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So every once in a while I come across an app that really blows me away in terms of

raw aesthetics. Now, usually I'm more focused on whether or not an app is useful, but sometimes

I just have to sit back and say man that app is really, really beautiful. So here are my

top 5 most beautiful iOS apps.

So coming in at number five is Carrot. Carrot is a weather app, but it looks pretty different

from most of the other apps on the app store. It sports a quircky, cartoonish design, and

it's one of the only apps I've seen that actually talks to you. Now one thing I really like about this app

other than the aesthetics are that it gives you a very simpy front page with just the

weather and the animations that go along with the weather, but if you want more information

you can swipe down and it's got a ton of more specific information like the U.V. index,

it's got the humidity, sunrise and sunset times, tons of great data, and this is really

great because the way I like to use a weather app is 99% of the time I just want to figure

out what I need to wear, if I need a jacket or something like that, but the other 1% of

the time I'm going out to film something or I'm doing something that's gonna be outdoors

and I want to know all of the other information, and on just, I want to know that I have the

option to dig deeper, to see all of the information that, um, is available. Now, you can set your

location to anywhere in the world, but the app also has something called "secret locations."

There are 31of them in total, and you unlock more of them the more you use the app, turning

it into kind of a game. So far I've unlocked Mount Doom, Neverland Ranch, and a Desert

Plantet on the Galactic Rim. Coming in at number 4 is Crossy Road, now Crossy Road might

seem like a weird choice for something like this, it's a pretty simplistic frogger-like

game where you bounce across roads and ponds enlessly, but there's something about the

design that really draws me in, it's a pretty simplistic, clean-looking, Minecraft-ish kind

of design that I think works really well for iOS. One thing that bothers me a little bit

is when iOS games try to be PC games, they try to push the devices as far as they can

and while iOS devices are getting better and better, faster and faster, more closer to

computer processors, it's not there yet, and I like it when game designers design their

games for the platform specifically. This feels like that, it feels like a nice, clean,

iOS game, and I like it. Another reason I like Crossy Road is that, um, it doesn't abuse

microtransactions like a lot of iOS games do. You can pay money for um new avatars but

they don't influence gameplay at all as far as I can tell, um, they're just their for

aesthetics. You can play as long as you like without hitting a wall where you have to pay

more to continue. Now coming in at number three is Yahoo Weather. A lot of people are

saying this is the best all around weather app for iOS right now, but aesthetically I

think what it has going for it is the way you cycle through images. Now what you do

is you can swipe, um, to cycle through different images of your set location, which again can

be anywhere in the world, and it'll show you images taken of that location at your time

of day and current weather condition. So what this is kind of cool for is taking a little

virtual trip around the world. If I want to see what it looks like in Reykjavk, Iceland

right now I can just go there and I can swipe through photos of what it would look like

right now. I think it would be cool if instead of photos they made it just like a live stream

at that current location, but it's pretty cool even just with the photos. Coming in

at number two is Airbnb, now I don't travel nearly enough to get a lot of use out of this

app but it's a lot of fun to jump on there and just kind of take a virtual trip around

the world while checking out some really amazing and beautiful homes to rent. These range from

tropical tree houses to geodesic domes to a straight-up bus parked on the beach. Now,

like I said, I don't have a lot of experience with this app, but the one time I was able

to put it to the test I cannot speak more highly of. I was able to meet some awesome

people, stay at a beautiful home, and all while saving a little bit of money. And finally,

my number one choice for most beautiful iOS app right now is Monument Valley. Now this

might not come as much of a shock. Monument Valley is a beautiful game that's won tons

of awards, got lots of great press. It was even features on House of Cards, but I really

think it deserves this spot. It may not be the most difficult game, but it is a joy to

play. It's very striking and unique visually, and if you haven't played it yet I very much

recommend wearing headphones when you do, because the audio is awesome and you should

experience it with headphones I think. So guys, those are my top five most beautiful

iOS apps out right now, but I want to hear from you guys. What apps would you put on

this list. Let me know in the comments below, and if you're new to this channel, please

consider subscribing and I'll keep you up to date with all sorts of new fun stuff. Thanks

so much guys, and I'll talk to you soon.

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