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How you doin' Wendy?

Let's go!


Here's Wendy!


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Welcome to the show,

thank you for watching!


Say hello to my co-host Stanford Studio Audience.


And my virtual audience at home.


How you doin'?

How you doin'?

I'm doin' okay.

Let's get started.

It's time for Hot Topics.


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My fingers aren't supposed to go through.

It's supposed to be decor.

It's in the way that my bracelets...


Anyway, it's doing its job.

It's red, because today

is national Red Wear Day.


Red Wear.

So put on something red

and show your support.

I'm wearing my red

because I am supporting

American Heart Association's Go Red for Women's movement.

You know...


It is no secret that heart disease

continues to be the number one killer of women.

Just when you think it might be something else

like breast cancer

or cervical cancer, no.

It's heart disease

and awareness is really critical.

So, you know your family history,

talk to your family.

You know, I find that that's very helpful.

You talk to the older members in your family

and you keep a tab on yourself

because you're never too young to feel a little something

and also talk to your doctor.


All right.


Well, the Superbowl is on Sunday.



And first of all,

it's the number one place where you at home,

having your parties are gonna, or could,

catch COVID-19.

They're warning you,

they're telling you

don't have a good time with anybody

except for people who you live with on a consistent basis;

the people who live in your house regularly.


And even then

don't have dip.

Too germ-y.

Yeah, germ-y, germ-y.


And bring your own utensils

and your wipes and your masks.

They say two masks are better than one these days.

Anyways, so it's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

And I vote for the Chiefs.


Apparently football people say

that Tom Brady

and this Patrick Mahomes

they're the big deal

because Patrick Mahomes won,

or he was the MVP for last year's

game or something.

And then Tom Brady's in his forties

and you know what?

I just, he's 49?

No, younger than that.

Probably 43 I think.

Same difference.


I mean, good for him, you know, for the older people

for going out there and running around and stuff.

But I, I just feel,

I do feel he has too much.

I'm sorry.

He has too many, like, everything goes to him.

What went to him besides a trip to Disney World afterwards?


What went to,

what went to...

What went to him?


He's engaged.

Oh, a lot of money.

Well money doesn't mean everything.

Look at that.

He's engaged?

He is engaged.


To some nice young...

I think like a college sweetheart.

Oh, that's nice.

That's nice.




I make it no secret.

I will not be watching.

I'm just so glad...

You know, I wish that they would have Superbowl Saturday

because in regular times I used to love going

over to my friends, the Hamlins in Jersey.

And they would have Superbowl parties with the girls

with the champagne, with the sparklers and stuff.

Oh yes.

And cook, even though it's freezing

out on the grill

and food inside

and then everybody

that's back when you could double dip on the dip


and they'd have a whole bunch of TVs set up

all around the house

and then they would, we would bet.

Is that okay to say?



With real money?



Well we would bet.


And then we wouldn't get home until like one o'clock

in the morning with the Superbowl starting at six o'clock.

You really don't get there till it gets cool,

somewhere around half time.

Now it's all different.

So if you're down with me for alternative programming

which the Superbowl starts at six

on a Sunday night

that's pretty much

when I'm about to go to sleep anyway.

I won't be watching, but here's your alternative.

The Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark channel.


Now I will not be watching that.

I have two cats.

They don't care.

They watched for two seconds like, oh.

They make friends.

Mom, everybody at the spa has,

you know, they go

they make friends.

We're just glad we have each other

and we don't have to talk to them.

Can you change the channel?

Like gladly girls.

Besides why aren't they fighting?

And I'll say,

it's the Hallmark channel, girls.


You know?


Now if they had a Kitten Bowl made of alley cats

like my girls


now I'd watch.

And bet.

And bet!

Then your other alternative programming

Bravo has the Real Housewives of Atlanta all day.

Now, I don't care.

And the reason that I don't care is

because they're interrupting my usual

Sunday all day Sex in the City marathon.

So I'm not...

Hi girls.


So I won't be watching the Real Housewives.

They also have the 50 Shades of Gray marathon.

All the movies

on the E channel.



I don't, I still don't care.

Then what time is it?

Nine o'clock?


All right.

By the end of that, probably like 10 o'clock I think.

Yeah, no, the alarm is set

and I'll have some leftovers that,

you know I have in the fridge

just give me the (incoherent)

and I'll really be down.

But your last choice is TLC

is having Dr. Pimple Popper's Poppy Bowl.


