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i'm just going to go help this guy out let's see uh

what the deal is or this car is going to have his brakes are going to catch fire

how you doing sir do you know you have a flat tire yeah he does we were looking for a place

where we could get it fit okay but you can't keep driving on it because now it's really starting to

smoke and it's going to catch fire oh my gosh yeah cause you've been driving on that tire

for a long time uh you have a spare tire right i don't know do we have a space i'm assuming we do

oh my god well why don't you pull over here we'll get off the main

highway and then i'll check okay okay all right thank you yeah right there

these folks uh you obviously could see they have a

a tire that's flat i had to pull over so i could talk to him i'm gonna go help him out right now

let me see if you guys have a spare

okay all right that's good you gotta spare

awesome okay and you guys you guys have triple a right yeah you have aaa

304 you got me okay let me talk to your wife yeah i'll talk to your wife sir is he okay

i think he had something go wrong with him all of a sudden he was like not right oh my god

really do you think he needs some help does he normally talk normally and everything i don't

know he was all right then all of a sudden he wakes down a flight oh does he seem normal to you

does he seem normal to you or no why don't i have uh one of my guys come and just check

him out right his blood pressure and everything make sure he's okay yeah and then i'll get you a

tow truck for your car so he can fix your tire is that good oh you're welcome you're welcome

so i'm gonna get uh our paramedics out here

to help me with these folks you see your wrist okay how old are you sir

huh look at this i'll do this you just relax okay so here's the deal what we're gonna do right now

is we're gonna take we're gonna take dwight to the hospital he needs to go to the hospital

he can take you to the hospital yeah we're going to take him to the hospital

yeah it's okay we're going to take you with him

and then i'm going to do something i'm going to try to get your car home oh my god okay

the elderly gentleman was having some medical issues so um we ended up transporting him

to the hospital so you just never know what you're gonna get we thought we were

stopping the gentleman to help him with a flat tire situation ended up being

a lot worse than that all in all glad we were in the right place at the right time

hey guys i'm matt eisemann from live rescue subscribe to a

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