Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Job Care

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I'm mainly interested in

drawing cartoons,

animating them,

um, sound design and...

Oh well, that's all good

Hey you didn't let me finish you stupid...

You have to have something else to make money for you

My daughter is an artist...

but she works in the mines now.

That's depressing.

Ohh she does study art at the same time though.

You see, most artists don't make money until they're quite...


So you're better off just doing something you don't like so much until then.

Right so you're saying I should give some money to a school

and get them to teach me stuff I can teach myself

and then go work my ass off in an area that has nothing to do with my joys in life

while on the side do my art and maybe eventually by the time I'm dead

I'll start making a living off of it.


Eh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Fall for the same trap everyone else has fallen for!



Con-fucking-form you worthless human slave!

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