Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EIS: Transforming Careers and Making a Difference Globally

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If I had to describe EIS in one word,

I would say it's life changing.

If I had to pick one word

to describe EIS it would definitely be exhilarating.

I think if I were to describe the EIS program in one word,

I would call it rewarding.

One word that I would say to describe EIS is ingenuity,

and the reason I say that is because we live in a world

where there are so many problems that are emerging rapidly.

I have a twin sister, and we went to medical school together.

We both did internal medicine training,

and she is more clinically oriented.

She went on to be a heart doctor.

She's a cardiologist, and she said to me, "You know Vic,

I think what I do is great, but what you do is really,

really cool because you get to impact so many more people

than I do on a daily basis."

She said, "I see a lot of sick patients,

and it tugs at my heartstrings because they're so sick

and so ill, and I'm only helping that one person,

and there are millions of other people that need my help.

But you sit on the other side every day.

You're looking at how do you prevent illness

in so many more people.


The Description of EIS: Transforming Careers and Making a Difference Globally