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Nowadays, in the world, food is getting worse and worse.

Meat, alcohol, dairy products... They systematically triggered

all the painful diseases we know. There are lots of diseases that we

know well. That we heal well, supposedly.

And then the people die. It is not with poisons that would

sicken a healthy body that we can hope to cure people.


A friend told me about a naturopath. She eats only fruits and vegetables

Everything raw. Her name is Irene.

In fact, it's been a while now that I am looking for a diet that really suits

me. Today my diet is based on dairies,

pasta junk food, cheese, meat.

True enough, I'm not comfortable with this diet.

It sucks my energy. I constantly think about eating.

My friends call me "the bottom-less pet"

This Irene intrigues me, so let's try.

When we are born, what is the first thing we do?

Breathing. Screaming and breathing. We arrive into this world and leave it

in a breath. The second thing is eating.

The third thing is to fall asleep to digest.

And the fourth is to eliminate the residues of the digestion.

So from these four basic laws, which are breathing, eating, sleeping

and eliminating, we can finally work. We can function.

We have exactly the same digestive system than apes:

gorillas, chimpanzees, orang utans, from whom, or so it seems, we

descend. So same digestive system, same

engine, same fuel!

And what do apes feed on, if not fruit, leaves and tender roots

which they do not cook.

I'm back from my first encounter with Irene.

And what an encounter! She is lyrical,

she is generous, she is capricious, she is mischievous, and stubborn

like a mule. She told me that I had to cleanse my

body. Well, she's given me a dose of castor

oil. This is castor oil.

Ah, just to see the damn thing ... It turns out that this is still a lubricant

used in aircraft engines and in the Middle Ages, it was used

for torture! And it was a huge shock for my body,

it is a very very violent purgative. Irene said very effective.

So I spent an afternoon half-conscious in a bathtub.

I wasn't able to sit on the toilet. Once the effects of the purge wore

off, having eaten nothing throughout the

day, you know, I felt my spirit, my thinking

was very clear. I was very, very aware of my body.

I felt purified, that's how I felt. Well, finally it worked!

What worries me is that Irene predicted repeated purges like that

one. Then what, huh?

Still, I'm interested, because Irene says I can gradually

get rid of my allergy attacks which usually strike during spring.

Pollen allergy... I tried everything, huh? anti

histaminics, treatments... Usually, every spring, I take a double

dose of cortisone. Ah! This castor oil, really, I have to

get rid of it. A change of diet is why I went to see

Irene, but to hear that my body is a trash?

We are not sick by misfortune. We are not sick because of germs

we are not sick because of viruses. Viruses and microbes can only live

in an environment where they find their food: in a dustbin.

But it is not the microbes and viruses that must be killed

it is the rubbish bean that needs to be cleaned.

And if we give our body the food that suits it,

which is made for it, and when we clean our cells,

well, the eyes become brighter, the energy comes back

and our health improves and our body functions.

Health is apparently the greatest wealth of man.

I also discovered one hell of a thing: sprouts. Germinated seeds.

I had no idea, it's incredible. Just incredible.

What strikes me is that my body clearly recognizes

that it is an optimized fuel for it. I eat vegetables and germinated

seeds and there is a feeling of complete

adequacy. Before that, I'd have chewed salad

and mumbled "This is water When do I get real food?"

Now, to my amazement, I eat a good bowl of salad with seeds

and straight away, I can go running, without the slightest digestive

fatigue. And without hunger.

I'm a little torn apart between conventional and raw vegetable food.

It is not always easy but in any case, in sports, it seems

really effective. At Irene's, not long ago, I met

a former professional handball player.

In 2005 it began with a stroke. I had a lot of trouble getting over it,

and then I had surgery of the carotid artery.

Ever since, I tried to take medicine to loose weight,

and to reduce my diabetes. I'm always asking my doctors: "Can I

swallow less medication?" Because once, even 3 months ago, I

was eating 20 pills a day. And I was told "You will need more

and more drugs, and it is thanks to the chemistry that

you are alive, do not forget it".

Right, at some point in my life, I did need the pills,

but I don't want to eat chemistry for all the years I have left to live.

I was once given a diet by a nutritionist

and at the end of the month, I had lost 6 kg,

and I no longer needed insulin. But then, it stagnated.

