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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Most Popular Secret Menu Fast Food Items

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Your food choice usually depends on the mood your in, how hungry you are, and how much

money youre willing to spend on five minutes of pure satisfaction.

The menus are simply now suggestions.

But if youre in the mood for something different and have the guts to give a secret

menu a go, this list is sure to make you get up and hit the next drive-thru.

So buckle up for the 10 most popular fast food secret menu items.

Wendys Meat Cube (or Grand Slam)

The meat usage on this bad boy seems a bit excessive for the average person, but for

that 3 am hunger after bar crawls, or when you feel like taking a big nap but arent

tired, this ones for you.

Lets get real here, fast food is normally consumed between 12 am to 3 am on your way

home after having way too many tequila shots.

All you want to do is climb into the taxi and ask him to stop at the nearest drive-thru

so you can shovel back the greasiest thing you can order without slurring too much.

Meat Cube and Grand Slam are both words that can be easily communicated through a speaker.

Picture this - 4 beef patties (not round, cuz its Wendys - hence the namecube’)

smothered between your favorite condiments, 2 perfectly cooked pieces of your favorite

food group - BACON, layered in cheese (lets be honest here, everything with cheese is

going to be good) and smashed between two carb-loaded buns.

My caution to you is to grab that burger from top to bottom and own it, because its huge,

and to avoid losing half of it, you really need to be confident about how youre holding


Go in hungry and go in with plenty of confidence.

You might need to extend your lunch break, call a friend, or leave half for the cabbie

who got you home safely.

If youre still feeling hungry after this, try to add another patty next time.

Im not encouraging you to, but Mr. Dave Thomas wouldnt say no.

If you live to talk about it, youll be a true legend.

Burger King Suicide Burger

This one stacks up closely to the meat cube, layered with 4 meat patties (round ones, though),

4 slices of cheese, bacon and loaded with BKs special sauce.

Its no wonder they call itthe suicideburger, if you can make it out of this one

without feeling any regret, or running towards the nearest bathroom, then congratulations

- youve survived this savage creation of a meal.

It makes us wonder what kind of person would order this.

Perhaps you like to live on the edge and crave more action in your life.

Id like to assume that youre the type who goes bungee jumping on a random Sunday

because youre bored, or you like to wait 5 minutes before a store closes to do your


Its no wonder BK doesnt serve it on their regular menu.

If youre brave enough to order it, you can literally do anything in life.

Be proud of yourself for accomplishing what most people cant (or dont want to).

Perhaps reflect on your life choices after consuming this $5 savory wonder of a monstrosity.

Good luck out there!

Five Guys Veggie Burgers

Youre never alone when youve got Five Guys in your realm of food choices.

From their savory meaty choices to their fresh cut fries and even barrels of peanuts.

Five Guys has something for literally everyone, unless youre allergic to peanuts.

Theyre a fan favorite for delivering some of the best burgers and fries.

The menu is simple and fresh.

But its no secret that they have veggie burgers for the vegetarians and vegans out


This trendy treat is sure to treat your palate like a regular meaty burger.

Actually, before you rush out and expect a patty made out of quinoa or black beans, you

might want to re-route your adventure.

Dont expect a patty of anything to compliment the veggies they serve up in between the bun.

Its important to note here that when you ask for aveggie burger’, you are literally

getting grilled up veggies in between two buns.

For the meat-eaters, thisburgerserves well as a side but not if youre on the

hunt for a hearty meal.

But if veggies are your thing and youd rather skip the patty, then hey, this ones

for you.

The biggest concern though is the name.

If the name saysburger’, please produce that greasy, meaty goodness between the bun.

Or at least a patty that looks that way.

Five Guys, you do burgers very well--stick to that.

McDonalds McGangBang

Yes, you heard that right.

The McGangBang.

This is not a joke.

Its an actual creation that we want you to try if thats your kind of thing.

Go all in or don't go at all.

This one brings some controversy over the name of course.

Some find it offensive.

But admittedly, the name does make you intrigued.

Unfortunately, this concoction isnt actually anything all that interesting.

This is simply just two of their best burgers combined to make you feel like youve committed

a crime.

We all know and love the double cheeseburger and McChicken, both satisfy your hunger alone

or one after the other.

But when you combine the two loves, youve just created a McGangBang.

Depending on where you live in the world, you can actually order The McGangBang and

the employee will know what youre talking about.

But, uh, maybe play it safe and just order up the two individually and slap them inside

each other and POOF youve got yourself a monstrous meal without asking an unsuspecting

employee for something that might get you slapped.

We all love a good cheeseburger and a chicken burger, why not smash them together and create

something beautiful for your insides to hate you for later.

Your taste buds will sure thank you for it.

So lets recap, it's not the actual burger that's offensive, it's the name that people

call it.

And lets be honest, McDonald's didnt invent this, the general public did.

Fast Food restaurants in general didnt invent secret menus, the people who eat there


Call it whatever you want, with caution, and just keep eating the burgers and enjoy!

Arbys Meat Mountain

Lets talk about where you are in your life right now.

Do you really need this in your life?

Probably not, but why not cram every piece of meat in your mouth at once just for fun


Arbys is already known for their tasty loaded meat sandwich, so how could you possibly

add more meat?

They found a way, but only those who have seen the promo piece will ever get to experience


They pretty much combined all of the meat they ever use and pile it on top of each other

- hence the name.

