

Where are you going?

Don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

- Are you sure? - Of course.

He knows what he's doing.

Heading to a Brazilian beach.


Take it!

21st Day - Off the Shore of Brazil Y. Kermadec - 14th

Where are you going?


Go below! Not on deck. It's dangerous.

Move it.

Too dangerous.


You can't hear me?

Look up from your screen.

Your report card isn't great. What will I tell your dad?

"La doesn't make much effort and must participate more."

I don't care. You're not my mom. I don't love you.

This is my room.

Get out of my room!

Can you speak more kindly?

I don't talk like that.

And I love you very much.

What are you doing?

Don't touch that. I do it! It's my race!

Go inside. You do nothing.

Get going.

The teacher only talks about the race.

They all ask questions about daddy.

I've had enough.

Want to sleep here?


Good night.


So there you are.

Everything's fine. Don't worry.

The weather's good. I'm advancing. No time to waste.

I know, it's great. You're zooming up in the rank,

but just take a moment to give me news.

I'm sorry. I've slept so little in two days.

Exactly, be careful.

- Kiss La for me. - Sure. Love you.

My gamble paid off. I'm in 12th place.

Things are picking up.

I'm turning southeast, to the Cape of Good Hope.

Let's hope it lives up to its name.

See you tomorrow.

Forget about Turtle Island. We've got the wind.

You'll get off next stop.

I'll pick up speed. We'll see later.

What the hell have you done?



We're sinking!

We're gonna die!

You sure conned me.

You speak French!

What will you do with me?

You talk first! I'm listening. Where are you from?

I'm Mauritanian. I'm 16 years old.

What were you doing on the Canaries?

The fishermen from my village dropped me off.

Then I saw your boat

with the French flag. I jumped in the water...

You piss me off!

Understand that? You fuckin' piss me off!

You piss me off.

This asshole's pissing me off!

You know, people say I play soccer well,

that I have talent.

I don't give a shit!

I understood. If people find me here

you'll lose the race.

That's why I'm unloading you.

There's another solution.

Toss you in the ocean.

Did you think of that?

Take a look.

Come on.

Look over there.

There's an island.

Tristan da Cunha.

You'll like it. Englishmen live there.

- Yann, do you copy? - Yes, I copy.

Mag Embling's got a problem.

Just received a Sarsat alert via Cape Town.

Last position given at 5h35

3946' South, 1224' West.

Time: 5h35 UT.

We're asking...

What did you say?

I'm asking you to change course. Copy?

Yes, I copy.

Plans have changed. Hide.

Race HQ to Yann!

I copy!

We got images.

The boat capsized.

Not sure if Mag's inside... Cape Town will connect for rescue,

and send a plane to the zone.

Can I help?



During the rescue, if I fall in the water

and the boat goes off,

I'll give you this.

Then, you press the button in the center.

The boat will start to circle.

In the center. There's more. Two:

The life raft.

See the knife here. Cut the line.

That one.

Give the boat a kick beneath the bar,

then give the strap a sharp tug,

and the boat will automatically inflate. Got it?

Everything? Are you sure?

Three: You stay below.

A competitor might join us. Understand?




I'm coming!

Go to the other side.

I'm throwing you a line.

Give me your hand.

Come on...


It's over now.

We're with Yann Kermadec.

Hello, Yann. We're listening.

Kermadec here. I've pick up the pretty little fox.

She's a bit wet, but...

Congrats, Yann!

So happy you're together! I'm giving you a hug, Mag!

Can you hear me?

Keep Mag. A scientific ship will pick her up in a few days.

Okay, and thank you everyone.

Come here!


- If I come out, she'll... - Come here!

Mano Ixa, Mauritanian.

Mag Hambling,


I have to work.

You've no idea. Rescue images are everywhere.

You're a hero here.

- Is Mag OK? - Yeah, she's sleeping.

- She got a scare. - So did we.

Take care of you all.

You all?

You and Mag.

Yes, of course.

I'm sending you a hug.

A big hug.

Tell La I miss her.

I'll tell her. And keep sending those sunsets.


31st Day - South of the Cape of Good Hope - Yann - 11th

I won't be playing the rescue dog my entire life.

After she leaves, you get off in New Zealand.

He doesn't want to keep me.

He's leaving me in New Zealand.

I want to go to France.

Any idea where France is?

It's very, very far.

How far?