From then on, I have not lost weight. Until I met Mrs. Grosjean.

I told her "Nutritionists, I've seen so many of them

and I know what they say, it's always the same thing:

I eat too much. And then I was really amazed by what

I heard. Stunned.

The raw diet, I had never heard of it. I'd never been told I should not eat

starchy food, nor meat or dairy.

Instead, every day, I had to eat 100 grams of meat

and 100 grams of carbohydrates - during each meal.

And I had to eat 2 fruits per day and that was all.

With the old system I still felt bullied because I was always hungry.

I had to eat 50 grams of bread, I had to eat 10 grams of butter

You always feel hungry and if you want to eat an apple for example,

you cannot, because if you eat an apple more,

you take 100 units of diabetes and more.

Today, if I want an apple, I eat an apple.

If I want to eat grapes, I eat grapes. Whereas before, grapes were

forbidden. The banana, prohibited. The avocado,

prohibited. I told Irene that if I eat too many

fruits, automatically my blood sugar would

rise and so would the rate of insulin,

and insulin makes you fat, so here we are: in a vicious circle.

And when she told me: "You can eat fruit at will, but do not eat carbs,"

I said, "Well listen, today I'm going to eat two fruits more

and then tomorrow, when I'll measure my diabetes rates

and it will be huge. " The next day, it was lower than usual

I decreased my insulin, I dropped my pills by a third

and my diabetes continued to decline.

The doctor said: "Listen, eat whatever you want

but keep taking your medication, you see they're finally effective".

I told him "No, because I have lowered their intake by a third."

I've lost 17 kg, I feel much better, I'm less exposed to pain.

I now know the food will be my medicine.

I thought about this quote from Hippocrates,

a phrase that has become a slogan: "Let food be your only medicine."

The problem is that it's almost the end of winter

and dealing with my pollen allergy without medical support,

won't be easy. It looks a bit like an obstacle race,

this dietary transition. That's why I'm leaving, to take a step

back. I'm gonna meet a guy who's been

helped by Irene for a while. Irene told me that he has some

interesting stuff to tell me.

I've seen Mrs. Grosjean 3 times over the last 20 years.

First time I had a very painful sciatica.

I weighed 104 kgs and was 1m74 tall. She made me fast for 9 days.

I lost between 10 to 12 kg. No more sciatic.

I then gradually resumed eating. I had a very complex job: I was

running night clubs Restaurants and hotels.

The "Grande Bouffe" (gastronomy) took over again.

I used to play rugby, and had a serious car accident.

It put me in a terrible disarray. I had 17 fractures, spent 11 days in a

coma... Rugby was over for me.

I was 40 years old. And I failed for something even more

serious. Drugs.

I will not deny I found myself in jail. Now, I have no night clubs any

longer, no bars, I don't have much left actually.

Quitting rugby was a hard blow. I thought "This is the end of me."

I came to see Mrs. Grosjean and I could quit drugs.

And the years passed. I was always in hotels, bars,

nightclubs Then I fell for alcohol.

10 years of madness, it was that bar. We worked 150 hours a week and

drank as much as the customers. This is why, a month ago, I came to

see Mrs. Grosjean: for drinking issues...

And it's been a month, and I got rid of the alcohol.

I don't even drink a pastis! (famous Southern French alcohol)

I have a treatment, a diet as they say. For breakfast, prune juice, dried

fruits, nothing else. You'll be amazed: no hunger until

noon! Before that, I'd have a ham sandwich

at 10am - with butter! You know what they say in my home

town? That I got into a cult because I cut the

pastis. I used to drink 20 or 30 of them per

day! It wasn't really a drinking problem.

The real drunk people drinks alone, at home.

But as I was out all the time, it was the same in the end.

Striking results from our trip in Iceland.

We just cycled 3000kms in 3 months with a baby in the carriage behind our

tandem. In terms of food: vegetables, sprouts.

And: sparkling shape, no cravings, no hunger,

high performance in sports, complete disappearance of digestive

fatigue. I am still a little obsessed with food,

I think about all the time but I believe that it is gluttony.

This living raw food has amazing rentability,

I feel that it is close to 100%. Before that, we used to eat pasta and

meat, and we needed more energy to digest

it than it gives to our body to do sports.

Raw vegetable food apparently gives me back all its energy.