This started just as a promotional piece to showcase all the meat they use for the sandwiches

but when customers caught wind of it, people started to order it, and Arbys had to produce


Might as well give the people what they want.

Just imagine two of their chicken tenders, a couple slices of roast turkey, pit-smoked

ham, some corned beef, a 13-hour smoked brisket, Angus steak, roast beef, and pepper bacon

squished between some bread and cheese.

How does that sound?

Probably like you need to head down to your nearest Arbys and give it a whirl.

The steak and chicken tender combination is enticing enough to make ones mouth water.

The plus side of this is you could order this sweet mash-up of a meal and save some for

your next 17 meals.

Just think of it this way, the meat mountain would save you money and could be used for

your weekly meal prep plan.

Just separate each meat and create your own fun.

Make a salad, a burrito, heck, you could blend it if you just had dental surgery.

My only advice before eating this would be to consult with your doctor first.

Double Down it at KFC

Whether youre watching your carb intake or trying to take in as much protein as you

can, if you ask the folks at KFC todouble downyour sandwich order, dont expect

to see a bun to hold it together.

Double Down literally means throwing away the bun and replacing it with their famous

fried chicken.

In between that chicken delight is your bacon, cheese, onions and whatever else you feel

like jamming in there.

And if youre a real risk taker, you could go the extra mile and ask them totriple


It seems as though KFC will create whatever concoction you wish to try.

Whether it's doubling down, or smothering just about anything in gravy or mashed potatoes,

KFC wont say no, as long as their fried chicken is included.

Sure, lets pretend that a piece of chicken is replacing bread and call it normal.

If chicken and waffles can make it work, so can an item like this!

Why not smother it in their famous gravy too?

KFC does a good job of producing a good, filling meal (if you can finish the whole thing) so

have fun with how you want to make it your own.

When you get to KFC, before you make your order, the only question you have to ask yourself

is - ‘do you want bread or chicken to hold your burger together?’

That will be the true tale of how the rest of your day will go.

In-N-Out Burger Animal Style Fries

In-N-Out Burger isnt about making their menu complicated.

They have very few items on the menu, so its up to you to complicate it and add to it.

If youre on the hunt for something more filling then what the menu offers, ask for

your friesanimal style’.

These fries are sure to wake up your insides.

Your regular (yet delicious on their own) fries are jazzed up with cheese, grilled onions

and topped with their famous secret sauce (Thousand Island dressing).

Make sure you're hungry and ready to dive in, dont let it sit and get soggy - youll

miss the whole experience.

Youll have plenty of time to sit back after and regret some of the choices you may have

made in life, but this likely wont be one of them.

This cheesy loaded goodness pairs well with Mondays and your favorite reality TV show

that no one knows you watch because youre ashamed to admit it.

And yes, you can do this to any burger on the menu.

Youre welcome.

Taco Bells Dorito Shell

Ask for it and Taco Bell shall make all your dreams come true.

Doritos are a meal in itself (whos with me here?) so why not combine the crunchy goodness

of a good chip and a true Mexican delight.

When you wrap something good inside something even better, youll get this delicious creation.

Who wouldnt love a good Dorito shell to jam all your favorite fixings in?

Taco Bell levelled up their taco game when they paired up with Doritos.

Though really, if you pair anything with Doritos youre in for a good time.

Tacos were pretty incredible before Doritos entered the mix but they really took it up

a notch.

If youre extra risky, youll ask for the Fiery Dorito.

One day you're eating tacos and living a mediocre life, and the next, youre experiencing

taco nirvana.

Just think how much better your life got now that you know this information?

McDonald's: Land, Sea and Air Burger

Think of the most popular items on the McDonalds menu and imagine them piled together, because,

well, why not?

Thats right folks, combine the almighty Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and savory McChicken

and youll get the Land, Sea, and Air Burger.

This has clogged arteries written all over it and I wouldnt even recommend this option

to my worst enemy, but if you have nothing better to do, shove all of these down (or

give it your best try) and enjoy the delicious pieces that each sandwich has to deliver.

In order to enjoy this one, youll need to love each sandwich separately.

If youre willing to put the effort in to put all three together, buckle up and enjoy

the ride.

Feeling extra gluttonous?

Add fries and a big tall drink.

Shake Shack Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

Okay, Shake Shack lets not get crazy here.

Who decided that Peanut Butter would be a good idea on a burger?

Sure, peanut butter goes great on toast, bananas (thanks Elvis), and by itself - but on a burger?

Perhaps its the combination of sweetness and saltiness that just makes itperfect?

This one really caught our attention because of the way each word makes your soul and stomach

feel: peanut butter - check, bacon - check (I mean, bacon is good on literally everything),

burger - check (a good option for all carnivores).

If you dont like all three of these, shhh, keep it to yourself.

None of us need that kind of negativity in our lives.

One note about this unique burger is that the peanut butter is a sauce, not a spread.

Upon opening the burger bun, you would drown the burger in the sauce, close it up and prepare

for the greatest experience in your mouth.

The idea that this combination would even be remotely good is odd, but if you can call

a veggie burger a burger without an actual patty, then heck, you can put peanut butter

and bacon together and call it something worth trying.

This one is for the people who like to live on the edge, like pineapple on pizza, and

think its acceptable to sleep until noon.

Give it a whirl and let your taste buds dance around.

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