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He didn't think I was straight

he thought that I was a lesbian

because I was with my girlfriend

which would have been fine too

like the both of us

so I was confused because they were holding hands

who girls hold hands

and I mis read the whole situation

mis read it

we thought one

and than maybe later on will have another one

but ya god had a different plan for us

and he gave us 3 in one day

It was way that he was speaking like I was beneathe him

and that's what was

weird and than what hurt the most

was no one stopped it

In the era where Tinder has become the go to thing

we have couple who has redefined love

while Sunny Leone has caterpiltered herself into a big leauge

Daniel has supported her and how

and today together they've given couple goals

we have them together joining us for conversation

only on No more secrets

Welcome. How have you been. Long time

very good

I want to start off by asking

let's get to the point

when did you first meet and how did you guys meet

On Tinder

No why would you say that

No not on Tinder

I didn't even think Tinder existed

I would still swipe

that rubbish. he's lying

we met in okay well

in all places in the world

ya actually it was better than tinder

We met in Las Vegas and

I was with one of my really close friends

and going to go meet Daniel's band mate

at Madalay Bay

I was suppose to meet

I was suppose to go on date with Poly suar

I didn't. He ditched me

let's give them. poly suar is a comedian

from early Tv shows

and he very funny

he was in the lobby of Madalay bay

and he was going to meet her

and he saw like somebody friend of his and

he weird off to go see his friend and God

pass me to her


so that was how many years ago


long before 10 years

12 this week

wait wait wait but he didn't think

I was straight

he thought I was a lesbian

because I was with my girlfriend who

which would have been fine too

is not lesbian but she dresses like

sort of masculine

so he thought like the both of us

so I was confused because they were holding hands

who girls hold hands

and I misread the whole situation

misread it so funny

literally our conversation in Las Vegas

is maybe 3 words

because I'm very shy than

I didn't really know what to say

and I already assumed that she's with somebody

I said you don't talk that much he said yes I don't

and I was like I see you like take dinner or something

no there's more

there's more

I was actually doing count in LA but she didn't come

ya I didn't come


maybe she wasn't too easy

I really didn't dig his band mate so

I thought that they would be the same type of person

so you didn't like the band mates

ya like little

so when did you realize that he's the one

when I was in Oman shooting a film

and it was around Valentine's day

Just one month I'd to win her

it's that amazing


so he when I

we had our first date.