We're going around the world, my boy.

Around the world?



- Can I help you? - No.

You've got to get your leg in.

You can adjust them.

Not too bad.

It looks good on you.

Come on.

I took refuge in the capsized hold.

Then I heard shouts.

That's when I started to believe.

You'll be sent home tomorrow morning.

Not too sad to leave Yann Kermadec?

He's focused on the race. A passenger aboard is a burden.

We were afraid for you here. We're sending you

our love.

Thank for everything.

How often will you tell your story?

Until I find another boat.

What are you telling me?

I've got the Ndoum!

The curse!


It's true.

When I run,

it hurts here, I'm out of breath.

In France, they can care for me.

What will you do alone in France?


That's why I left.

That doctor healed my uncle.

He also had the Ndoum.

Mag? It's time.

Yann will bring you luck.

The kid's good!

Take care of him!

Go on, little fox!

It's always the same crap!

He's in 8th place. Not bad.

It's crazy seeing him move up the ranks.

He's on fire.

Yeah, but I don't want him to be disappointed.

This is the most violent weather to date.

I'm patient! I'm trying to...

What was that?

Did something fall?

Why did he shout like that?

Fucking hell! What the hell are you doing?

Going in front of the camera! Are you trying to disqualify me?

I can't take it anymore!

Let me leave! I can't take it!

Let me go!

Where should I leave you, asshole?

Have you seen the sea? Where do I drop you?


Get off the deck. This is a storm!

Even New Zealand's out for you!

I'll call him.

33rd day of the race,

I'm on the Indian ocean.

The sea is surging.

I can't go fast.

The raging fifties isn't like the forties.

I haven't left the helm for an instant.

I haven't slept.

I regret having gone so far south.

The boat's getting tossed around like crazy.

Lots of love to you and La.

Tell her there are no sunsets here.

34th Day - South of the Indian Ocean Yann - 8th

Are you sleeping?


For the weather, when the wind comes like that...

From the southwest...

Very good. You didn't know that the other day.

We have a strong band of low pressure.

The ocean's icy. What's the best option in your opinion?

- What would you do? - Go south, like La's dad.

What if we asked him, La?

Go on.

Is it going through?

Hello, Daddy.

My daughter!

I'm with Mrs. Riboulet.

Hello, Mr. Kermadec.

I don't know if La told you,

but I'm using the race as a teaching tool.

Can you help us with your meteorological knowledge?

With what?

Your meteorological knowledge.


it's not super hot here.

Can I say a word to my daughter?

Daddy, it was the teacher's idea.

I'm happy to see you. You're beautiful.

- You can call me at the house. - OK.

He promised to call me back.

I know, darling. But he obviously can't.

He'll call you later.

Is it dangerous?

Your dad knows the sea, even big waves like that

don't scare him.

Are you afraid for him?

Sometimes, yes.

More afraid than for Franck?

It's not the same.

Franck's my brother, and your dad's...

he's my...

My boyfriend.

Will you come live with us?

I'd like that.

You too?


Merry Christmas, Daddy I love you, La

45th Day - Off the Shore of New Zealand - Yann - 5th

Merry Christmas, Daddy.

Merry Christmas, my La.

Your drawing made me so happy.

I've another present. I got an 8

on my exam.

Very good!

I'm moving up, too.

Like you.

I'm giving you a big kiss.

Big kiss.

How are you?

Has the storm calmed down?

I didn't think...

I didn't think...

I miss you so much!

You too.


Yann? Can you hear me?

I copy.

Despite Dantesque weather, you're moving up in the ranks.

You're now in 5th position.

I'm doing my best to overtake the lead group headed by Juhel.

For your first Vende Globe, you're becoming a legend.

Not quite yet.

I'm glad I'm in the leading group. It's an accomplishment.

Congratulations, Yann, and thanks.

Holy shit!


What did you do? You dropped back.

You're too south.

I'm lame! I fell asleep.

Manage your sleep! Are you just stupid?

Who do you think you're talking to?

Someone unconscious!

Wanna screw it all up?

You're responsible for that boat.

Don't linger there, it's dangerous!

Hear me?

Move north.

That's what I'm doing.

He hung up on me.





Yes, doctor...

Hi, Yann. Everything OK?

No, not really.

I feel weak.

I have a headache, feel dizzy,

I took some aspirin, that's all.

Do you have a fever, any pain?

