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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Klai’s SURPRISE SWEET 16 birthday party! Her CRUSH surprised her!!

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- [Mom] We're throwing Klai a surprise party.

- [Friends and Family] Surprise!

(kids cheering)

- All right, let's go!



- [Klai] Oh wait, shoot!

(girls squealing)

(upbeat music)

- Okay, what's up TOA squad.

Thanks for joining The Ohana Adventure today.

We have something really secretive.

So Klai's birthday is in like two weeks,

but we're gonna be traveling.

And we wanted her to have a fun birthday with her friends.

And I asked her, oh what do you wanna do.

And she's like, I don't know.

So we are throwing a birthday party for her today.

I have been secretly texting her friends.

I'm hoping that we have a good amount of people showing up.

And right now the kids are cleaning.

So Klai has blasted the music

because she's singing while she cleans.

All right, we are at Walmart

and we're doing some shopping.

- Yeah. - Guess what we're

shopping for guys?

- Mom's birthday.

- Actually, no.

Guess what we're gonna do tonight?

- What? - What?

- We're throwing Klai a surprise party.

They actually had no idea.

I've been planning this,

and I knew that if I told the little kids

they would spill the beans, shh.

But, look what we got.

We got some really cute tablecloths.

And then we've - More stars.

- Got these rose gold plates.

And we got a cake 16, or candles.

So now we have to find like cake

some other decorations,

we gotta get food.

Oh my gosh, so much to do,

and only like two hours.

- 'Kay, we are going to get

candy for her birthday

'cause she always loves candy.

- Okay, we are in full party prep.

We have little scrubbers cleaning the mess on the floor.

And we are blowing up balloons.

Thank you Bunch O Balloons

for sending me a ton of party balloons.

I actually really, really love them.

This is perfect for our party.

We have candy dishes going.

We've got chips.

We've got popcorn.

We've got cookies.

We are gonna have a huge party.

And we have Dad setting up the party over there.

So we are so excited.

This is gonna be awesome.

I think it's gonna be great, and she has no idea.

I hope she has no idea.

(upbeat music)


Okay, in like just a few minutes, look at that.

I blew up all these balloons.

So I'm going with the whole

pink, white, and gold theme.

What do you guys think?

What do you think E-Cora?

- I just like how you stacked those.

Because there is way more than you think on there.

- I know.

This is so awesome.


Honestly, this is like the best invention ever.

The self sealing party balloons

from Bunch O Balloons, you're amazing.

Alright, so now we've got candy and goodies.

We've got the - Toppins'.

- good stuff everywhere.

It's time to get this party started.

Ready? - Yeah!

(upbeat music)

- Okay, we are now in set up mode.

We've got balloons.

Look at all our friends!

Hi, friend.

I don't know your name.

- Parker.

- [Mom] You're Parker, thanks.

I just text people randomly

and asked them to come to my house and party.

Maybe we could put the 16 right in front of there?

- They want to be able to take pictures in front of it.

- [Mom] Yeah, yeah! Let's use this as like a backdrop.

- Cute, exactly, no.

- [Mom] Is that okay? - Okay.

- [Female] Should we do it right here at the back door?

- [Mom] Yeah, just tie - Where do you want?

and tape stuff.

I don't know. - - Where do you want?

- [Mom] You guys know.

Make it pretty, make it pretty.

(upbeat music)

- Alright this is the layout of the party.

- [Friend] So we have lots of balloons.

Here's some guys.

These are all Klai's friends.

Say hi.

- Hey, hey.

- 'Kay, here are the girls.


(girls giggle)

- [Girl] Or even words.

And then there's a backdrop.

All right, so Klai will be coming any minute.

They're gonna come around we're gonna,

say hi Janie.

- Hi!

- And they're gonna come around.

She has no idea this is happening.

And in here, it has all the food.

And, yep.

(upbeat music)

- Okay, I talked to her friend Kate,

and she's gonna be bringing her over in like three minutes.

So we're down to the wire. - Oh, snap.

- Are we ready?

- I'm not ready.

- All right, so we have the decorations here--

- Okay, what's the plan, what's the plan?

What do I do?

- Okay, so I lied to Kate, well I not lied,

I made up a story that we have construction

going on in our house.

Which we do.

We actually do. - Kay.

- I'm telling her like the front door is gonna be taped up

so she has to go around the side.

And that's where everyone's gonna be,

on the side, for the surprise.

So, let's go see them.

All right guys,

she's gonna be here in like three minutes.

And since, since there's not a million people

we need to be loud.

Like there's a million of us.

Can you be loud?

- Yeah, I can.

- We're just all gonna line up on the wall,

and she'll walk up.

And we'll be like surprise!

Anyways, so this will be really fun.

Awkward, but fun.

Look, look, it's like segregation.

We have boys on this side.

Girls on this side.

I don't know what's happening.

We have a surprise!

Look who drove all the way for the birthday.

The Shumway Show! - Whoo!

We would've driven five times that far.

- We would.

Yeah, we love these guys. - We love you Klai.

Happy birthday.

- They're saving me from the teens.

- The teens.

That's right.

We did need more like parent support, ya know.


- Yeah, yeah, I'll be chaperone, sure.

- [Mom] That's great, that's great.

(dog barks)

(everyone yells surprise)


(kids shouting surprise)

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Klai

Happy birthday to you

(upbeat music)

- It is so good to see you.

Happy 16th!

- [Mom] Were you surprised?

- I didn't understand why Kate was

making me look good,

and then why I had to come-- - Why Kate was making

you look good.

The balloons are dying.