I am delighted with the progress that things follow

although I still dream of a good pasta dish once in a while!

The trick is that you must be equipped.

Here's the raw spaghetti machine! Costs about 40 euros

and I'll show you how to make a sauce.

Garlic, basil, tomatoes, olive oil, raisins,

dried tomatoes and now it is ready: the "bolognese sauce"

with a little lemon. Here we have the little

"champburgers": mushroom cream sauce with a small

base of hazelnuts, raisins, dried tomatoes, basil, Italian

herbs. Here this couscous was made with

parsnip, cashew nuts, a squeeze of lemon,

salt or vegetable broth with broccoli and lemon, marinated

peppers, olives Here we have sprouts with parsley,

raisins, avocados, tomatoes, olives

This is a small herbs and vegetable cheese

with no milk, either from a cow, a sheep or a goat.

Just with seaweeds, cashews, garlic, chives

and a bit of agar-agar to thicken it. Those little "crackers" are made of

germinated seeds on which we put a little of this

cashew cheese. The bolognaise sauce is again made

of dried tomatoes Italian herbs, olive oil, fresh

tomatoes, zucchinis, carrots

One can cook amazingly for a very low cost!

On one hand I realize that I eat 2 times,

2 and a half times less food per day than I used to,

I've switched from 5 to 2 meals a day. On the other hand, no meat, no

dairies Means the costs are split by 3.

The savings I do can be reinvested in focusing on good quality.

I've also learnt recently that the meat industry, on the world

scale, pollutes nine times more

that all types of transports. Once you've said that you've said

everything. I've become a happy vegan

who is glad, from time to time, to eat a mango from Peru or

dates from Morocco. About Morocco, I've met at Irene's

a young Moroccan guy who practises raw food

and talks about it in an interesting and poetic way.

I haven't met Irene randomly but I didn't know Irene's value back at

that moment. I was in my thirties

and I felt my body gained weight from time to time.

I've kept on practising sports but I felt that it slowed down, then it

came back, it slowed down then it came back.

I've had weight issues for 10 years. To the conventional diets I knew,

or supermarket's food, I tried many times,

and would reach a temporary efficiency.

And then, when I met Mrs Irene,

I told her about sport about asthma and breating and

for my son who breathes badly. She told me about her way to eat:

it's not a diet, it's a full living -and eating- style,

and she changed everything I used to eat.

I agreed, I heard, I quite understood the thing,

I used that, I've done the trainings with her

and after 2 months I felt better about my weight.

On the waistline my size was a L-XL And now I can wear M sized trousers.

Why I feel this is efficient: because I've got rid of the allergy,

now the allergy is over. And I feel certain about it

because it has been 3 months since I've felt the change

and I've stopped the medications I used to take for a year.

Before all that, my way to eat was: enter in the food shops

And watch what's in, The daily bread, couscous, meat,

some pasta. Today I've almost stopped this totally,

My life has completely changed because

I love life, I have the taste of life, I've felt that my head, even my head,

it has changed: my brain has changed

Because I've understood: I use what I use for me first.

I have the proof: the proof is my body,

This body I've dreamed about for 10 years.

I like the way Abdel talks about it. There's no proselytism.

There's no need of it anyway. I am the living proof that this diet

suits me, And it's most of all valid for Irene.

I am the first one to be startled, even if I've known her for a while

now, startled to see the energy she carries

daily. She's always in a great shape.

I was born in 1930, 4 times 20 years ago.

Like all mammals we are made to live 5 times

the growth time of our long bones, that means 5 times 20 to 25 years.

My favourite colleague: dr Coluchi from Lisbon, died aged 108

and was still working until he was 103 and frankly

I do believe it is normal: you're not old when you're 80!

I've just spent 15 days in Greece eating cucumbers and tomatoes

and once more I've discovered a new facet

of Irene's character, that is Irene as a mum,

as a granny, Irene with her family

and we've had an enriching stay.

Irene, you've again amazed me. I tell myself I won't do

the same thing 20 years ahead in time.

When I make the inventory of the things I have to fix...

At times I felt you were more agile than me.

Yes but you have 20 years to get younger, and to stop

doing things you used to do and that made you getting older.

