Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dream Busters in 5 Minutes! Henry's Stuck In A Dream | Henry Danger

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- How's Henry? - He's sound asleep.

Oh no, bring him! We have to hook him up to the thingy.

What's wrong with Henry?

We were trying to capture Dr. Minyak.

- Dr. Minyak broke out of prison? - Yeah.

And just as we were about to grab him, he blasted Henry with a dream beam.

A dream beam? What is a--

There's no time for you to finish that question!

As long as he's in this type of deep sleep,

- He'll have dreams. - Dreams?

Disturbing dreams.

Hello... miss.


Hey, Miss Shapen, do you know why that green girl is dancing?

You are in big trouble.


What's wrong with my cat?

Shut up, right eye!


But I don't understand what I'm supposed to do.

We will explain. Alright, see,

Henry is trapped in a dream state.

Right, I get that.

And according to Schwoz's theory,

we might be able to wake Henry up from inside his dream.

We are going to make you go to sleep.

And using that machine, we can connect your sleeping brain waves with Henry's.

And put your inside Henry's dream.

If we don't wake Henry up out of the dream state soon,

he could be trapped in there forever.




- Hey! - What-- wah...

Charlotte, how'd you get here?


- I don't care. - Good.

I'm just glad to see you.


Anything strange going on?

For one thing, my parents, for some reason they look and sound different.

Like Kim and Kanye.

- Hi, Charlotte. - I'm a genius!


Stand by. We're gonna bring you back to reality.


Charlotte, I can't get Jasper's...

Charlotte. Charlotte.

- What... what happened? - Bad news.

Henry's still trapped in a dream state.

Aw, man.



Listen to what I just found on an ancient Hindu website.

- What? - What's it say?

The most effective method of shocking a sleeping person

out of a deep dream state is fright.

- Flight? - Fright, like...


Oh, fright.

- Fright. - Yes.

Yes, we must put Charlotte back into Henry's dream.

Alright, here's the plan.

We're gonna send you back into Henry's dream.


And when you get there, you find a refridgerator,

and you put this blob inside.

And after ten seconds, you get Henry to open the fridge.

Wait, what's gonna happen when Henry opens the door to the fridge?

Just look away.

Look away.



Bloob in the fridge.

And wait ten seconds.


Charlotte! Charlotte!

- Hey. - What's happening.

Everything's been so crazy, and I don't get why.

Can I have some juice?

OK, that's a pretty specific request.

- Just give me some juice. - Alright.

I'm having a mental breakdown, all she cares about it juice.

Alright, what do you want? Apple, orange, cranberry--


- Henry, Henry can you hear me? - Wake up! Wake up!

Look away from the light!

Ah! A monster in my fridge!


- It worked! - You're back!

I was having the weirdest dreams.


Bring Charlotte back.

- I can't. - What?

What do you mean you can't?

I blew out my transmipular tube.

Well, can't you get another one?

Yeah, but it's like a two hour drive...

Hey, what's happening?

Uh, listen.

We're not gonna be able to bring you back to reality for about four hours.

Four hours? Well, what am I supposed to do

stuck here in Henry's bizarro dream for four hours?

Do you know how to play mawshaw?

- Six bam. - Two crack.

Three dot.

Go fish!


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