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hello my dear friends and guests my channel

my name is Olga

Today I want to share with you how I wove a pear shaped hanging basket

in classes that You can see the link in the description under the video

we found out that the round shape impractical

weaved a semicircular

the idea came to weave a pear shaped basket

unfortunately, she doesnt enter my phone while standing

the pocket is not as pot-bellied as I wanted

this one is different

the tubes are screwed onto a spoke 1.5 mm strip width 7 cm

how the tubes were painted

You can see the link you on the screens

tubes varnished + water

how I do it, I can see the link on screens

as well as all the links I leave in the description under the video

prepare the cross

I take 38 tubes, I am building them among myself

it turns out I have 19 long

6 racks

I string with a rope in 2 tubes

extreme 4 tubes

I start to braid with a rope in two tubes

and on the one hand I have not very long tubes

on the other hand longer - it will be a pocket

weave two rows

in the third row I start breed stands

I press

in the fourth row I breed the last 1

extremely divorce one by one

I take 4 tubes

cut off the ends

on glue

add in the middle

before the fifth row

add three here

still add racks to single

to fasten the fifth row

here we weave everything together

in the sixth row I will breed racks in the middle

here I breed 2 and leave one in the center

sixth row

seventh row

Im not adding anything anywhere

8, 9.10 row I weave without changes

10 row swam

finished it

and to the upper central racks add 2 more to the glue

to the lower center pillar - 1

11th row for fastening

final row 12

3-post top

weave chintz with one straw

I cut I clean into weaving

I will do the first U-turns at the extreme racks


make a u-turn

make a u-turn

form the roundness of the pear

we will finish here

weave shortened rows

Now I will lift the rope in 3 tubes

I lay 2 additional

I twisted to the beginning of the row


the rest 2 until I cut, so as not to jump out

end row

now with chintz weaving I weave in the same way as in the semicircular basket

by the same principle I will weave pocket on a pear

the pocket I finish 1 rack earlier than the shortened rows at the base

checking myself on the other hand

at the extreme racks I do one U-turn

on all the others - 2

I set up racks

make a u-turn

wide distance

I will add 1 more tube

pocketed the last racks

here are three main racks

I turn once

on previous I deploy all of them twice

now we begin to add weave

on the first three I do one U-turn

I lower the racks in a straight forward

4 turns

the distance narrows

cut short racks

on the last stand I again make 1 U-turn

add more tubes

a plate of straight rope in 3 tubes

swept to the start of a row

close the row

I cut one rack

short - increasing

I close the bend "Isis"

in detail - in the video by the link

I fold this in half and form a leaf

a wire is inserted into the tubes

I just turn off the second tube


making a gapelka

from this side is not visible

but with this hand turned such a pin


finished product - primer plus varnish

and topcoat

how I process the product can be viewed by reference on the screens

it took me 250 tubes

base length 30.5 cm

pocket width 21 centimeters

pocket depth about 11 centimeters

if you want another pocket

You can do not two turns, but 1

pocket goes down

can be made longer - lay more racks

thats all I wanted for you today to tell

I wish you success in all your endeavors

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thank you for attention


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