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Running with no shoes.

The man who says,

"This is the way

nature meant it to be"

And finally tonight, barefoot

and running.

Today the streets of New York City

were filled with thousands

of marathoners and people who

came out to cheer them on.

To get an extra edge

serious runners spend some

serious money on high-tech shoes.

It turns out they might be better off

if they just kicked them off.

Here's ABC's John Berman.

John Berman: 35,000 people

endured the New York

City Marathon today.

Every day, millions more lace up

their sneakers

and go for a run.

That, Ken Bob Saxton says,

is where they all go wrong.

Ken Bob: They've lost touch,

literally, with the ground.

John Berman: Ken bob has run

dozens of marathons


Ken Bob: A lot of it is just freedom.

It feels good to feel the breeze

blowing across the tops of my feet.

John Berman: Not only does it feel better,

but there is growing research

that says it's better for you.

Dr. Irene Davis: I honestly believe we

were designed to be barefoot.

John Berman: Professor Irene Davis

studies running styles

at the University of Delaware.

She says many of the new sneakers,

with all of their support,

are making our feet


We were really designed

to have feet that help to

cushion the impacts of landing.

By wearing shoes,

we've sort of decreased the

demands on those muscles,

and with time the muscles

have really naturally gotten weaker.

John Berman: And that makes your

feet more vulnerable to injuries.

If you have worn running sneakers

your whole life, like I have,

it is probably not a good idea

to throw out your shoes and

try running barefoot right away.

You have to change

the way you run.

Most runners strike the ground

with the heels of their feet.

Without shoes, that would hurt.

So when barefoot

you have to land on the

middle or front of your feet,

with the arch helping to absorb the impact.

In the lab, running barefoot,

I was able to cut the

shock on my shins

in half.

John Berman: Even sneaker

giant, Nike, believes,

In some cases, less is more.

Their new shoe, the Nike Free,

is like a slipper with a sole,

designed to be

almost like going barefoot.

But Ken Bob says,

there is no substitute

for the real thing.

You can tell a barefoot runner

by the smile on their face.

John Berman: He says people

would understand

if they would just run a mile... his shoes.

John berman, ABC News, Newark

captioned by Barefoot Ken Bob

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