Did you say hi to all of your friends?

Go say hi.

I think Klai's, Klai's so surprised--

- I'm shaking.

- [Mom] You're a little embarrassed?

- No, I'm shaking now. - You're shaking?

Was it everything you wanted it to be?

I'm so glad.

- Thank you!

- [Mom] Good job Kate,

making her pretty.

- Thank you.

- [Mom] And look at you twinners.

- Yes.

- [Mom] So cute. - Always.

- So you may not know,

but Klai's phone has been gone for months.

So we're gonna give it back to her for her birthday.

Klai, I have a birthday gift for you.

- Go, go.

- [Mom] Stick your hand in.

- [Sibling] And choose one.

- Wait, really?


Thank you!

- [Mom] I figured you might want it today.

- I love you so much.

(mom giggles)

I'm the one yeah

I'm the one yeah

- Look at all these amazing goodies Rachel got.

- [Rachel] We got goodies for--

- The movie,-- - Yeah!

- that's coming.

Are you ready for this?

Are you gonna play the game with me Khyl?

- I'm gonna play a game with Ohana Adventure.

It's gonna be off the hizzle. - Let's do it, ready?

Let's go.

All right, we're gonna play a game over here on the grass.

Come on children.

Nobody wants to play my game guys.

No one's coming.

Look at this.

I'm here.

And like all the kids are there.

Watch them running.

They're running.

I said last one on the grass owes me a hundred.

Look at this.

Look how fast they come.

This is like so amazing.

All right ones over by Klai.

And twos over here.

We are playing Red Rover.

All right, who's gonna win?

Is it gonna be Klai's team

or is it gonna be Raquel's team?

Klai's team has one less.

You get to call someone over.


Red Rover with teens is my favorite thing ever.

Here we go.

Red rover, red rover

send Kaleigh right over

- [Mom] Hey.

Kaleigh, use your, you gotta run fast.

Go Kaleigh, go!

(girls screaming)

- Oh, Oh!

- [Mom] Kaleigh!

No, it didn't break.

So Kaleigh gets assimilated in the team.

- [Boy] You're so strong!

- [Mom] All right, there you go.

All right.

Melody's team.

Now you gotta think of who you want.

Red rover, red rover

Bring Janie right over

- [Boy] Break through, break through.

- [Mom] Run.

Run fast.

- [Teen Boy] Faster!

Come on.

(energetic music)

Red rover, red rover

Send Khyl right over

(team squeals)

- [Khyl] Let's go!


(group speaking indistinctly)

- [Girl] That was intense!

Are you okay?


- [Mom] That was a great plan, that was a great plan.

That was a great play.

That was really crazy.

- Did you guys fall, did you fall?

- No. - You're good.

- We made it through.

- [Mom] You made it through?

It looks like you all won the game.


- Never have I ever played Never Have I Ever.

- We're playing Never Have I Ever.

- Never have I ever what?

Been naturally blonde. - That's mean.

- [Mom] There we go.

(kids speaking indistinctly)

That's a double.

- [Friend] Ya'll sat on my hands.

- [Mom] Okay, oh well.

- And you're up.

Josh, you're up.

This is Josh the shoeless wonder.

- What's up.

Never have I ever

read five books.

- [Boy] Josh you're a nerd.

(kids speaking indistinctly)

- [Mom] Really, there's only three people that

have read five books?

- Never have I ever

caught on fire.

I've never caught on fire!

- [Male Friend] Aw, snap!

- [Mom] He's moving!

Parker has caught on--

- Parker, does your shoe count?

- [Mom] Yep.

- Yep, I've caught myself on fire.

Never have I ever been to Disneyland.

- [Mom] Well, that's sad.

- [Male Friend] Wait, never?

- [Mom] go, go, go!

You're hopping.

Nope that's not a double, that's a single.

And, and, nope that's a single, you're up.

- Never have I ever been a sophomore.

- [Mom] Sophomores gotta move!


(kids speaking indistinctly)

- [Mom] Right here.

- Oh, no she's sitting.

Over there, over there.

No you get to--

- [Boy] I gotta think of something.

- [Mom] All right.

- [Girls] Ooooh, sorry, are you okay?

- Stand up.

' Kay, ready one two, - She is.

- Oh wait, shoot.

(girls squeal)

How do I catch her back here?

I forgot we should've had a front person.


- Oh my God.

You like were ready to fall.

You were like--

- Yeah, you have to fall.

- [Girl Friend] Just fall backwards next time

and I'll be there.

Or like lean more backwards.

Ready one, two.

(girls shrieking)

You have to look at your face.

- All right, we're gonna go watch a movie.

And, yeah.

Hi guys.

- Hello again.

- Me and Kate.

That is so loud.

- [Boy] Hey guys.

- There we go.

- Stop.

Stop it.

All right you guys, it's the morning of my party basically

or the morning after my party.

Last night was so much fun you guys.

They surprised me,

and I had no idea what was going on.

Kate took me.

And for the whole day we did stuff

for both of our birthdays.

And then we came to my house,

and then there was a surprise party.

That was so crazy.

I had no idea what was going on.

But it was so much fun.

And I wanna just thank everybody.

And thank my best friend as well as Janie.

As well as all those people for coming

and making this party so much fun.

And thank you guys for watching this video

and basically coming along with me.

With the surprise.

Anyways, if you guys like this video,

give it a big thumbs up.

And if you like these types of videos,

give it a big thumbs up.

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(upbeat music)

The Description of Klai’s SURPRISE SWEET 16 birthday party! Her CRUSH surprised her!!