Today I have to congratulate you. Because you have taken a great

decision, a wonderful decision:

you're going to give yourself back your freedom

We're being quite solemn here! Oh, this is quite worth it, isn't it?

Deciding to stop being the slave of a cigaret butt

is not an easy task, because what they never tell you

about tobacco is that it contains opiates,

that is traces of opium that calm down,

so this is obvious: why do we smoke?

Because not being fed with living food

that brings energy, we need stimulants.

And when our brain is excited, Ii needs tranquilizers

That is meat, fries = Need for coffee, alcohol

= need for tobacco. I've needed it, I know what it is like;

It's not a critic. But still it's not normal

that civilized beings need a boost such as coffee

to get started in the morning.

Normally when you eat the way nature wanted us to,

in the morning you wake up, you don't need coffee,

you don't need tea, you don't need that poison

which is only a bad cheque on our energetic system.

You can replace this with cashew nut milk,

dates milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk or fruits

that bring you energy. Can the recovery be that

spectacular? I've quite a tendency to doubt it.

To recover means bringing the missing elements and

take away the ones that are in excess.

In order to have TV, you need a TV set,

in order to phone, you need a telephone,

and in order to think, to be linked tolife intelligence,

We have our little brain cells and nerve cells which need

elements called neuromediators which need many minerals

that the usual present food doesn't bring them.

That explains the fall of our present world

And the fact that it walks the wrong way round.

When you are immersed in these practices since you were

very young, these practices that were in some

way imposed by your family hierarchy

When you're born into a family where it is part of daily life,

you are bound, but not necessarily obliged,

to be sensitive to it. The main wealth I acquired from my

education is the ability to believe

nothing is really impossible after all. Maybe the limits we have, there are

the limits that we give ourselves or that our

environment gives us. It is the most beautiful thing you

taught me and I thank you.

Throughout our lives, we try as much as possible

to break the frame but it is true that we still puts limits,

we try to work on it, to remove the narrowness of our

vision. While the principles may seem

restrictive and rigid, it is not a rigid frame, it opens a

perspective. Provided, however, we have

the individual capacity to break the locks.

Absolutely, it opens up on hopes not only at an individual level,

at a collective level, in that it calls into question

the malfunctions of our society. Malfunctions that Irene's proposals

can help to overcome in part or in whole.

It is an opportunity to a change of society.

Where the human quality of life is at the heart of researches.

The magic of Irene's methods is that once you've done the

experiment, it is always there, you know it works.

You think completely differently. If one day you feel a little low,

say, you have a weekend ahead, you take a purgative, you eat light,

you drink a lot of water and it is gone and it changes everything

even your way of thinking: overnight, it is completely modified.

The big challenge is to keep it going all the time.

This is yet another step. I had a medical accident when I was

nearly 20 years. It's called, medically speaking, a

delirious crisis. It was mainly due to my being

depressive. I smoked too much back at that time.

All this, and also the place I lived in, Paris,

on the ring, while I'm used to living in the countryside.

I worked crazy hours, I was at school with unhealthy

schedules. It led me to this delicate situation.

In many cases it may take 2 years or more

to fully recover - with a period of psychiatric hospital.

It is true that back then, I was lucky to have my family, my parents, Irene

who were there. They were very, very present

but also these methods Irene applies with purges, with natural food.

Well I'm not saying I do it all the time but it gave me the power to come out

the crisis and it is thanks to this that I now

understand much better how to preserve my

health, it is essential to my balance

and ultimately the state in which we find ourselves,

it is always a state of mind. This remark by Gilles, it stuck in my

This remark by Gilles, it stuck in my head.

head. When he says "the precepts of Irene

are hopeful." It seems essential to me,

especially the idea that the scope of this hope

is not limited to the individual. It makes me think of a film by Coline

Serreau: "Local solutions for a global

disorder". It also reminds me Paul Aries.

For me everything is connected. It reminds me of Pierre Rahbi, and his

"be sober and happy". It is not only what I put on my plate or

in my belly but how the person that makes me is

a happy person, who healthy interacts with the world

and then how the consumer that I am is shaping the world.

In fact, it is a happy sobriety in the plate.

I would like to ask Pierre Rahbi what he thinks about it.

We have created a dual system because the primitive man,

he realized that he could not manage by himself

but must constitute what is called a social body.