I have some pain in my chest, yeah!

And... I have a 104F fever.

104. Okay.

Get out the digital stethoscope.

Do you hear me?

Yeah, I hear you.


I'm hooking it up.

I'm hooked up.

Put it against your chest.


Breathe deeply now. Breathe in.

I'm breathing deeply.

Three times.

OK, take your blood pressure,

and send it to me. I'll call you back.

It's going to be OK.

Are you cold?

Put your hands under here.

So, Sardine,

playing solo in the South?

Yeah, I screwed up, I slept like a rock.

Know what the greatest sailor Juhel says?

Go on, spit out your bullshit.

A true sailor sleeps before falling asleep.

He is cured before getting sick.

You hear me?

Yeah, I hear you before you speak.

Yann, I have the results.

It's a type of anemia,


Does it run in your family? You sure?

Listen, take four tablets of vitamins B12 and B9 a day

and above all, lots of fluids and rest.

If there are complications, it can cause respiratory problems.

It's serious, Yann! If it gets worse,

inject yourself with S29. It'll be in the first aid kit.

OK, thanks.

Take this.

She said it's serious. Not just fatigue.

It's nothing! The doctor wanted me to sleep and eat.

I slept, I ate! Everything's fine now. I promise!

No joking! It's not a freak incident. Take care of yourself!

You're the motor.

Yes, my love. The motor's running...

Fine. Gotta go. I have work. Love you.

53rd Day - Near Antarctica Yann - 4th

Feeling better?

What's this anemia story?

His initial work up was normal.

He has no history. If he's eating, he should be fine.

He says he's better, just sudden fatigue. He's OK.

He didn't say anything else?

No. He looks good.

You were so bad, I sent your info to the doctor.

You sent what?

Blood pressure, heart rate... I sent it by satellite!

The doctor said you have anemia. Understand?

It can cause complications.

You said it was me?

No. I acted.

Ah, I'm sick...

I know my illness.

It's the Ndoum.

No! Your illness is anemia!

Why don't you believe me?

It's the Ndoum!


Take the meds. They're good for treating the Ndoum.

There's not much left.

What a jerk.

What's up? Not getting my emails?

- I'm still ahead. - Some people have nerve!

Move your ass, if you're playing in the big league.

And you'd better keep an eye on Paoli, he's on your tail!

No worries!

I can handle him!

Hey! Come see.

Have you ever seen an iceberg?


Go below!

56th Day - Rounding Cape Horn Yann - 4th

The legend!

Cape Horn!

A toast to Cape Horn.

Go on!

That was my Cape Horn solo!

Solo with two!

CAPE HORN 56 days at sea

It's good!

You're fourth behind Raphael Keriou's Initiatives Cur,

and Angel Paoli's Soda Stream,

and Denis Juhel's Sushi Shop, who's leading.

Everything's going well!

The game's not over yet.

The weather situation's erratic.

It can still change.

You've made good decisions.

You can still win?

If just saying it were enough!

You look good with a smile.


The hardest part's done.

Let's not get carried away!

I'm still far from the finish line.

I know your spirit!

Keriou's at 50 miles. Two in view. You can take them!

Is that the team manager talking?

No, the woman who believes in you.

So do as I say, and get home quick.

- I love you. - I can't hear you.

- I love you ! - I can't hear you.

What is it?

I think that's a whale.


Beautiful beasts, but from a distance.

If ever it touches us, you can't imagine. That's mayhem!


You're lost!

You're lost without me!

You're crazy!

Well, little guy! Got scared?

Go on, say it!

- Was school good? - Yeah.

What did you do?

We did math.


- French. - Yes.

We did art.

- You worked non-stop. - Yeah.

Why doesn't Marie stay and live with us?

It's going well between you.

And with Mrs. Riboulet, too?

- Yeah. - What?

La. Come on!

I gotta go, Dad. My friend's here.

- Okay. - Love you!


Race HQ, Sarsat here! Yann Kermadec sent a distress beacon.

Implement the SOS procedure.

We're transmitting his position instantly.

Keep calm.

Man overboard


What a jerk!

Calling Yann Kermadec! Answer Yann Kermadec.

Come on, Yann. Answer!

Yann's distress beacon went off.

It's the life raft launching alarm.

Yann isn't answering.

And the VHF for boats in the area?

No answer either.

The weather's good. I don't get it.

Is it a technical problem?


