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Hello Hello, everyone

here is saying flower

sea flowers fiery drama aired


love with Du Su Leiyu Zheng

can be said to be very child

heart Fortunately, the outcome is satisfactory

will be on a rainy night many years ago Leiyu Zheng


Su rescued

two people in a relationship

years later meet again

Du Su was in love with his brother

Shao Zhenrong

and Du Su had to forget things

that night

and later died in accidents Leiyu Zheng Shao Zhenrong

determination to retaliate everything Du

Du Su Su

and in the process

caused by

retaliation in

its been slow Du Su slow


attract the initiative to help chase Leiyu Zheng

Du Su

and his wife is very tough road

is supposed to smooth

the childhood was Leiyu Zheng

fan green fan green

calculations will now see a small love Leiyu Zheng Leiyu Zheng fell in love the Du Su

love to hate trying to break up the two even with his father under the


leads to Yu-day Group of


in Leiyu Zheng devastated

when Du Su


constantly encouraging him after Yu-day Group crisis lifted Leiyu Zheng as

under forest to far to the Yu-day Group Du Su declare

the two quickly came together later were forced to separate because of the secular vision after Su That somebody


after two years of

birth abroad of foreign lay down the hearts of grudges

despite the secular vision of the brave come together

very painful process of ending a very successful

well in today's video here the

more exciting hot drama

please attention

next goodbye

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