The social body is a whole unwavering ensemble

in which human being is a cell. Above a certain density of

population, the individual malfunctions,

and why? because it is not meant to have a

global vision of the social group that exceeds a

certain threshold and when it exceeds a certain

threshold, it creates anonymity, the unknown

and as soon as enters anonymity, enter prejudice and social toxins.

The ideal city, of course, is when the number of individuals

is a number that anyone can comprehend.

Today, we are in nations. The nation has produced anonymity.

So-called "disease" in conventional medicine,

for me, they are simply the efforts of the body to cure itself,

revealing signals for us to change what is wrong,

the red lights I call them. So we taught doctors to turn off the

red lights without changing what made them

switch on. The characteristic of the paradigm

today, is to have exalted the mineral

and thus exalting the dead matter. We do not look at the sky, we looked

upon the earth, searching what we can extract from

this earth. We got into this paradigm and it has

evolved with the human demiurge, the

Promethean man, man versus nature,

we do not care about nature, we wanna dominate nature .. .

Profit was elected as the supreme goal,

you can do whatever you want, even destroy life,

the Earth, our children, whatever, if it is profitable, it's fine.

Yes, this is what we are witnessing.

TRANSITION is really the word of the third millennium.

Dietary transition, energetic transition, social transition ...

It confirms that the experience is beyond the scope of my plate.

I am pleased to reinforce the feeling that the model Irene presents

de facto suggests that we can manage resources

in a way that relates to Pierre Rahbi concepts.

I really think these two are great wises of the 21st century,

even if they are two damn mules ready to bicker,

literally, for or against a piece of steak!

When we gave meat to herbivores, what happened?

These poor cows went crazy and sick.

Exactly the same problem for men. I for one love a good steak ...

You can not find happiness in instability and indefinite growth.

Why is this society rotten today? it is because we can not say "we are

satisfied". I have food, I'm dressed, I have a roof

over my head, I'm fine, my family is fine.

At home we say "abdulah": I thank God,

I have everything I need, I'm already rich.

The root of sobriety for me, it is not artificial.

You each have a deep wisdom and we can draw parallels

between what happens in the human body

and what happens to the Earth. Humus, humanity, humility,

moisture is the vital substance that is born

of the waste by an alchemy of transformation

that leads to restore life. Falling leaves restore life in trees.

There is a problem today: we interrupt this cycle

but what happens in the system, in this fundamental principle of life

that wants to live there are "cops".

The cop is the insect, the insect pest. The insect pest, it is saying

"you, my dear, you must disappear, don't procreate cause if you do,

you're going to degenerate and any plant that produces

degeneration is deleted immediately, naturally .

It is the law of nature, and there we understand each other.

Here we're together.

I began to understand 55 years ago. 55 years ago, you ate what?

Ah well, like everyone else, meat every day,

because without meat, we could not live!

Well, before the war, my parents, my grandparents and all the village

people ate meat once a week

but after the war, we were told we had to eat meat every day.

We don't have carnivores kidneys which are able to filter uric acid

that digestion of meat produces. All alcohols, all coffees that are

exciting are essential to a dead food, with no

energy. Dairy products were also heavily

promoted just after the war, when

pasteurization was discovered, and refrigeration

and people could do business with milk from cows

cow milk that nature has made for calves,

and only for them. We don't have a calf's digestive

system and it is certain that in the human

system, the cow's milk, said to be rich in calcium,

turns into an acid solution that destroys

our own minerals and calcium. I understood all this

when I started practicing as a naturopath.

I used to see people with rheumatism, pain,

deformations. "What do you drink Madame?"

"Ah me, 1 liter of milk every day." "What do you like to eat sir?"

"Ah me, cheese, for the calcium." Obviously, the more they ate those

dairies, the more they were decalcified

and the more painful it was for them. And meat, alcohol, dairy products,

they created all the painful diseases in the world.

Today If I have to eat meat or fish, in fact, it is as if my body was telling

me "do not touch it."

I even feel that it is not actually edible.

I have accumulated so much information

on the subject, multiple readings, investigations, interviews,

books like "Eating animals" or "Barbak"

or the Campbell report that I can not support the

consumption of animal products anymore.

The irony of the thing is that if I am invited to some friends'

and on the table there is a beautiful piece of cheese ,

well, I'm likely to bite into it and do so with happiness.

