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- I literally can't stand up like this!

- We're hiding in the basement closet

of an abandoned house right now.

- I'm scared!

- Are you scared? - Uh-huh.

- I'm scared too, just kidding!

- Three, two, one, go!

It goes electric baby when I turn it on

- Oh hi what's up?

Oh another Best Day Ever.

(upbeat music)

No ceiling when we're in the zone

Got that good song in my feet

So just dance dance dance

All those things I shouldn't do but just dance dance dance

- Okay we're here!

- [Shaun] Where are we?

- At our old house!

- Our old house!

Guess what, remember like the

creepY dark dungeon part that Chicken lived in?

- [Jenny] Oh my gosh I've never seen it clean down here.

- We completely redid it and it looks awesome,

I think I haven't really seen it done yet, have you?

- Nope.

- It's our first time seeing it,

you guys wanna come in with us?

Let's go!

- [Jenny] Yeah!

- We're gonna play hide-and-seek!

- Yeah, and that was Adley's request if we came out

here that we could play hide-and-seek 'cause she

loves playing hide-and-seek in this house.

We can do all our favorite spots, there's probably

more spots now because it's all

abandoned and open and it'll be fun!

- Roar! - Roar!

- Let's go down this way!

- [Shaun] Yeah, who used to live here!

- Chicken!

- [Shaun] Yeah silly huh!

You gotta code or something?

- I'm trying to look it up.

- [Shaun] Let us in, please!

- Kitchen in there!

- [Shaun] There's a kitchen now?

- Look, come over here!

- [Shaun] Wow babe that looks fancy!

- This is crazy!

- [Shaun] This is crazy!

- Wow!

- [Shaun] THat's where Chicken used to sleep!

Look at the new kitchen!

- And this is where we used to work!

- [Shaun] Yeah this is where we used to work.

Look, there's a new fridge.

Should we go look in the other part?

- Yeah, wow bathroom!

- Look at the bathroom, wow!

Babe, the bathroom actually looks nice.

Brandon, I'm not sure if you're gonna find

any old footage of the bathroom 'cause we didn't

really film in here but if you can, do it!


Look at the new shower, yeah!

The old space station where it all started.

Where's the lights?

I don't even remember.

- [Adley] This is where we used to work.

- [Shaun] Yeah do you remember this?

- This is where you used to sit!

- Yeah, Adley!

You took your very first

steps right here on this carpet.

That's where you walked for the first time!

Guys we're gonna reenact Adley walking for the first time.

- [Jenny] I think I was like over here.

- I don't know how accurate this is

but you know what it's the memories that count.

- [Jenny] Come to Momma!

- Run to Mommy!


She just walked, that was awesome!

- And now she can do cartwheels!

- So many fun memories here.

- Watch vlog!

- [Shaun] Oh yeah watching Adley's tumbling.

Woo hoo it was a little crazy.

- I probably should be spotting her.

- [Shaun] Yeah I was gonna say I think that's her fault,

that's your fault, you just put your leg out, ah slip!

- I didn't know she was gonna do that,

I thought she was gonna do a handstand.

- This is probably kinda good memories for

you guys too like leave a comment

if you've been here since the basement days.

Adley do you remember where everybody sat?

- [Jenny] Where did everyone sit?

- Daddy is here, Chicken, Steve!

- [Steve] Get that barbecue sauce out of my face!

- She watches old vlogs, the other day she's all

Dad, where's the Stephen?

I was like Adley, I don't know.

- Yeah!

- [Shaun] You still loving your house.

Should we play some hide-and-seek now?

- Yeah, I want to pull that.

- Let's turn it on first.

This is a really cool light, whoa, whoa, that's cool!

So yeah this is the space station gaming house.

- There's a box?

- [Shaun] Shall we see what's inside the secret box?

Mom she's gonna open it.

Lots of treasure!

- [Jenny] Oh my gosh!

You found gold!

- [Shaun] Chocolate, it's your favorite thing in the world!

- [Jenny] Give me some of that!

- [Shaun] No I want some of that!

Adley, do you want to hide first or count?

- Count!

