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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Avengers Endgame Easter Eggs and Scenes Breakdown Part 1

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We're the Avengers we can bust arms dealers all the live long day but that up there

that's that's the endgame how are you guys planning on beating that together

hi everyone it's Charlie hopefully you guys have had a chance to see Avengers

endgame by now these are going to be my Easter eggs from the movie in references

to all the previous MCU movies there were so many callbacks what I'm going to do

is is if my video gets way too long past like 15 minutes I'll just break it in

half and do a part tube because the movies three hours long of course

there's going to be a crazy number of Easter eggs so if you're new to the

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we have spider-man far from home this summer then we have Comic Con but we'll

probably get our official Marvel phase 4 schedule to learn about exactly what's

coming next even though we have a pretty good idea we're still doing the Infinity

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be a subscriber and leave an Avengers comment on the video obviously careful

for spoilers if you have not seen Avengers endgame yet we'll be talking

about very specific stuff so here we go opening the movie is the Hawkeye scene

where we learn what happened to his family before the snap or during the

snap wall is happening because while Hawkeye is teaching his daughter played

by Joe Russo's daughter in real life to shoot a bow and arrow she's apparently a

chip off the old block because she hits the bullseye he high-fives her and says

good job Hawkeye which is a reference to map fractions Hawkeye run where he was

training the Cape Bishop Hawkeye who also used his name both of them called

each other Hawkeye in really funny moments throughout the series the song

playing over the opening credits is dear mr. fantasy they get rescued by Captain

Marvel there were a lot of questions about the timeline how this worked where

did she come from what about the Captain Marvel post-credits scene just assume

right after the events of the Captain Marvel post-credits scene where she

shows up and says where's fury answering the page she turns right back around to

go to space because they tell her that Tony is probably stuck on his way home

so she was probably just flying on her way to Titan looking for him along the

way and just happened to find their ship they did not do the Stan Lee intro logo

like they did for the Captain Marvel movie though they just took it back to

the regular Marvel Studios logo when Ironman comes back he makes a reference

to Avengers age of Ultron in his suit of armor around the world they

were probably more references to Avengers age of Ultron that almost any

other movie besides the original Avengers movie he calls rocket a

build-a-bear and then sort of a bit of insanity as he starts to go a little bit

nuts because he's been stuck in space for so long he rips off his arc reactor

slaps it in caps hand and says you put this on and you hide the interesting

thing about that is that during Marvel phase four they're doing a what-if comic

book series where it's what if Peggy Carter had got the Super Soldier Serum

and Steve Rogers had worn an Iron Man suit built by Howard Stark so a lot of

people were curious why there was no traditional post-credit scene because

typically Marvel movies will have a scene at the end of the movie or during

the credits that'll explain what's coming next but the difference in

Avengers end game is that they put those scenes during the actual movie so there

are several scenes throughout the movie that let you know exactly what these

characters are going to be doing during phase four it's just that some of those

movies and characters will pop up in the past not in the future Captain America

being one of them because in the future he's old man cap now when they go to

end thanos on his farm rocket is now official captain of the benatar because

all the other guardians are either gone or dead and nebula is kind of a half

guardian half Avenger but he doesn't roll call asking who here has not been

into space Captain America Black Widow war machine all raised their hands

because within the MCU they are the only ones in here that have never been to

outer space he says none of you better throw up on my ship then when they get

to his farm you see the Scarecrow from the comics and in the end of the

Infinity Gauntlet comic book storyline he had become a farmer so that's what

he's doing here the work is done but Thor goes for the heads second time

around so they ended Thanos within the first

10 to 15 minutes of the movie there's a five-year time jump and you get a cameo

from Joe Russo one of the directors playing one of the survivors in Captain

America's grief counseling group one of the other cameos is from jim Starlin

creator of Thanos in the comics and a couple other big cosmic characters that

will probably see during phase 4 the Easter Egg for Captain America here is

these sort of taken over Falcons job because this is kind of what Falcon did

back during Winter Soldier it's a five-year time jump so you're jumping

around finding out what everyone's like five years later but you finally pick up

with ant-man that rat that helped him get out of the quantum realm is probably

the true hero of the movie you get a cameo from Kenji

there were a couple community cameos there's so many community people that

have cameoed in the MCU now but Ken Jong was supposed to start during Avengers

infinity war but a scheduling conflict kept him out the Russos brought him back

during avengers endgame to play the manager of the warehouse where Scott

Lang's van has been this whole time the other community cameo was Yvette Nicole

Brown who played a secretary in the 1970s shield base from Winter Soldier

where they were going to get the Pym particles you get a very big name or

teaser when we go back to the Avengers base when Black Widow is still liaison

with the other surviving Avengers around the world keeping tabs on everything

that's happened Okoye says that near Wakanda there was an underwater

earthquake incident she says we handle it by not handling it because it's an

underwater earthquake that is probably the biggest name war teaser for Marvel