One must accept its contradictions. A great satisfaction, however:

it is clear that I have no deficiency, my performances in sports are great

or even improved, or at least my welfare while doing sport is really


Clearly, the whole world eats worse and worse.

And the first problem is cooking our food

because when our food is cooked, we have destroyed its energy.

The energy of the earth, water, sun, that they are supposed to transmit,

the energy of life: our essential fuel is energy.

From the moment we cooked our food,

we lost its energy and this was replaced by the energy

of drugs the first of which was the flesh of

animals that we began to kill.

Indeed, the flesh of animals stimulates us,

excites us but a stimulation and food are two very different things.

Food is now cooked, dead, with no energy...

it is a food that I would describe as deadly

as it is it who fills the hospitals, prisons and asylums.

I also observed another change: I have usually quite a temper...

Now I get angry less. Maybe raw food is good for my mood.

Must be linked with what Irene told me the other day.

If our body is composed for two-thirds of its weight of liquids

and for a third of cells, a body of 60 kg is made of 40 liters of

liquids with 5-6 liters of blood.

Blood is the only liquid which is scientifically studied

and the rest, what with the rest? All the other liquids

They're the dump, the cellar and the attic of our body.

Our body store its garbage there.

About problems caused by allergy to pollen,

much progress has been made anyway.

Before I was ill, all throughout the spring,

and all summer long and now I still have fits,

somewhat more severe, but more spaced in time.

Rest of the time I feel completely well. Yeah, so allergy fits,

I can manage with fast and rest. Okay, in the worst case, I take some

pills when I'm really stuck with my job,

but on the whole, so, fits became very punctual

and spare me long stretches of time where I feel really well

and that, only 5 years ago, would have been unthinkable for me.

I read an article in Bastamag about the nutrient content of food

and essentially how industrialization has made the composition of

essential nutrients in our food precipitously drop.

If I remember correctly, a peach today contains 26 times less vitamin C

than peaches 50-60 years ago. Potato where there is no more

vitamin A today used to have lots 50 years ago

and vitamin C half vanished in potatoes too.

Well at the same time finally, what I see the trolleys

at the supermarket ain't not fruits and vegetables.

I wonder what a walk in a supermarket

would make Irene think? Great sadness.

because all those people who have a full cart

a cart full of false hopes, because in that cart there are

packages, boxes, bundles, packages full of nothing,

called foods but that have no energy, no life.

So we eat, we eat a lot and there? Obviously there are winners!

Orange puree, ginger, spinach, banana,

ice for a little sparkling touch! Ah yes, because the transition is

made now, I completely changed the way I cook.

I don't use the oven anymore, just occasionally the stove.

I am equipped and I have all the weapons now:

a juicer, a dehydrator, a blender, a mixer

I bake my bread now, well I make raw crackers

made from germinated seeds that go into the dehydrator rather

than getting cooked. This helps make bread that has no

gluten and is not cooked so everything is

intact inside, vitamins and minerals all preserved.

The extractor for fruit juices, vegetables juices and herbs juices

the blender does these little "delicatesses"

and it is not more complicated than cooking

in a conventional manner, and it is perhaps more simple,

in any case, it goes fast,makes for less dishes and is delicious!

My business is to rebuild the health, enabling the people I meet,

who trust me and come to see me, to help repair the damages caused by

a civilization which is upside down. It starts by relearning to breathe

other than through a pinched nose just not to die

Then give our body the food that nature has provided for it

and raw, as it was intended. After 55 years of practice, I say today

that the ideal is to eat fruits, vegetables, sprouts,

since they alone are 25 times, 40 times richer in protein

than meat, 4 times richer in calcium than dairy

products, 3 times richer in iron than animal liver

and they cost almost nothing and we will repair health,

we will give our body and cells the nutrients they need

I will not debate on the basis or scientific legitimacy

of the method and approach Irene has

but rather send a message. What she offers is a way of life,

at least the food component of a living model,

that guarantees well-being and health.

This is a tremendous individual response

to issues that affect the entire community.

Maybe a nice formula would be: "invite the world into Irene's kitchen

will feed everybody and give them control of their health and well-being."

What could be better?

The Description of Irène, journal d'une transition alimentaire / raw food transition diary [52 min]