- [Shaun] You want to count?

- [Adley] Yeah.

- She's gonna sit and eat all the chocolate.

- [Shaun] Hide the chocolate then she can count.

That was a very strategic answer though Adley, good job.

- One, two--

- [Shaun] Wait we're not ready!

- [Jenny] I don't remember how to hide here.

- [Shaun] Put the chocolate away.

- I was gonna hide with it,

and if she finds me, she gets one.

- She's not a dog babe!

We used to do that with our dogs

and when they'd find us we'd give them treats.

We've been playing the hide-and-seek with our dogs

before the kids where even born, we're hide-and-seek pros.

Where are we going?

Our bedroom?

Our closet, this is our old closet.

(Jenny mumbling)

It's dark!

This is where Jen's clothes was,

and that's where my clothes were.

And then these were all Jenny's racks, all Jenny's,

and this up here was all Jenny's.

- This was all yours hun.

- [Shaun] No this was all yours.

- It was all yours.

- [Shaun] Dress, dress, dress, bags, bags.

Dresses, bags, Jenny's pants, all of Jenny's shirts.

And then I have this right here.

- Shaun, Shaun, Shaun, Shaun, Shaun.

- [Shaun] Nope, nope, nope, nope.

Boo, you found us!

Okay, whose turn is it to count?

- Me and Mommy.

- [Shaun] Okay you and Mommy go hide I'll count.

I'll count to like a million and

just sit here and count.

One, two.

(techno music)

Has anyone seen Adley?

(clock ticking)

Ready or not here I come!

Are they in Adley's old room?

No, the closet?

Hi Niko, did we forget about you?

Hi, hi baby bear, he hasn't been feeling very good,

I'll tell you guys about it later.

Are you guys in here?

Are you under the bed?

Nope, are you in the closet?

I see Mom!

Where's Adley at?

- I don't know!

Is she under this table?

- [Adley] Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo!

- [Jenny] Shh!

- [Shaun] Hey, you're in there?

- Yeah!

- [Shaun] Silly!

- My turn!

- Pro tip?

We're going down stairs.

- Whoa, hi Niko, we're counting okay buddy?

Me and you, we're gonna count.

Or I could tell you a quick story around Niko.

I noticed he was getting sick

and I couldn't tell if he just had a cold or if he was

teething, 'cause he's getting lots of teeth.

I got home from my girls' night and he was super, super hot.

Then he developed a fever, a really high fever,

and it wouldn't go down with Tylenol.

Ended up taking him to the doctor and they did that

little nasal swab and the doctor came back

and said he had an RSV which was super scary.

And sucky, we tried to make it through the night

he was so sick and so clogged up.

It was a rough night, the next morning

we had to take him to Primary Children's.

They suctioned him, he had a lot of mucous

in his body and in his chest, it was so sad and so gross.

He's still a petty happy baby for being sick huh!

You're still pretty happy baby!

Got my little helper, we're gonna

go find Adley and Daddy huh?

(Shaun laughing)

- We're in the downstairs closet in the basement.

Adley's hiding all the way up there!

Hey your toes!

This is a good spot.

I don't think Mom's gonna find us.

Do you think she's gonna find us?

- No.

- It's a really good spot.

- Feel like this is a tricky spot, I can't stand up.

- You can't even stand, she can't even stand up!

- Look maybe I can stand up like this!

- We're hiding in the basement closet of

an abandoned house right now.

- Scared.

- Are you scared? - Uh-huh.

- I'm scared too, just kidding!

- [Jenny] Come out, come out wherever you are!

This is kinda creepy, not gonna go in there.

I swear I could hear them.

Where do you think they are Niko?

Where do you think they are?

- [Adley] Peek-a-boo.

- [Jenny] I heard them again!

- [Adley] Peek-a-boo!


- You guys found us!

- [Jenny] You guys are crazy!

- That was a good spot huh!

Yum yum yum, Mom change break.

- Mom change.

- [Shaun] Ew, don't look at that,

it's gonna be poopy, he stinks!

- It's a stinky one.

- [Shaun] Yeah.

