Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WE WON BIG TIME AT CHUCK E. CHEESE!!

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are on our way to a very special place

and the kids have no idea where we're

going we wanted to surprise them because

they're still on summer vacation so we

wanted to take them somewhere where we

could have fun together it's fun for the

kids it's fun for us can you guys figer out were we are going

there's lots of pizza oh yeah you just gave up the answer, oh ok

are going to go

no time limit we're going to spend as

much time as possible

we're gonna wait some tickets the kids

are going to have their own tickets and

they can decide what they're going to do

with those tickets and we're going to

hopefully have a yummy lunch there

yes and I promise I won't make it to

competitive because we're competitive

haha oh that's our family were

competitive really cool table we eat

no seriously almost nobody games I don't

we might have to do some competitive

competitive eating family fun time I go

let's go you guys can stay dancing I'm

going inside

we just want to have fun is the right

place designed this cotton candy then

you can win and I'm gonna win like six

bags concave because I'm unlike the best

this month we use a cotton candy

connoisseur what you excited for mommy

you want a plushie mommy's I think more

excited about the plushies than anybody

here we have is chucky that's chalky

this is Helen Helen and she's very cute

between I'm gonna call you my Helen any

because you're my cutie patootie for

your it will maybe use this kind of

concentration when you do their homework

i'm going to do when they're dividing

the coins at chuck e cheese's look at

the concentration and thank you

understand their kids math skills you

bring them right here it's funny how

quickly they become accountants when

they walk in here right right look at


alright great they can do our taxes

we got some to get we got something

you got your own where's mine


monkey and try that with my captain's

got some what you got

what is the object of the game is your

monkey with the basket and she was like

virtual flying games you're awesome

maybe I challenge you to a little bit of

basketball done ok here we go this is it

basketball challenge

mommy's been known to throw it down but

you know what it's time it's time to

show her who's the mouse night

oh my goodness oh my goodness gonna be


sometimes watching mamma bee wind dance

is the prize for me I've been working my

skills when I play soccer or football I

get a little passionate

always look at the Play Family Challenge

time and we family time Family Challenge

time it was called mommy this is called

the alley roller the alley roller and

get the high score that's pretty soon it

is the alley roller challenge you guys

ready 321 16,000 for miss monkey 18,000

for mr. monkey 25,000 from Mama B not

bad not 26,000 for Papa

ok thank you wanna be a game to get Gigi

nailed it pretty hot and muggy your

emergency alert she went down to four


oh no only get more cleanly


oh how many to get the jukebox nice i

gotta try this now my b-movie meet me at


I know you on I gotta pump harder i need

a bigger pump happy to get 200 do the

ticket dance

did you order pizza imma be cooked takes

a break today we're getting crispy baby

and crispy thin and crispy buffalo ranch

chicken and

the outfitting for speeding

we're talking pretty fingers all you

buffalo ranch chicken oh my goodness a

second heats up all my baby

look your mom got the members it is a


I'm just happy my hand what I spend most

of my birthday's here

ok so think about how how it makes me

feel right now being able to bring my

own kids here when I was a kid I was

here and now i'm here with my own kids

family and we love my boy mr. monkey and

we have pretty to be mr. mind of all we

leave them there and we go Blake

Giambi Jima will be able to back up

online yeah you did with the basketball

10 serious hopes are taking to make that

were you thinking

Thank I think i'm gonna i'm not saying

I'm going to get myself something and

then maybe get a little bit of candy


I mean how can you tell the monkeys

played a lot today

much much much much much much much much

. the markets are happy bringing in 6th

at that

can I join the group hug not yet having

a family that plays together stays to

get the mmm yeah yeah yeah yo