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Hey, hey!

Today is a sunny day. It's nice and warm. We thought we would launch our boat!

Your boat. Your oldie, Axel.

This one has been through it. It's so crummy.

But, it works. We haven't tried it since I bought it, so we have to try it.

- It's high time. - Yes!

We have driven to a boat ramp on the island where we have our summer cabin.

Here's the car. Here's the boat. Can you see?

- Yes. - No.

You can see pretty well, I think. It's bright, so you get a bit blinded.

- Here we have a little treasure. - We will take it with us.

Oh, she seems to be bothered by the light.

The steering wheel is moving!

Everything you do for the first time takes some time. There's, like, some trial and error.

- Do you know what "trial and error" mean? - No.

You try, you fail, you do it again. You try, you do it right - hopefully - and it's fine.

It will be fine.

There we go. Look, it seems to be floating.

- Oh, there's my sandwich bag. - You and your sandwiches... You love sandwiches.

Yes, I do.

- You also love sandwiches, but you can't eat them. - No. I have a love-hate relationship with sandwiches.

- What happens if you eat sandwiches? - Fartie-bang-bang.

- Because you can't eat wheat. - No.

Oh, gosh! It floats. That's a good sign.

- Daddy, you can't sit down! - No, but I have to start the engine and see that it works.

- But you have to move the sandwich bag, okay? - Okay.

Harry is mostly concerned about the sandwiches.

This is pretty good...

Look at this little donna. The life jacket is basically bigger than her.

So cute!

- Oh, her arms! They're gone. - She seems to like it in there, oddly enough.

- It's like a tadpole figure. - Super comfy.

Now Axel and the kids will take off with the boat. I will take the car back to our cabin.

Then they will pick me up at the jetty that's right where we live. This jetty is a bit away on the island.

Okay, see you later!

- Soon, I hope. - Yep! I hope so too.

- What should I do with the rope? - We'll take it in when we're out a bit.

Don't get an engine stop now, because then Laura could get very hungry and angry.

We will try not to.

- What just happened? - The engine died.

- You're joking? - No.

- What should we do now? - I don't know.

- No, but... you're joking? - No, I'm not joking.

- Maybe we can call someone who... - Daddy's joking.

No, I'm not joking. It died. The tank is full and it just had service.

I've been on this boat for, like, 3 minutes. I got comfortable, grabbed a rice cake...

- And it died. - And then the engine died.

But we can still go to grandma and grandpa's, because they're over there.

Yes, we're pretty close to grandma and grandpa's jetty.

- That's lucky. - Or, no. Not super close, right?

Let's see if we can start it again.

- Daddy tricked us! - No, I'm not tricking you.

No, he actually pushed "start".

What do you think is happening? Like, what is the problem?

I don't know. It almost sounds like a fuel petcock that's off, but...

Good thing this happened when I was on the boat, because I'm thinking of poor Laura.

Now! Now something's happening.

I have to sit and pump with the gas to have any power from the engine.

That's a sign that there's dirt in the carburetor.

- We didn't end up in distress at sea! But it was close. - We ended up at grandma and grandpa's jetty.

Yep! That's how far we got today. Does anyone feel like taking a dip?

- I do! - Me too!

1, 2, 3!

- Was it nice? - Really nice.

There. Now I have called and spoke to a good boat mechanic.

I've learned that this boat is a little special, so I've learned a few tricks.

Let's see if I get it to start.

It started! What kind of "secret tricks" was that?

Well... It's an old boat with lots of little quirks.

This was great! Let's go!

- And Laura is just lying here chilling. - She seems to like it here.

- Yes, another boat child. - That's wonderful.

When Alma was little, we had a wooden boat. She always slept in it.

We are in Vaxholm where we'll grab something to eat.

We have brought the bassinet for Laura, but no stroller, so... we can't go far.


We saw that there's a place... there, so that's where we will go.

Yes! Come on, family!

- How about this table? - It's perfect.

- It's incredible that you got the boat started again. - Yes, I know!

- I mean... I thought we'd just have to hang out at the jetty. - But it worked!

Are you not impressed with daddy?

- Yes. - No.

- Are you not impressed? - No. It's just lame.


And this one, she just continues to sleep. I'm impressed with her!