no funny business happening. he's a complete gentleman


you so good

and than we spoke

every single day when I was gone

I got a stack of phone cards like this

he flown and flowers from Switzerland

for Valentine day send me mix CD's

and like write letters


so Sunny tell me something

when you weren't dating and you wanted to date somebody

what are the qualities you look for in a man

that was there in him and

that vice versa for you. what were the

qualities that you looked for women

you go first

i don't think there is any of my

look or qualities is what she was looking for

No it was exactly what I was looking for

because I wanted okay

but your ex was completely opposite

ya he was a jerk

okay so I was single

I was with my girlfriend in Las Vegas

I had work there. she had work there

that's why her and I were together most of the time

so we were there and I was like I am single

meeting people, I want to have like

one night stand with people

this is how it's gonna be

I'm gonna drink. I'm gonna get crazy. I'm in Las Vegas

and than I saw Daniel

I was like bad boy

but he is a complete opposite of bad

he's an angel

literally like god took away my mother

and he gave me him

girls ask girls we have a very long list

guys have list too

we no no

okay probably smaller

ya we don't have like those exact list

are those kind of various based on

how the days goes or when we see somebody

so I didn't have a list kind of so this is

what I want to look like or be like

for me it was I met her I was like oh my god

she's amazing

you know I was like I'm in love with her

that's how shallow we are

on our worst day he said I love you

How did you react to that

I didn't I we were drinking

the male spices is so shallow at times

that we you know

we say love you too easily

we think with the wrong head sometimes

okay so he said it out loud I didn't

we get confused with

and a lot of time we find like oh man that's a good choice

But she's amazing choice

but how did families react to

your marriage to your love story

like when you told them about it

how did the family react to each other


parents were confused

I just got out of long relationship

my parents are

should I just tell the story

ya maybe it will be better

I'll tell the story how I met his mother

because I'm like skinny around the

Daniel worked in ACO factory

and he worked so much to the point

he would get like what is clinically called

like exhaustion

where he would get fever, IV, flue

he would be dehydrate, he would be sick,

he would be shivering in bed, sweating

so I took him to hospital one of those times

when he was sick and

remind you I was in middle of the night

early in the morning one of those

I'd my hoody on my hair are in some weird

no make up on

I'm wearing like swappy sweat pants

because we'd to go hospital. who has time to get dressed up

so than he's resting getting his I V

I'm on my phone playing video games

with my hoody on and in come is

his mother

she's got like pattern leather shiny shoes on

perfectly like pressed pants

there's beautiful jacket

and like 3 in the morning by the way

this beautiful shirt on

she's like

she's got

rocks like huge diamonds everywhere

and there's literally me with not a penny to my name

so I'm like oh shit

I am like I'm just gonna leave you guys alone

than I was like Hi how are you

and Daniel had to go Mom say Hello

I was like oh shit she disliked me already

am like I'm just gonna wait outside

But tell me Sunny and Daniel

there might be days when your mood is little off

or you not feeling great about things

How do you cheer the other one up

like what are the ways you boost each other

Oh that just happen last night

I was in bad mood

ya but he kept asking what's wrong

seriously that's worst thing you can ask

what's going on. something's wrong. are you mad

I'm like nothing is wrong with me

he said do we need some time alone. Fine

I'm a fixer

ya you are

so than he's like saying something from Dan

and I'm already walking fine you just kicked me out of the room

anyways so I'm gonna go do my thing

I really wanted to know what she wanted

that's all I wanted to know

the whole argument was

i didn't know who's gonna spiral over

whose gonna choose the Netflix show

oh really

that's the whole thing started

because we have very little time

so I'm like you're impossible

and I'm like fine I'll choose

I had to sit there press I think he was just lazy

we're usually on same page. Unless he wants

to open the door in middle of night

because somebody's knocking on it

because he thinks he can defend the entire family

in his underwear with nothing in his hands

and that's it. his bare wrist

it seems obsessive I don't know why

what is it that upsets you the most

like if there's one annoying habit in her

and one annoying habit in him that really annoys you

something that you don't like at all

Go you go ahead first

can't think about it

because I'm perfect

what is the annoying habit

when he's crunching our nuts and it's completely silent\

but you wanna know something

the other day on the table she was chewing

a tacoshell that was really loud

and she said I'm so loud

I said it doesn't bother me at all

it doesn't even bother me keep chewing away

and he looks at me. he gives me this look

even when you discuss work

because not many people know that you manage her work

so when there's some script how much

involvment does he have

in the say that should you do it or no


nothing at all

nothing we have totally seperate departments

she like the script

and it could be the crappiest group of people

she has to make her own decision

maybe I need help