Now she's not going to have dogs out there

or anything like that.

I mean, she gets into it

and she pops these

big humongous...

But the problem with this is, and I like her.

And I like what she does, it's so disgusting.

There's certain things that don't bother me

when I eat at the same time,

like Pimple Popper.


When I first saw the show

it used to bother me to eat at the same time.

Because sometimes like,

guacamole is like what you see coming out.

You know?



But you know what,

TLC has That 600 Pound Life?


Well, yesterday I was watching My 1200 Pound Family.


It was a brother and a sister

and they, and the brother weighs 1600 pounds

and the sister weighs 1700 pounds.


But they all fit in the minivan.

And then, you know,

they go to that doctor

with the accent

and he's like, mean,

but he's firm with them, like lose weight.

But it's become so much business that he has now.

So he's hired on

some man from Atlanta who comes in there

and it's like, all right,

I don't know what you expect us to do with this.

You must lose at least a hundred pounds.

Just 100?


And they get on the scale.

And they're so happy.

Like the brother lost 192 pounds

since his last visit to the mean man.

But since the mean man they've hired on...


I'm able to eat

during that show

and find wrong with it.

They eat.

I eat.


He pulled up to the drive through.

He ordered everything on the menu.

He was so happy after

and they can't close the back hatch.


There's three of them in the car.

'Cause there's one more fatso.

But she's not fat compared to them

but she's fat in real life.

Like really?

You're fat.


Anyway, I'm not watching any of that selected programming.

I just choose

to take a NoDoz

and eat some food and go to sleep.



You know?

Tom Brady, because you're not going to win,


and you've got enough trophies.

Think about how Spinderella feels.

All Spinderella wants is a Grammy.

I think she deserves a Grammy.


Sandy, Cheryl, I'm sorry I have to bring this up.

But I've been saying this all along

Spinderella is as much part of Salt-N-Pepa as you two.

She's the only one who would go it alone

except she's spending all her old lady years being bitter.

So she's not on the road.

And she doesn't know how to play the EDM music.

You know, the music that the kids who are

paying to get in the club wanna hear.

So Salt-N-Pepa will be honored

with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

They're one of four people?

Four people?


There's a bunch of people-

Bunch of people they honor.

And Salt-N-Pepa are one of the...

You know, people, groups being honored.

And because they say,

they say, because Spinderella is no,

no longer a part of the group

thats Spinderella

will not be getting a Grammy.

See, I think this is wrong.

I Spinderella is bigger than the group.

When she goes out on her own,

Spin, I'm telling you right now,

you need to be on the road as we speak.

As a matter of fact,

you need to be claiming your Grammy

with them and getting on a plane

for a three month residency in Dubai or something.


Do you all think Spinderella needs to get the Grammy?



How do you react?

How do you react?

How do I what?


I think she deserved...

She was a big part of that group.

She's the DJ,

she's even bigger,

if she would just

take a lesson from you on what to play.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I haven't heard Spinderella play in a little while

except what she does on Instagram Live,

but she definitely deserves a Grammy

with Salt-N-Pepa, a hundred percent.

There he is.



You want to say her set is whack.

And she really does need lessons.

I would never.

I never said that.


So Hollywood Unlock

has a keeper that I don't speak of

because the keeper

called me while my movie was playing.

Remember I was telling you?

There was one person who called me and interrupted me.

So name shan't be spoken about

however, Hollywood Unlocked

asked Salt,

or how Spinderella

how she feels about

not being honored.

Here's what she said.

That third album has my DNA in it.

That fourth album,

that fifth album,

and anything after that

Salt-N-Pepa has to

acknowledge the truth and the fact

that their intention may have been

to have me as a hired DJ,

but they, their actions said different.

Do you believe that you deserve a Grammy,

or to be recognized at the Grammy's?

Oh yeah.



And I love that she says it.

But her saying it while

not being on a private plane to Dubai

is part of why,

come on Spin!

So while I was putting

on my pretty red dress,

I saw...

A thing...

Come on, come on on my phone.

It was from a man whose name shan't be mentioned,

who said to me that Keith Sweat,

wants my telephone number.


But I'm like,

Keith Sweat's been around for so long.

Keith, you know what a booking department is.

It's not like you haven't been here before.

If you want to come on this show

or be rolled in on the,

on the thing,

Chavonne heads up my booking department.

