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[Lyrics translated by: Van, Emily, Julietq01, Joyce, Mary, Hyeeun & Lim]

If I were snow that is drifting in the empty air

Like tiny dust (2x)

Id be able to reach you a little faster

Snowflakes are falling

Im getting further away little by little again

I miss you, I miss you (2x)

How long must I wait

How many more nights must I stay up

So that Ill be able to see you, able to see you

So that Ill be able to meet you, able to meet you

Passing by the end of a cold winter

Until the spring day comes again

Until flowers bloom

Please stay at that place for a bit longer

Please stay there

Is it you who changed (2x)

Or is it I who changed

With shoes worth hundreds, padded jacket worth thousands

With a watch worth hundreds, you feel good about yourself

Education goes overboard

student rankings go overboard as well

This centurys school system is divided into two

Those who have and those who havent

Those who wear shoes and those who dont

Those who have clothes and those who dont

And those who try hard to get those things

Whats happening? Are you late on the newest trends?

You whined and complained for it, did I offend you?

Your padded jacket is full of greed

Even after seeing your parentstwisted spines, youre so cold-hearted

You complain about everybody else having it

and that they have to buy it for you

(Ayo baby) stop being so childish

Youre not going to freeze just because

youre not wearing that jacket

Bring some sense into that head of yours before its too late

Im out

Wow, it feels nice, putting on your dirty clothes

Youre something else, rockin, rollin, swaggin, swagger, wrong

What is wrong with you?

Youre such a wild kid

That is what will suffocate your heart, dirty clothes

You are a spine breaker

Your parents spine breaker

One day, youre going to regret it

Those damn spine breakers

Whats up, kid?

You have no idea--

S: if theyre too big for me or I dont wear them anymore, I give them to him if its from his favorite brand.

You worth it you perfect

Deserve it just work it

You look elegant, elegant

Also youre pretty, pretty

You shine, shine

Youre the truth and the reason

If anyone keeps insulting you, insulting you

Tell em youre my lady

Go tell them, tell them

Whatever other people say

Whatever this world tells you

Youre the best to me just the way you are

Dont ever be scared

Whatever people say, youre okay, alright

You are strong

You say yes or no yes or no

To the 20th century girls

Live your life

Live your life come on baby

To the 21st century girls

You dont mind

You dont mind that new lady

Tell them that youre strong

Tell them youre enough

Let you go let you go let you go

Let it go oh

All my ladies put your hands up

21st century girl

Hands up

All my ladies put your hands up

Now scream

You pass by, the guys say

Oh yeah what is she, who is she

They go out of their mind, the girls say

Oh what is he, who is he

Oh bae dont lower yourself

Okay dont set yourself to them

Youre mine

Youre beautiful enough

there's not many chances for our fans to see us other than (during) concerts.

Take me to the sky

Put your hands up to the sky

If youre feeling the vibe

If youre ready to fly

Yo J, lets do it

I remember the young me

Probably because I didnt have any big worries

These small feathers became wings

Because I was full of faith

That those wings would allow me to fly

With the sound of laughter

Like a bird

I go places they tell me not to

Do things they tell me not to do

Want things I shouldnt

Get wounded again and again

You can call me stupid

Then Ill just crack a smile

I dont want to succeed

With work I dont like

I push myself, word

I trust myself, since the reason why my back hurts

Is so that wings can sprout

I believe me, you, though the beginning may be humble

The future will be prosperous

Fly, fly up in the sky

Fly, fly getem up high

This is the path youve chosen kid, dont chicken out

This is only the first flight after all uh

Take me to the sky

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