Whilst she record it, we can go park Dad.

- [Shaun] The park?

Oh the old park that we used to go to?

- Yeah!

- This was Adley's favorite park, she grew up on this park.

- We went there, like, almost every day.

- [Shaun] We really did.

Hey wait, I gotta go.

- Okay, we'll come pick you up.

- [Shaun] Get the car and pick us up.

- Okay.

- [Shaun] Lock the doors.

- [Jenny] I will.

- [Shaun] Bye.

- [Jenny] Bye, oh gross.

- Yes it was her turn, I just did it before we left.

Let's go to the park!

- Yeah!

- [Shaun] Left?


No cars, let's go!

I'm so excited!

- Me too!

- [Shaun] What's your favorite part about the park?

- The climbing rock!

- [Shaun] Oh the climbing rock, there it is!

I still remember the very first time

Adley climbed this rock all by herself.

- Can you hold this?

It's a cow one.

- Definitely jump to the footage of Adley climbing this

when she was a little baby 'cause it's adorable.

- [Jenny] Good job Adley!

- Up, climb!

Oh good job!

- Koopa.

- [Jenny] Koopa?

- Climb, oh good job!

Come on Adley!

Now remember there's a step at the top.

I bet you could do it all by yourself now.

'Cause you're a big girl.

And then I think you fell

at the very top, let's see!

- I did it!

- [Shaun] You did it!

- Come up Dad!

- [Shaun] Here grab the vlog.

- [Adley] I got this.

- I'm coming!

- [Adley] Come on!

- [Shaun] We made it!

- I'm gonna go down this slide.

- Goodbye!


And then on this slide we had Adley go down and then

land in the sled and then sled away!


Let's go!

Let's just do a time lapse of me following Adley around.

Oh are you okay?

- Yeah.

- [Shaun] Let's get the dirt off, guys Adley is--

- [Adley] My shoe!

- And her shoe.

Look how tough she is!

Adley, are you tough?

She actually is really tough.

(upbeat music)


- [Adley] Don't drop the vlog Daddy.

- I won't drop the vlog.

Let's race on the slides.


- Last time ago, I went under there.

- [Shaun] I remember!


What are you doing?

Are we ready?

- Yeah!

- Okay count it down!

- One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, go!

- One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, go.

Hey, hi Mom!

- [Adley] Hi Mom!

- [Shaun] Here comes Mom, let's go get in the car.

Do you want to climb it one more time?

- We're gonna stay here while Mom comes.

- I guess we're staying here a little bit longer, BRB.

Did that scare you?

This is the surprise I got yesterday, are you guys ready?

- [All] Yeah!

- [Shaun] Are you guys ready?

Olive, come here!

This is the dogs' surprise first.

Do you wanna open the dogs' surprise?

- [Adley] Yeah.

- [Shaun] Let's get the dogs up here, okay dogs are ready.

- What you got?

- [Shaun] Oh chocolate bones!

- [Jenny] These are their favorite.

- They are, you can only get these in Park City,

and I was there yesterday for sundown.

Here guys, eat, and then get down.

- [Jenny] It's so big in her mouth.

- [Shaun] Eat, get down.

They're going to go outside and hide them in their house.

Okay that was the dogs' surprise,

are you ready for your surprise?

- Yeah!

- [Shaun] Here's Adley's, here's Mommy's, open them up!

- Oh buddy!

- [Shaun] Oh chocolate caramel apple.

- Mine!

- [Shaun] Oh it has sugar on it!

- I'll trade you.

- [Shaun] Yeah I mixed them up,

that one's supposed to be Adley's and that one's yours.

Brandon, edit that out and fix it.

- Oh I got a caramel apple!

- [Shaun] Oh my gosh Mom got a caramel apple,

what one did you get?

- I got this one.

- Good job, good job Brandon.

- High five!

- [Shaun] High five guys, yeah!

What are we gonna do?

We're gonna share 'em right?

- Yeah!

(all mumbling)

(upbeat music)

Don't stop me

♪ 'Cause I'm havin' a good time

Havin' a good time

I'm a shooting star

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