phase 4 that they could have done yes because of a rights issue they can't do

a name war solo movie quite as easily it's the same situation with the Hulk

movies can't quite do it because Universal has the rights but they can

still use the name or character in other people's movies so maybe appearance

during Black Panther 2 but Captain Marvel is wearing a different darker

blue and red costume from the comics and she has her short haircut from the

comics too a lot of people were wondering why her hair was different

they were just doing a comic book thing she's still a police increased role

space during that five year span because remember everywhere around the universe

every planet had 50% of all life erased Hawkeye becomes Ronan and goes around

ending criminals that survive the snap rocky gets his blue costume from the

guardians of the galaxy comics from the annihilation conquest storyline when

that first team from the MCU originally formed in the comics Ironman has gotten

married to Pepper Potts he's living in nature in a cabin with a little bit of

technology they've had a daughter named Morgan Stark which is a reference to an

uncle of Tony's in the comics who's actually a villain she comes out of her

tent in the yard wearing Pepper Potts rescue armor from the comics that's

right Pepper Potts gets her full rescue armor that she wears much later in the

film during the big third act battle he jokes that mommy never wears the things

that I buy for her but they're also winking at the fact that she Morgan

Stark might at some day become one of the Young Avengers and take up his

mantle as Iron Man or Iron Heart or whatever you want to call her just

remember that because of what happened to Tony Stark she is now he

his heir apparent so that eventually when she's a teenager in old enough say

like the same age as Scott Lang's daughter who's a teenager now she's old

enough to join the Young Avengers and actually start wearing some of that gear

because he says you like to go into the garage oh I found it you weren't looking

for this oh well daddy likes to go into the

garage too which at this point in his life is sort of a low five version of

his original basement where I used to tinker with all of his gear there were a

lot of people that claim that they saw x-men names on the memorials as ant-man

is walking around to the Presidio near the San Francisco bridge trying to find

out whether or not his family names are on there I could not find any x-men

names but it makes sense that they wouldn't put any on there because the

movie was made before the Fox Disney deal was done so they couldn't include

any traditional x-men stuff but when he goes back to his house to look for

Cassie he finds her she's a teenager now and because the movie ends five years in

the future in 2023 when they do the ant-man in the wasp sequel presumably

she'll still be a teenager and will be able to participate in things I lost

stature from the comics because there's a version of Cassie Lange once she

becomes a teenager who joins the Young Avengers in acts a little bit like

ant-man does becoming giant woman so to speak they call her stature but she has

the same abilities as Ant Man in the comics there was a lot of young avengers

teasing going on during this there have been rumors that they're working on a

young Avengers movie for a long time but nothing official from Marvel has been

said they go to Tony to try and get his help they make a bunch of Back to the

Future jokes your plant isn't based on back to the future is it Tony references

the vision he had during age of Ultron I didn't want to think it was real but now

it seems like it was the thing is is that during the third act battle with a

nose you actually see Captain America she'll get cracked by thanasis sword

it almost winds up looking exactly like his vision albeit with the big twist

because they wind up winning the day they talk about Doctor Strange he calls

him the Bleecker Street magician because Doctor Strange lives on Bleecker Street

there were actually ballet shoes on black widows desk after that five years

later time jump remember she was a ballerina in the age of Ultron

flashbacks we still have to learn a lot about her backstory that's what the

Black Widow prequel movie is probably going to tell us they go to find hope

because they need a big brain to help them figure out time travel and he's

become Professor Hulk bit disappointing that we didn't get to see that happen

but the way that Banner explains it is that about 18 months after the snap he

goes to a gamma lab and messes with himself in the Hulk a little bit more

and that's how he became professor Holt so he did more gamma experiments about

18 months after the snap and for those of you that are wondering yes he can

still go back to being banner if he wants but the whole idea that he

explains in the diner while he's wolfing down all that food and taking selfies

with the kids is that he thinks the Hulk is the answer now not the problem so he

likes the Hulk so he doesn't want to go back to just being Banner professor Hulk

of course big comic book Easter Egg there was a long run where he was a more

chatty intelligent version of banner with the body of the Hulk just the best

of both worlds as he says during the movie the mind of banner in the body of

the Hulk when they're first experimenting with time travel using the

van before Iron Man comes back they have to use Hank Pimm's quantum suit from

ant-man the wasp they make the white suits and they have to test it out

Hawkeye volunteers they make a couple of jokes about time-travel movies they say

a wrinkle in time Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure time after time Terminator

time cop Hot Tub Time Machine and even though it's not a time-travel film Iron

Man calls fat Thor Lebowski so the funny thing about a couple of those references

are is is that there are other MCU actors in this movie in another big MCU

movies that starred in the movies that they reference so Lebowski was played by

Jeff Bridges who was Obadiah Stane nobody makes a reference to it's a

Lebowski looks an awful lot like that Obadiah Stane guy and Sebastian Stan was

the villain of Hot Tub Time Machine obviously nobody makes a reference to

that either but the rules of time-travel that the MCU writers went with when they

