Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chrissy Teigen Vs. Carla Hall: Whose Spinach Dip Is Better?

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(dramatic music)

- It smells a little funky.

Did you taste this one?

It's crazy!

(edgy music)

(dramatic music)

- [Man] Whoa.

- Love me some spinach dip.

- This one just looks like straight up cheese.

I'm not seeing any sort of green so I'm curious.

This is a good cheese pull.

It smells a little funky.

- This one's very creamy.

- It's really nice and creamy.

- Is there chicken in this?

- Feels like a pretty standard cheesy dip.

- There's nothing too crazy about it.

- What savory flavor am I getting?

- [Woman] Probably ranch powder.

- Game changer.

- This looks crazy.

- Why do they have these special chips for this one?

- These look intense.

- These chips feel fancy,

so I feel like this is gonna be the fancy choice.

- I like that they look super spicy.

I appreciate the homemade pita chip.

- It's not cooperating as a dip should,

but I'm gonna help it.

Hmm. (laughs)

- That's intense, oh my God.

- Mmm, stinky.

- You can definitely taste the spinach more in this,

and it's kind of spicy.

What's happening to me?

- [Woman] You're transforming!

- I'm transforming!

- I don't think I need blue cheese in my spinach dip.

- Is it possible to have too much flavor?

The stinkiness of the blue cheese

with kind of like the brinyness of the artichoke

is throwing me off.

- It feels like a man's spinach dip. (laughs)

It's actually really good.

- I'm gonna have to choose this one, number one.

- Number two.

- [Woman] That's Chrissy Teigen.

- Ohhh, Chrissy!

She would add some chicken to her dip,

like she just knows what's going on.

- I'm going with number one.

Carla, I hear great things,

and I didn't meet you when you came to the Delish kitchen,

but everyone who did was in love with you.

- I love Carla Hall, love this, so congratulations.

Chrissy, I'm a little bummed.

This might be the first time you've lost.

(camera clicking)

- [Taste-tester] Brian, you can keep going.

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