It's proper.

And now I'm telling you through the TV.

Chavonne is watching as I'm talking to you.

Chavonne, when Keith Sweat calls

give him what he wants.




Remember when the word on the curb

was that Keith Sweat and Patti LaBelle are messing around?




I helped fuel that.

I know!





So Juicy Jo

is looking to get his own reality show.

I think this is great.

It's going to focus on life in Italy.

Be quiet, everybody.

The man, the man paid.

I mean, you know,

he was dumb in the beginning.

He's always been handsome,

fat or thin.

And now he's been on our show.

He talked very kindly.

He seems like he's learned the error of his ways.

He can never come back to the US

they keep denying him.

He's divorced from Theresa.

If I were Theresa, I would be happy.


Jo's got something to occupy his time.

Theresa, even if she doesn't stay with the man

who looks like a younger version of Jo

that she's with right now

even if she moves on,

she can still get another boyfriend.

That's her current boyfriend.

But even if they don't stay together

you know how like you're happy

for somebody that you were with

when they're with somebody

because that means they won't be bothering you?

I think this is great.

I would want to see

Jo build houses and do construction.

That's what he used to do in Jersey.

I don't want to see him robbin' steel

because that's what he used to do

when he was in Jersey too.


That's why he's in Italy for life.

But I would like to see Jo learn Italian.

Why not?

From a beautiful girl who's half naked.


With pastries that twirl around like this.



And then I would like to see Jo date.

Now, Jo, when he was on our show

and his girlfriend was there,

but then she left the house

and then he was really able to talk.

And he said,

he's not interested in getting married again.

They don't live together.

She does not have a key to his house.

So I would like to see Jo date.

She's cute.

But you know what?

She also speaks Italian.

She probably talks about him right in front of him.

You know what I mean?


Speaking the Italian,

like, hey, Giuseppe

you want to meet me around the back

when Jo goes to sleep?

Or whatever.

And, and listen

it's not a Bravo thing.

So Andy has nothing to do with this

but you know how to get an Andy's good graces, Jo?

Because he will pick up the phone for you.

This is what you do.

You come out with a winery

or something that you can pour

for the clubhouse,

you know, mix a few drinks

with your fingers and you know,

do whatever you do.

And, and then,

and you Zoom

from Italy like everybody else does.

Andy's the only one that I can think of

that has the money to support a show like this

because this is not a sold show.

This is an idea in Jo's head, see?

But we're talking about it now.

So I guess we're the first ones to spread the word.


People have been talking about it,

but they got it from us.



That's how, that's how you do it, Jo.

And then the girls go over

and they're looking for boyfriends

and he's trying to be a father while still dating.

And guess it would just be the kind

of mess that we'd love to watch.

That's good.


So you all heard

day two of the blizzard

while we were still all

in the house being upset

that we couldn't do a show.

And we were upset that we were just sitting in the house

looking at all the snowfall

but we're not going out there

in that 30 inches.


So the city of New York

and every place I guess

became a place of robbers and stealers.

The cops are busy drinking coffee, you know,

sitting when they see chaos,

I'm not going over there.

I got retirement coming up,

kids to take care of.

The Chanel store in Soho

was robbed at gunpoint

on Tuesday at two o'clock in the afternoon.

We're sitting in the house, minding our own business.

There's a woman officer

at the door

and she immediately,

she says, I got a gun.

They said, we got guns too.

And we'll use them.

So she goes outside, puts her hands up.

Like I'm done.

I'm out.

There's a whole lot of screaming.

We can't pay.

Well, we don't want to use the budget

of the show to pay for the extra screaming.

Everybody scream.

(all screaming)

There you go.

That is exactly what it sounded like,

except it was rough.

And all I could think of

was please don't let them be black.

They're all black,

including, apparently the security guard.

There were four men

and two went inside

and two were stood outside

as if we're going to run along and call the cops.

If you saw this go on

what would you do?

Wouldn't you cross to the other side of the street?

Look down?

Maybe take a picture for Hot Topics.


Or something.



This stupid foreman.

You stole only

44 items, totaling $165,000.

Let me tell you something about Raleigh Sinclair III

my wardrobe word...

No, but even the most basic person

who goes into Chanel

even if you just buy a pin,

you know, for $600,

you know that,

you know where

the must have pieces are

that cost a fortune,

the limited editions, like the,

the Fanny packs

and like the,

the hounds tooth pants 3000 bucks.