that's why we have people like Ibrahim

there are other people in our team we have a large team

the only times it becomes conversation together weird

like we watching an edit

and we are like oh my god

we're in trouble

everybody who knows you loves you

for the person that you're

amazingly sweet amazingly comforting

there are times when people had certain perception about you

and I'll bring that interview where you were

deeply disrespected by the journalist

you might have courage to sit on that chair for 20 mins

but people who watched it felt uncomfortable

it must have been uncomfortable

it was. if you go back and read

you have one of those body analyst

define like body language

I was extremely uncomfortable

I was sitting like this

just it was like plaster smile because

I didn't plaster it my teeth

and try make it through each of those questions

because some reasons in my head

I was thinking okay he's gonna stop now

okay this is gonna be last weird question

than at a certain point

I have this believe that

I don't believe that

I should let someone else get best of me

If I let him get the best of who I am

Than I loose

so sitting there through the whole thing

it's not like he asked me the questions that I'm not asked before

I've been asked this questions many time

but the way he asked

and the language was really crash

delivery is everything

right so it was the way he was speaking like

I was benethe him

and that what was

weird and than what hurt the most was

no one stopped it

I never felt so alone in that one moment

not somebody from production

not a general person saying hey guys this is out of line

not somebody from my team because they didn't know what to do

they were told that this is a senior jouranalist

and if they come in between

they don't handle it

not one person said that this is wrong we need to stop

and I asked everyone did I do something to you

did I hurt you

was I not nice enough to you

that you feel that I should have to go through this

what did I do that

you didn't want to stop this

did you breakdown after te interview

I broke down after I call them to ball for few days

not crying just

feeling pretty bad

we went back to US

and even there I shut off

I didn't surf social media didn't look at anything

He gave me the update

But everything is changed for you Sunny

and on that note will move on to secong segment

So we're back with Sunny and Daniel

and now welcoming you to second segment

which is heart to heart

In your case we're going to talk about your kids

who have become extremely popular

and they're extremely cute like I said

So tell me how has parenthood changed your

lifestyle and changed you as people


every single second of the day and every single decision

everything becomes focused

and when you get two day

we just took two days away from

which was our first two days away by ourself in 2 years

since our boys are born and

perosnal time

one was personal one was work

my performance was in Pataya and

then we went to Bangkong to roam

went to temple we shop

and by the second day

you started missing

ya okay we are done let's go

I got my movie tigh shorts

and next we shopping for kids anyways

everything in your life automatically

if you're enganged with your kids

everything revolve arounds them

focus shiffts

and that's it they're priority number one and

everything else become secondary

did you always plan to have family of three


we thought one

and than maybe later on will have another one

but god had a different plan for us

and he gave us three in one day

I couldn't picture my life without 3 of them

this morning both of them are screaming in my face

because I don't want to sit in car seats

I believe in car seats I believe that safety of my child in a car

is very important

so I put them in a car seat

well almost 2 they don't want to sit in the car seat

screaming on my face saying no mumma no

and I'm saying yes Asher yes

cookie video cookie something

should I sing to you

whats happening can you please sit down

what's gonna grab your attention

finally what grabbed his attention

A grape

he sat doen

you know Sunny tell me something and Daniel

you did something really nice when you adopted Nisha

you said in interview that there were so many kids

around you when you'd gone

what was it that you felt

about Nisha that this is going to be my kid

you'd told me last time I think during Masti zyada

you wanted to embrace your motherhood

this was your first child

it might be two stories mix up

we went to Saint Gowain to donate time there

that's in Mumbai there are 300 kids there

In India you don't get to choose your child

the government matches you with the child

you also can choose where the child comes from

you can choose a state or multiple state

but you can't a actual agency or orphanage

or home that it's coming up so

we would go visit children

that what they call home study area in Saint

than one and half years later they matches

the child from Latur which was Nisha

so we went it was like over going to choose a child

Nisha was like gift from God

No I always say Nisha chose us

and you said the lovely thing when you first time

do you remember the first time

you guys met Nisha

ya of course

what actually was she doing

I met Nisha first

because I was shooting he was in Los Angeles

so he's going to be flying there

two weeks no no a month before

she's from Latur

we went to Latur and we almost went through a plane accident

so we said we never going back to Latur

never ever step foot on plane on private plane

to Latur because we almost died

The pilots doing 'Satnam Waheguru'