were writing Avengers in game were basically Dragon Ball Z rules you can't

do anything in the past to change your future the future that you come back to

will always be the same what happens is is when you change the past you're only

creating alternate realities alternate timelines so even though they take the

Infinity stones back to where they stole them from to prevent that from happening

there's still a couple of loose ends like the Loki that got away with the

tesseract so there's a very big alternate timeline shooting out from

2012 there were a couple other moments like that so there still are some

alternate timelines that they inadvertently create when Professor Hulk

in rocket go to new Asgard to pick Thor up new Asgard is in the place where Odin

old door to put it on the cliffside of Norway Valkyrie comes back for a cameo

there are only a few Asgardians left because remember only about half escape

from Thor ship before Thanos blew everyone up then half of those that

survived got snapped so their way down but Thor has completely gone PTSD and is

trying to ignore everything into a reality he's got this giant beer belly

he's living with Corrigan meek playing fortnight they even include gameplay

from fortnight in the movie I don't know if that was a paid integration or if

there's just a reference because fortnight in real life does a lot of

infinity war Avengers tie-ins like they did the Thanos with the gauntlet last

year but in the comics new Asgard was actually inside Oklahoma so this is just

their version of comic book new asgaard on planet earth remember the ice cream

from Infinity Ward the Hulk of hooker burnin fudge stark raving hazelnuts

during the time-travel sequence when they're trying to figure things out

professor Hulk is actually eating some of his ice cream Hoka Hoka burnin fudge

when they finished constructing the time-travel platform when they're all in

the white suits you noticed that the design as they're staring down at it is

the exact same design as Iron Man's original arc reactor that Pepper gave

him proof that Tony Stark has a heart that is not a coincidence because they

bring that arc reactor back during his funeral at the end of the film so was

just another very cool Easter Egg in reference to the original Iron Man movie

one of the more important touchstones for avengers endgame that he kept

calling back to because of the very notable I am Iron Man moment at the end

of the film because Ant Man doesn't know anything about the Infinity stones they

have to launch into a giant explainer while they're figuring out where they're

going to send all the teams back to Thor launches into a big explainer for Thor

the dark world trying to explain the plot of that film to them but the three

different times they go back to our 2012 the Battle of New York during the

original Avengers movie because there are three Infinity stones because they

have the time stone with the ancient one who's still alive because it's five

years before Doctor Strange becomes Doctor Strange sorcerer supreme they

have the mine stone because of Loki and his scepter and the tesseract of the

space stone Black Widow and Hawkeye go to Vermeer to get the soul stone before

the events of infinity war the nebula and war machine go to Morag before the

events of the guardians of the galaxy movie so they can get the Power Stone

before Peter quill gets it the shuttle lotta new footage for some of these

things particularly the Battle of New York because they're trying to steal the

stones from the end of the original Avengers movie so they've already taken

down Loki they're putting him in captivity they bring back cameos from a

Robert Redford who's playing his character they bring back every one from

that Winter Soldier elevator scene does anyone want to get off here but cap says

hail Hydra which is actually a reference to Hydra cap and obviously all the hail

hydras that happen during the Winter Soldier movie they shot a new scene for

that other elevator scene when they make Hulk take the stairs so many stairs

apparently 2012 Ironman wears Axe body spray you can make fun of him all you

want to for that but while they're trying to get the tesseract Hoek busts

out because so many stairs he's pissed off the tesseract gets into the hands of

Loki from 2012 who takes it in escapes off to who knows where but remember our

version of Loki from infinity war is still dead so if we see this Loki come

back and interact with other characters in present days say during as guardians

of the galaxy vol 3 because that's kind of what that movie is now then it'll be

the alternate reality version of Loki it won't be Thor's Loki from his original

timeline Captain America fights himself from 2012 who's a little bit more of a

do-gooder he hasn't been through the events at Winter Soldier he's not quite

as jaded 2012 cap gives and that I can do this all day reference our cap goes

yeah yeah I know I got it they pretty much fight each other to a standstill

but our cap gets young cap by saying Bucky's still alive because this is

before the events of Winter Soldier so young cap has no idea what's going on

then when he's walking away he looks at himself who's kind of flipped over and

says that really is America's ass is it a callback to ant-man's quote from

earlier in the film then I think what I'm going to do is is I'm going to call time

on this video because it's sort of he gets super long and I'll pick up part 2

of my Easter eggs with what happens when they go back to the 1970s so just look

out for my part to Easter Egg just continuing on in the film like I said

the movies 3 hours long so there's a crazy number of Easter eggs while you

wait for everything click here for my video on the ending in that special

little moment during the end credits scene and click here for my brand new

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 trailer video thank you so much for

watching everybody stay awesome I love three thousand!

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