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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 73 WORDS YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE in American English... & how to say them correctly!

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hey guys what's up Stefanie the English coach here from

in this video we are going to talk about words that are difficult to pronounce in

English now I made a post on Instagram recently you can see it here well if it

focuses let me see there we go oh man okay so I made a post on

Instagram recently where I basically asked you guys what words are difficult

for you to pronounce and this post got lots of comments you guys there's lots

of words you're struggling with and some of you said the same words okay like the

word entrepreneur apparently that one is a very difficult word to pronounce and I

totally understand because I tried pronouncing it slowly and I was like

dang how do we say this okay so I am going to go through this list of words

with you guys that you helped me create if you're not following me on Instagram

feel free to do that right now pause the video go follow me no I'm just kidding

do it whenever my Instagram handle is the English coach okay just like here

on YouTube let's get into it okay so like I said

the word entrepreneur entrepreneur I'm an entrepreneur are you an entrepreneur

that word is very difficult the reason why is because people say this word

different ways so I'm gonna show you the way I say it and you can say it however

you want I say entrepreneur entrepreneur

entrepreneur okay and then if I say it quickly it does change a little bit okay

listen entrepreneur entrepreneur entrepreneur

I'm saying it so fast that it's almost difficult to understand and to hear what

I'm saying right entrepreneur entrepreneur it almost sounds like

entrepreneur or entrepreneur entrepreneur oh man okay I'm

even having trouble showing you how to say this entrepreneur entrepreneur

entrepreneur by the way I forgot to say this earlier in the video if you're the

kind of person that likes to see the words written on the screen please turn

on the subtitles I don't add them to the video because the reason you struggle

with the pronunciation in the first place is probably the spelling the

spelling often has nothing to do with the way

words are pronounced and this is why I've actually had trouble with spelling

my entire life you probably don't know this about me but spelling has never

been easy for me and I still frequently misspell lots of words because I tend

to try to write things the way that they sound and English just is not a phonetic

language like that okay next word inevitably inevitably inevitably

inevitably okay I'm saying it quickly so you can see and hear how the word is

rolling around in my mouth and it just rolls off of my tongue okay inevitably thought thought now the

spelling of this word has a T at the end but we don't say thought okay you

have to make a glottal stop and say thought thought you're cutting off the

sound in the back of your throat okay next architecture architecture architect

architect architecture architecture architecture regularly regularly regular

regular regularly regularly question question question question question

question do you have a question do you have a question I have a question

unfortunately unfortunate unfortunately

unfortunately unfortunately unfortunately iron iron iron okay this

one is difficult I'm sure because of the R sound and a lot of people struggle with

this sound it's not "Irron" okay you're not gonna roll your tongue

or anything like that iron iron iron iron iron it sounds

like I earn like I earn money when I work iron okay anyways February February this

one of the words that I always misspell because the spelling looks like

February but the way we say it is February

February February literally literally she literally said that literally

literally litter litter litter so notice I'm not saying lit-er litter its

litter litter litter Li literally sixth sixth on the sixth day sixth sixth okay

so you have to get the KS sound in there the K s sound six so they are two

voiceless sounds next to each other the K and the S and then stick your tongue

between your teeth for the sixth sixth sixth okay I know it is difficult but

you got this keep practicing you will get it world world

now this is a weird word also because it has the R sound were were old world world

world and that D notice I'm not saying world okay I'm stopping the sound in the

back of my throat again world okay but I'm lifting my tongue in the front as if

I'm going to make the D sound but I don't bring it down I do not flap it for

the D okay I do not say world I don't bring the tongue down but I do stop the

sound in the back of my mouth and lift my tongue to get ready for the D sound

but I don't make it okay world try that daughter daughter

daughter daughter width width the width is 5 feet width now this word is

also difficult because of that glottal stop so I don't say wiDTh

okay I say width width width so you do have to make a glottal stop in

between the I and the TH sound that is the D it is not wiDTh okay its width width

width width the width is 5 feet next hallelujah

or hallelujah people pronounce this word a couple different ways right so you

have hallelujah hallelujah or you have hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