This dress that was so ugly.

Even my son said it was ugly.

I told them how much it was, $33,000.

He was like, wow, mom.

Costs a lot to be you.

I said, yeah,

I'll come back and get it later.

For me.

He thinks I have it.

I'm not buyin' it.


I mean, I like Chanel and everything like that.

But something like that is clearly a gift.


Only $165,000.

That's what I'm saying.

That's only.

For 44 items.

They stole the pieces that are so basic

like the starter kit.


And by the way, they got away with it

because the cops

didn't catch 'em

and they will stay away with it.

And then I had somebody

in our Hot Topics meetings say,

well what do you think they'll do with it?

'Cause they can't sell it.

I said, yes, they can.

They don't even have to go to eBay.

You wait up there at the corner.

My car pulls out, and-


No, no.

Here's the deal.

There's a place called the Leather Spa

that fixes everything that looks just like brand new.

And they don't ask questions.

You don't have to have the paperwork and all that.

You know what I mean?

Uh-huh, right.

Wait, can I tell that last story?

It was a good one about Funkmaster Flex.





So this Funkmaster Flex

and I'm only doing this story Flex,

because I find it so humorous

that you're making

liposuction such a big deal.

Once upon a time,

there was a girl named Wendy

and you were right there for light bulb lunch

and all that stuff

you were probably curious then.

That was before you drank and partied though

like he's late to all the game.

You know what I mean?

1994, I had mine done,

but here's Flex.

He's opening up more

about his liposuction surgery.

He says that when he went public,

he went public

because he thought that other celebrities do it.

And it's not a big deal.

Well, take a look at him.

Talk about it.

It's not 1994, by the way,

this is 2021

late to the game Flex,

who's frightened to death

of my ex-husband.

For what reason?

I have no idea,

frightened to death

to the point where he keeps

his relationship with me at bay.

Like I thought he and I were cool.

I went up there, you know

I'm spinning with him and stuff like that.

And we exchanged numbers.

And so I texted him about something

and then he called me.

He said, Wendy,

I can't be bothered.

I forgot what it was,

like, let's go to Coney Island.

You know, not a date,

just like let's go to Coney Island

or where are you,

where are you playing tonight?

He's like, I can't do that to Kev.

I love Kev.

I love you.

I'm like, all right,

I'm not asking you to choose

but I know your history more than him.

You met him through me.

Like most of you.

Anyway, look at Flex.

I went public with it

just because I thought everyone did now.

I can't say I seen,

but I could say, you know,

I did...

And to my knowledge like,

Drake and Kanye and LL

and people like that,

that's what they were doing.

Well, first of all, who's surprised?

If you live in Atlanta or LA, that's the way to go.

All the men are doing it.

It's very suspect to me, but...

I have my opinion.

LL has gotten not just the liposuction.

How do you think all this stays preserved?

Come on, Todd.

You know, I know,

that's the problem that he has with me.

If I didn't ever tell you.

It's this, because I've been calling him out for years.

He's if I went to 1994

he might've been 97,

you know like shortly after,


shortly after.

And then...

Men getting, like,

pecs and calves

and guns and stuff.

And Kanye of course

look at his family.

I mean, they're going to get a divorce but still

didn't Kanye admit he got liposuction?



By the way, Flex was wearing

a waist trainer while he was talking to us,

he was wearing,

while he was talking to us in that video.


He said it previously

like I'm wearing a waist trainer.


Now he got his liposuction a long time ago.

So he really is,

because once you get liposuction

if you get it good

you shouldn't have to wear a waist trainer.

Like I don't wear a waist trainer.

I can't wear a waist trainer.

Like I've tried.

I asked Willie to get me one,

you know, real thick, good one.

Took three people to put me in it.

I was like, get me out,

get me out and get me out.

I can't.

And then who else did he say?

LL cool J.

LL, Drake and Kanye.


Yeah, Drake.

A little six pack, a little liposuction.

He's got to stay sexy

for the girls who are also doing it.

As a matter of fact

somebody whose girls

are probably the ones

helping to remove his dressing

and driving him back and forth.

Girl, women have no dar.

Women don't care.

I just...

Have more opinion.

I wonder what Debbie Allen thinks of this.


Do you know what I mean?


She's a legend.

She's been around for a long time.

She's up next.

She's a guest on our show today.


I'm going to ask her.

(upbeat music)

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