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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Beautiful in My Own Way | Learn English Grammar

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they said I was too pretty to fight now

she can't fight you're gonna mess up

that beautiful fact she said my nose was

too prominent said I was too masculine I

thought the cat calling was a compliment

he said you can fix those teeth quite

easily boyish and ugly when they were

talking about female they weren't

talking about me this was not pretty

they would call up from across the

street look sophisticated Bera singh

knows who chubby was too skinny man like

crazy hey I related why I'm too

beautiful too fatty fat he said you

I said no way you aren't me I'm me am I

gonna be defined by anyone's

expectations I don't dress late I dress

myself the way I am because my face has

nothing to do with my back's I'm like

number one in the country number two in

the room as a fashion blogger

my style is 100% unapologetic I don't

want to change my team this is me this

is my hair my beauty my beauty my beauty

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