Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Love Expert Updated Our Tinder Profiles

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- I've been told that I look very eager in the profile.

- I'm looking at a crotch shot.

- I know. I'm sorry.

- That's not the kind of picture.

- Swipe left.

- Swipe left.

(edgy music)

- My name is Kelly and I'm here to get my

Tinder profile updated.

- I've been on Tinder. I've been on Bumble.

I don't know how to start conversations on the internet.

- My current profile on Tinder is not great.

I even don't think it's that great.

- I feel like she'll look at my profile

and be like, "This is pretty good."

At least, that's what I hope.

- I'm ready to open myself back up to dating.

I've been single for over a year now.

- I wanna put myself out there and see what I can do.

- Let's do this.

- I'm Julie Spira.

I'm an online dating expert and dating coach

and I'm going to whip some of these

online dating profiles into shape.

The good part about online dating

is there's more than over 40 million singles

in the United States alone

that are using dating sites and dating apps.

- Why is it so hard?

- I know. You ready to check them out?

- Mobile dating boot camp, here we go.

Okay, Ryann. So, I'm looking at your Tinder profile

and the first thing that I see the group shot.

- [Ryann] I know.

- [Kelly] Ryann, we talked about this.

- It's nice to know that you have a posse

but the fact is, they don't belong in your primary shot.

Maybe it can be the sixth photo, but not the first.

- Yeah, that's a number six.

- Oh, we've got to get you without sunglasses.

- I'm literally always in them.

- I love that picture, except for the sunglasses.

It's good to list vistas that you like to go because you

need to make it easy for somebody to ask you out.

That says, "Take me out to the ball game."

- That's also in Peru

with a baby alpaca.

- [Kelly] Why?

- [Julie] I wasn't sure if it was a unicorn.

It's different.

- Oh no.

- That's not a compliment.

- And then the last one.

It's a pig?

- It's a pig.

- [Ryann] Yeah, it's a little piglet.

- [Julie] Is it your pig?

- [Kelly] It's just a friends.

- [Julie] Is it licking its' tongue? What is it doing?

- [Ryann And Kelly] It's licking its' nose.

- Oh, licking its' nose. How sweet. I know.

But, you want a boyfriend, not a pig.

- I don't know.

- [Julie] "Not good at my bios."

Okay, I have to tell you something.

Profiles that get the swipes left are the ones

that start off by saying, "I'm sorry but..."

Sexuality isn't all about your body shape.

It's about walking into a room and owning it.

This is what's great about you bio.

Right up top it says University of Pennsylvania

and that screams, "I'm super smart."

It's a real turn on to have somebody

that can be in a boardroom and a bedroom.

And you can do both.

You ask a question in a profile

and you have more people responding to you

because they see that question mark

and they're given an instruction.

Anything that can mirror to someone else's

has a greater chance a right swipe.

- [Kelly] Okay

- [Julie] Both of you have the same homework assignment:

That you need two new photos

to replace the two I pulled down

and you need to redo your bios

saying where you're from originally.

Think of something unique

and then ask a question.

I have a lot of hope for the two of you.

- Thank you.

- Thank you so much.

- Julie suggested that we get new photos

for our Tinder profile and...

- We're gonna try.

We're gonna try. We're gonna try.

- We'll do our best.

I just realized I already broke rule.

She said no sunglasses, so they gotta come off.

- Red is the color of love.

There's research that backs up that more right swipes

on people are wearing red.

- Since we couldn't find red shirts...

- We're just gonna have some fun with it.

- Yeah, we're gonna make it really fun.

- Even though I'm nervous to meet someone new,

I'm also excited because even if

it doesn't work our romantically,

friendships are important.

- I've never been dating before,

so I think that that's the most nerve wracking thing.

What do I say? What do I do?

What if I embarrass myself?

Kelly and I are going to take Julie's advice

and we're about to start messaging some boys.

- I do have to say that his profile specifically says

that he comes from wealth.

I just think that that's an obnoxious thing

to point out in a Tinder profile.

- Moving forward online to get yourself offline

and on a date is imperative.

Ask them a question.

And if you can use their first name,

suddenly you personalize the experience

and you're one step further along

than a person who just says, "Hey".

- I was swiping earlier today

and I matched with this guy

and we were just texting a little bit

and just decided to go get drinks tomorrow after work.

So, it's pretty cool.

- So, I did start swiping a little bit

and I got one Super Like with the blue star

and the person that Super Liked me

if someone I've dated already.

Mmm, doing not great.

- You might write ten people

and only one person will write back

and that's just the way the number game flows.

- It is like applying for jobs.

- Accept for love's supposed to be

for the rest of your life, potentially.

So, why are we not putting the

same amount of energy into our love lives?

- [Kelly] That's a good point. - [Ryann] That's so true.

- I work a lot more I love.

So, I just matched with a guy named Max

and we've been talking a little bit

and I think I'm going to ask him to hang out

because this is all about putting myself out there,

so, we'll see what happens.

- I get ready, get dressed, and get ready

to go out tonight and he just texts me

about ten minutes ago.

We're about an hour away from

when we're supposed to meet and he canceled.

It looks like I got stood up.

On the bright side of things,

I did match with another guy named Phola.

I messaged him to see if he might wanna go out.

Kelly already found a date, too.

So, we're going to try to turn it into a double date

and see if tomorrow night works out better than tonight.

- My experience on Tinder and Bumble

was really just finding people

that didn't look dangerous.

And I've read a lot of articles about things

that really haven't gone well for people that date online.

- I convinced Kelly to go on a double date with me.

- We're going together.

- Yeah, we're a little bit...

- But I have someone coming too.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, we're gonna do a little double date. So...

- And we're not gonna get murdered.

- Right.

- Because we have each other.

- [Ryann] Or we'll get... - [Kelly] Or we'll both get

- [Kelly] murdered. - [Ryann murdered together

This is Phola. Say hi.

- Hi.

- Yeah, so were on a double date actually

so Max and Kelly are also here.

- And this is Max.

- Hey guys.

- He agreed to be on camera with me.

So, good guy already.

It's nice to go with a friend

just because it's more comfortable automatically

and I think the two guys also had fun meeting each other.

There was no awkwardness.

If anything, it just felt like a nice group handout.

I think Max is somehow making me nervous

because I just dropped like half my sandwich

all over my pants.

- So we didn't get murdered.

That's always good.

Meeting Phola was awesome. He was a really nice guy.

He was good looking and I'd like to

explore that and see where that relationship goes.

- Having a love expert go through my profile,

it made me feel venerable, but it also was good

because she's not a friend

so she doesn't know me personally.

She just kind of said this is what a stranger would see

and this is what they would think.

- I don't know if Tinder's the best way to fall in love,

but it's definitely a great way to meet new people

and to kinda like put yourself out there and just try it.

- This week taught me it's okay

to be your goofy, weird self.

Somebody who's out there to Match you,

just be open to them.

- I liked online dating because meeting people

in real life is hard.

(upbeat music)

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