Ice cream is good.

What a summer day this ended up being. Wonderful.

Hold on to the handle there.

We'll go back to grandma and grandpa's jetty, because we'll actually tie up this boat there.

And... someone has arrived at grandma and grandpa's now.

- Frances. - Yes! And who is that?

My cousin and...

- Bestie. Right? - Yes.

Cousin and bestie. When did you see her last?

One year ago.

One year ago! She lives in Dubai, so this is a huge day. Shall we step on it?

- Yes! Let's hurry there. - Hurry! Put the foot on the gas and just...!

- Look! The ice cream truck! - It's on a car ferry.

- That's funny. - I don't think you can see it. It's too far away.



- I see Frances. - What a joy!


- Are you pumped? - Yes.

- Are you happy? - Mm.

- Oh, how you've longed for this. - Can I stay at grandma and grandpa's for a bit?

Of course.

- This is the first time they're meeting Laura. - That's right.

- Hey! - Hey!

- Shall I catch the boat? - Yes, please.

- Hey! - Hey, sweetie! You're so big!

Who wants to hold?

- I do! - Me too! Can I try?

Hi, Laura.

It's been a few days. They're full of play.


I'm standing on the edge about to fall off the trampoline.

I wanted to show these two cousin-besties. And someone else has arrived!


- Hey, YouTube! - Hey, Hussein!

- Hey! Shall I jump too? - Yes!

I hope it doesn't break, because I've gotten heavier.

Hussein! Hussein! Hussein! It's been so long since you jumped with us!

I didn't jump yesterday either, so... You guys, I have to be a bit careful.

No! We can hold hands!

- Hey, don't you want to sweep it off a bit? - I can do it.

- That's a great idea. - Hussein, watch out! Karate Kid!

- I can do it. - You guys can hold up the edges for Hussein.

Look at this trick, mommy!

Good! Now you're right at the edge. Stay there and hold it up.

Frances, I have to... Here, you can hold up this edge.

No, I want to stand on this side.

- Good. - Good! Look how good you guys are.

- What are you doing, Alma? - I'm cleaning the hut.

I think Hussein should be a photographer when he gets a job.

- Hussein already has a job, Harry. - Yes, at a school. But why not become a photographer?

- What is his job? - Yes, what is your job, Hussein?

My job? I work at a school.

Hussein is a after-school center leader.


- Nice! - Thanks! There are two more chairs.

- Hey, you... - Yes?

There's a question that we get every week: What's happening with your YouTube channel?

That... is the question. That's the question.

No, but...

I've actually made a video that I will post soon.

It's a video where I try dolls with my bestie.

Yes. Alma has been playing with dolls quite a lot lately.

When I edited the part where we're out with the boat, you can see that you're fiddling with a doll, like, the whole time.

Attentive viewers have probably already seen that doll. You don't really play with dolls otherwise.

No, but I just realized that it was... fun, and that people seem to like dolls, so...

I will be trying some dolls and toys on my channel in the time ahead.

The whole thing about Alma having her own channel started with her making videos for her class-

-during our first long trip.

For every country we visited, she made a circa 5 minute long video about that country, for her class to watch.

It was very appreciated and we realized that maybe there are more people who wanted to see them,-

-so we posted them on her own YouTube channel. Since then, not a lot has happened on that channel.

No. She tried L.O.L. Surprise dolls once.

That channel depends on what Alma feels like.

We don't control it nor do we encourage her to it. We have this channel.


A few days ago, she had feeling with her bestie Uma and recorded a video.

Then I guess she thought, like: "Maybe I should keep trying toys".

And that fits that channel and not this one. That's not what we want to do.


Now there's an answer to that question because we've gotten it quite a lot.

So, if you like dolls, for example, go and check it out.

Or fidget toys. She's talked about doing something with that.

Right. Keep an eye out on Alma's channel.

It's called "The Swedish Alma". We will link to it on the screen now.

- Do you think the viewers wonder where Laura is? - Yes.

- She's sleeping. - As usual.

Our boat wasn't really to be trusted, so it's facing a complete renovation.

- Which you will do. Don't involve us in that. - Which I will do, but that'll be sometime in the future.

In our next video, both Hussein and Frances will join us.


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