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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ME DOING IMPRESSIONS OF CELEBRITIES

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Hey guys, hey, Don

I've just seen a lot of videos recently

and a lot of things on my Twitter where people are just constantly arguing and

Constantly just talking about negative shit and just bullshit and stuff. That doesn't even matter

So I thought I would lighten the mood slightly and do some impressions

I've got about 30 of them. If you find them funny like the video subscribe to the channel. Leave me some comments

I'm happy to do more. I love just entertaining in just being fun

So just thought I would try something different and see how it goes

So here are my impressions

Sean Connery our old Moneypenny, let's got to know you better take your bow off Morgan. Look at my Walther PPK

Morgan Freeman

As was the last time that we saw ended the frame is Shawshank. They didn't ever want to come back

Hans Gruber

Hello, mr. Cowboy

Yippee-ki-yay motherfucker, is that what you said to me? Mr. Cowboy?

Jason Statham Megalodon, there's a Megalodon, you know mean


Jeido here's the fourth. Look use your lid saver

Peter Griffin, yeah, there's a person for every sock we're even watching this and

Quagmire. Oh, that's great. Oh, right

Old man from Family Guy


They say mother. I'm going to kill you

Hi, MA


Nags Oh much

Chief Wiggum take away boys. Mmm. Yeah, that's some good stuff there boys. Mm-hmm

Ned Flanders

Okey-dokey. Hello neighbor neighbor, you know

Comical code look guy worst it is you'd ever

South Park who

Grew from Despicable Me and starting a new line of jellies and jams. Don't give me attitude, dr. Nefario


I don't suppose nigga Ally. I'm the Governor of California

How are we going to get there go up

Mr. T a pitiful it doesn't work dick with Ag business boom

choppa read

Y'all reckon evil. I'm gonna give you a better ten seconds to get to the door and get me some fuckin cash

Alright, alright, so I'm gonna shoot jail time to ten fuckin bang

Trump you're fired

It's fake news. It's going to be huge

Great a thin dough

How dare you?

You have given me your and towards your store in my childhood

All you can think about is the money

Sam human from Australia, and and what do you make of all this climate change with Greta thunder-thighs

Er to be honestly, they don't believe it sooo

Let's not talk about it too much. Okay, and


jokowi willing

Sometimes we would be in Ramadi Iraq

One of my commanders would say the Taliban is just gonna come to his door and shoot us all

and I said


Let them come through the door means we've got to come up with a better plan

Means we've gotta try something different. So anytime that someone comes up to me and says Jaco

How are we gonna get past?

Well, that's just first thing good and then you come up with an alternative plan. That's what

chuckles see

David Goggins

Y'all know me man. Yo, but that meant B, we're gonna lie me. I don't care man. You don't know me son Roger that

Dr. Phil, tell me why

You need to tell me why I need to get your head out of your ass

All right, isn't anybody with any shoes?

Conor McGregor

No, but I can't get past his left hand. No, but I can stop me

I got a bit of photo ID chavin it allowed. You're just what hotel Fork. Is that guy?

Tom Cruise

You know and these movies are peace of great. I love filming these pictures. I love climbing stuff

It's just just great just so great

Michael Caine, hello. It's not the size of it. So mister where you use it

Well, it's pretty much a load up for now can't think of anything else right now

Pipe that light in the mood. So for all the people arguing all the time about rubbish. Just check your home

Just try something different and just be a little bit more fun to be around

because that's what I constantly see on Twitter our notes, you know, it's a pretty negative place, but

We have to argue all the time. You know, let's have some sensible conversation

Is this making a bit more fun? If you like the video if you like the channel, please like please subscribe and please

Leave me a comment. If you wanna hear some more voices then let me know. I do those voices

Oops, they can fit us man looking for intelligent life those humans day

See you next video