hallelujah congratulations congratulations this is a very important

word to know because you have to use it all the time but if you struggle with

saying the long version you can just say hey congrats Congrats the long version

would be congratulations congratulate

congratulate congratulations congratulations

changed changed chain changed

changed she changed her hair color changed watched watched I hear a lot of

people say watchED it it's not watchED it's watched with that T sound at the end

okay the T watched characteristic characteristic so again we're glottalizing

that C I'm not actually saying charaCteristic because it's really

difficult try saying CT CT it doesn't work so we say characteristic

characteristic characteristic characteristic

schedule schedule schedule I do hear a lot of people

mispronouncing this one schedule schedule should've should've you should

have told me should've should've okay this is the contraction of should have

and when people say this quickly they literally

just say should've and it sounds like should of okay and some people even

misspell it because it literally sounds literally literally literally it

literally sounds like should of so they spell should of when it should be the

contraction of should have okay should 've and could've could've could've

okay notice how the 'VE part is very reduced

I'm not saying could OF I mean some people do say that sometimes you could

have told me right but if you're saying it quickly you're just gonna say could've

you could've told me could've could've could've you could've

told me unconscious unconscious unconscious unconscious caught

caught caught so I'm not saying caughT right we are glottalizing that T I'm

saying caught I caught you I caught you vocabulary

vocab vocab

vocabulary vocabulary okay I don't really say vocabulary no

vocabulary vocabulary vocabulary murderer that's a tough one

murderer he's a murderer or the guy in the TV show is a murderer murderer so

you're basically saying murder ER right you're adding your doing ER ER but it

almost sounds like one long ER murderer murderer so what I like to tell people

is just sit on it right murderer murderer murderer and try it again and

again until you get it right you will get it comfortable come come

comfortable comfortable comfortable 33 33 he is 33 years old 30

30 30 30 33 33 available available museum we're gonna go to the

museum museum later we're gonna go to the museum

later museum museum museum we are gonna go to the museum later

research research research worth worth

worth worth so I've noticed that you guys struggle a lot with the WOR sound world

worth word okay so these are words that you have to I was gonna say that you

have to struggle with these are words that you have to practice again and

again WOR get that sound in your head WOR so you can say it

automatically match the tone match the pitch match the sound you will get it

opportunity opportunity opportunity

this is a great opportunity opportunity to practice your pronunciation through

through through through though though though unfortunately unfortunate

unfortunate on for unfortune unfortunate unfortunately unfortunately

unfortunately unfortunately foreign foreign foreign foreign

throughout throughout throughout thoroughly thoroughly

thoroughly thoroughly posture posture I always have to work on my posture

posture posture truth truth be careful when you see the TR

together because most of the time it makes that CH sound truth tree treason okay

throw throw throw walk walk work work work work although although

although earthquake earthquake earthquake notice I'm cutting off the

K sound I don't really say earthquaKe okay it's earthquake earthquake you really

have to practice that glottal stop because we use it so much in English

rarely rarely rare rare rare rare ly rarely approximately approximate

approximate approximately approximately approximately approximately thirteen

third third

13:13 jewelry jewelry Jewelry jewelry jewel jewel jewel

and some people say jewelry jewelry jewel jewel jewel jewelry

smoothie smoothie smoothie I've heard people mess this one up to

smoothie smoothie smooth smooth smooth smooth smoothie even

even even even even event event event tomorrow we're going to a

big event event event Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts

Massachusetts Massachusetts acquaintances

acquaintances acquaintances acquaint acquaint acquaint acquaintances ok

acquaintance phenomenon phenomenon phenomenon

phenomena phenomenon phenomenon

phenomenon phenomenon choir choir choir she sings in a choir choir choir battery

battery batter batter batter batter batter battery battery unbelieve believed

believable unbelievable unbelievable appropriate appropriate appropriate

appropriate appropriate appreciate appreciate appreciate

young young he is a young man young young bottle bottle battle

battle bottle bottle battle battle button button button button button

mountain mountain that's a big mountain mountain mountain mountain mountain

would would get some wood so we can make a fire wood we need wood to make a fire

wood good that's a good idea good good conscientious conscientious

anxious anxious anxious conscientious Rhapsody Rhapsody

Rhapsody Carol Carol this is a person's name Carol Carol

pearl pearl pearl the oyster had a pearl inside okay you guys that's all

I have time for in this video but if there are other words that you're

struggling with if you want me to make another video like this please let me

know in the comments let me know what words you struggle with let me know if

this video helped you I know it was really long and we covered lots of words

so maybe it was really boring sorry but I'm really hoping that I can help as

many of you as possible with as many words as possible by making videos like

this so again if you struggle with any words in English that I did not cover in

this lesson please let me know in the comments two let me know if this was

helpful and three go follow me on Instagram so you can see all my random

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