I warned sea rescue. A plane's taking off from Brazil.

I'll call you back, OK?

What an asshole!

Grab it!

You can be such an asshole!



Hand it over.

You total jerk!

Your fooling around set off the beacon!

They're all alarmed!

You know you're starting to seriously piss me off!


I didn't want you eliminated!

What do you know about it?

You can catch up!

If I hadn't found you? Imagine... alone on your raft?

- Asshole! - Without me you can win!

Enough bullshit!

Don't move. Stay there!

What happened? You gave us a fright!

I wasn't paying attention. A big wave

came from behind. Washed the raft overboard.

Then water swept into the cabin

and blew the power.

It took time to reconnect it, you see?

OK, I'll call you back.

Never do that to me again! OK?

I was scared. You can't imagine.

I love you so much.


With your bullshit, I lost 30 miles on Keriou.

Thanks. Thanks a lot!

Come on. You don't just lose a raft like that!

Must've attached it poorly.

During one of your anemic attacks. Right?

Don't mess with me. Tell my sister what you like, but I'm no fool.

Tell me the truth!

I'm not alone.

What are you saying? Are you kidding?

No, I have a kid on the boat.

He got on in the Canaries.

That was... 2 months ago!

Yeah, he was hiding.

He was hiding for 2 months?

I didn't see him.

What can I say? I'm in deep shit, that's all!

Why didn't you tell me?

I had no choice! I thought I could resolve it on my own.

Drop him somewhere. I couldn't toss him overboard.

Did Mag see him?

Yeah, but she won't talk.

Damn, I can't believe it.

Did he have the anemia?


And the raft, too?


- I'm on my way. - What do you mean?

- I'm coming to get him. - No, I'll manage...

I'm coming.

No, don't come.

You can still win this race. Don't screw it up.

- What's with you? - I'll manage. It's my race.

67th Day - Off the Coast of Brazil Yann - 4th

You lied for 2 months! You said we were a team.

But no! I feel like a fool.

What do you want me to say?

When you're at sea, exhausted, far away...

It's not easy to make...

Listen, don't be mad at me.

Franck has to pull the truth out of you.

We're together, and you tell me nothing!

Well, I screwed up, OK. It's true.

But when you're alone at the end of the world...

You're not alone!

You really piss me off!

Mano, come see.

There's Initiatives Cur of Keriou! We're going to get him!

Be discreet.


Hide. You see him?


What happened to you?

My mainsail track got half torn off. My spinnaker's out of order.

- Shit! - You OK?

Yeah, I'm OK.

Go for it!

73rd Day - The Azores - Yann - 3rd

- Yes? - Yann for Franck!

Yann, I see you, I'm a mile starboard.

Franck, are you crazy?

I'm coming!

Inside! Stay inside!

Go on, get him!

Hurry up!

Don't be stupid, Yann!

Go get him!

It's a big thing you're doing for me! But now leave me alone!

I'll take care of him! Trust me!

Don't ruin it!

Stop! I gotta handle it.

You're on your own!

- Hello, Sardine? - Yeah!

I have a gift for you.

Oh yeah? What?

My place on the podium.

Enough bullshit! What happened?

Yesterday I lost my keel bulb.

So I stabilized with ballast, but now it's over.

Ah, shit!

I'm diverting to the Azores. That's all.

You're second now! Maybe it's your lucky day.

Paoli is at 300 miles.

You can still catch him. Go on. Good luck.

No worries! I'm on it.

77th Day - Off the Coast of Portugal Yann - 2nd

Merry Christmas

- Look what I found! - Let me see.

Merry Christmas! That must be for Franck.

In any case, Christmas is past.

Merry Christmas, buddy!

What is it?

Let me see.

Show me.

Let me see, I'm telling you, bastard. Show me.

Oh, the bastard!

The little bastard!

Franck keeps himself busy.


It's not for you. Too young for that.

Give it, little bastard!

Give it!

Give it back to me!

That's it, we caught Paoli!

Bravo, Yann. I'm proud of you.

It's not just the victory that's beautiful! Franck

The sun sets for me.

Tomorrow, it'll rise for the three of us.

I love you, Daddy.

80th Day - Arrival - Yann - 1st

Yann Kermadec won't cross the finish line - Disqualified


come here.

Come on!

Come on!

Subtitles: Pamela Grant

Subtitling: Eclair Media

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