we could see him. he was as close as you're to me

the pilot said I told you we gonna die

I was like aren't you like the first news to tell

he said we crashing

we were screaming everyone

it was so bad

and a week before like

someone was in helicopter crash that was

from Aurangabad to Latur or vice versa

so we got to Latur and match the little girl

and I call up our one of employees and said

find out if there's any chater from Mumbai to Latur

he's like what are you saying

he was in Marathi

so I didn't even know he was in Latur

and then we told him to Lature

he's like you guys are kidding me

messing with you

so when I went to meet her

she was like so nice, so friendly, so sweet

I mean it was like

so long ago but at the same time

it's such a amazing moment

within a second of seeing her

and she looks at you

she's yours

there is beautiful thing that Gauri Khan said

and even Kareena Kapoor

they said that this constant paparazi thing happening

with kids and the constant focus and attention

basically because of that Abhram doesn't like to go outdoors

he likes to stay indoors when he's meeting paparazi and

photograhers he says don't click pictures

Taimur have started saying his own family

Kareena said even when we try to click pictures

in family we try to take selfies he says no pictures

It's affecting them in a ways

ya I definitely understand

I can see that I can understand that

I don't know again we don't know what other

families do how they have conversation with

their childrens for us I

I don't want them to know that I'm upset

that photographers are taking photos

so I always say No Asher say Hello

okay let's go now

because if I make it no let me hide you

than they feel too scared

it's danger

we gotta keep relation with them too

and we ask you guys got photo now

let's move

and with Nisha i do always if cameras there

I ask her do you wanna say hello

or are you okay or do you feel scared

you not wanna take photo

I actually ask her before

when I know they coming or they right in te middle

I go Nisha are you okay because we can tell she's my kid

she says no I don't want to so I pick her up

so that;s where it ends

I tell the guys she's done

sometimes she wants to say sometimes she doesn't

and I never force them to say hello I ask them

or boys are too

anybody who says hi to them they say Hi back

they are so innocent they don't know

one saying hello

one's got finger in his nose

and Nisha is in corner like what's happening here

and this is also very uncharted territory for us

because we didn't grow up in this industry

families where parents where in industry

like many other people have

just next generation of same

this is all new so again

But you guys have been amazing parents

for heart to heart this was my last question and

I would say you guys have 3 special pieces of your heart

that stays because you guys are amazing parents

and we could see

you're sop hand on with your kids

and Thank you we move on to final segment

which is going to be competition between two

who does groceries before we began

I want to know

you have high chances of winning

so we are back with Sunny and Daniel

for the final segment as you can guess

guess the price and

Daniel you said that you do the groceries

so there's immense pressure on you to deliver

so do you think you'll win

I'm little touch with reality so

so I know the final price of things

I don't know the individual price

my bill always seems to be really high

and I never figure out what made it so high

It's a Pumpkin

maybe so

so thing is very simple I'll show you products

product has particular price you have to guess

who ever is closer gets the point

so the first on is juice

699 Rs

I must say 599

699 and 599 just for juices

this is just 135 Rs

but you still get a point

this is like out of the stadium

so this is chocolate syrup


I've never bought them

yes you've because it's in our fridge

I have it all the time

I think you got it from across the street in Roman

now back to Roman


say 250

sunny wins again it is 200

Humble yourself

Almond flour 200 gms



I think this one Daniel got

this is 320 Rs

so this is pack of 7 sanitary napkins



Sunny's got it again it's 78 Rs

This is besan which is gram flour

250 gms

what do you use that for then I'll determind the price

use it to make Bhajiyas


99 Rs


you get it this is 35

we really wealthy

I would have looted them

did you loot us I think

It's a biscuit


50 Rs


30 Rs

30 rs for all those busciuts

we have our decider

we have this in all our rounds

and nobody gets it correctly

so it's I kg salt

and I given you the hint that nobody gets it correctly

I'm going to guess



it's 20 Rs

20 what


I shopping at the wrong place

we are shopping at wrong place

I've nothing bought for 20 Rs ever

so clearly

Sunny wins it

there must be food worth like 50,000 Rs

Thank you so nice

It's a hamper of junk food yay

I would like to say maybe to our family

Thank you for doing this you guys are lovely

and it was so much fun

you guys are amazing together amazing parents

and will see you soon

thank you

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