Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Popeye en het Vliegende Vuurwerk (Nederlands ondertiteld)

Difficulty: 0

H, what's going on here?

Oh deer, what's the big idea, uncle Popeye?

You spoiled our 4th of July

Listen, kids, fireworks is to dangerous

I'm gonna see that you have a safe and sane 4th of July.

Ah, who wants to be safe?

Yeah, and who wants to be sane?

Just a minute, kids, and we'll all play some nice games

Come on, uncle Popeye, play baseball

That's a good game. Let's go!

Okay boys, here comes my famous hit.

Right one

Come on. Let's get our fireworks and have some real fun.

Stand by, boys. These hot dogs will be baken in a minute.

We are gonna have a nice ride in the country.

That's swell, uncle Popeye.

And we go, boys.

I hope you kids do enjoy the country side.

It's beautiful

Why them rascals.

They double crossed me.

My house!

Help, uncle Popeye!

Boy, this is fun.

Yeah, and it's safer than shooting off fireworks

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