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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BowBow's Tricks + What's in BowBow's Doggie Bag ? JoJo Siwa | #NickStarsIRL

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Are we ready to go for it?

Let's do it.

Well, now it's time to find out what is in BowBow's doggie bag-bag.

BowBow, you cool if we go through your bag?

That's a yes.

Just the way she started to look. She stopped panting and she was like--

Here we go!

What is in here?

First things first, we got...

Is this mine?

Did you put my sock in here?

Mind you, BowBow puts things in her bag,

half the time I have no idea what's in here.

Why am I still holding this? OK, OK.

Let's see what else. BowBow's got a mini BowBow bag-bag

inside her BowBow bag-bag.

These are actually my thing, they're little bags so you can, you know,

pick up her...



We got our little collapsible doggie bowl that is very helpful for when

we go on walks, play on set and when we're just having a blast together.

We've got an extra bow, because just you never know.

Ha, rhymes.

Is this your donut toy?

[toy squeaking]

What other toys you got in here?

Oh, I'm gonna eat your pizza.

I'm gonna eat your pizza.

[toy squeaking]

Oh, you got some tennis balls.

You got your little mini tennis balls.

But of course too, have an extra outfit in here that I did not put in here.

Did you put this in here, BowBow?

I'm telling you this dog, she runs my life.

Oh, we got an extra bow.

See, I only put the one bow in, she put the rest of these in.

This is one of BowBow's favorite harnesses.

It's really cute because it has a bow on it,

and it looks like a little tux. You like this thing?

Say "yes I do".

And it looks like the last thing that is in here,

is a picture of me and BowBow that says "BFFs".

Wasn't this on my shelf in my room?

How did this get into your bag?


I don't know either.

Uh-oh, what's in here?

What is this?

You seem really excited to see this. What's in here?


I know what it is.

These are BowBow's favorite. Watch this, ready?


You want it BowBow? You want it BowBow?

You want it BowBow? You want it? Alright, there you go.

Oh, BowBow look at this. It's a bacon.

Oh, you want your bacon too?

You want it? You want it? You want it?

Oh, I'm a have it.

No, you can have it.

Yep, she's got a couple treats in here. She's got all these.

Here you go, you can have them in there. There you go!

She's pretty calm right now, so I think she might do her new trick,

and it's "nice to meet you". You ready to try it?

Let's go, sit, sit.


No, do it good.

Do it good, nice to meet you! Good girl.

You want this? Alright, you gotta dig for it.

You have to dig for it. Dig a hole!

Dig for it! Dig for it!

Good girl.

Good girl.

So now I think BowBow's warmed up. Are you gonna roll over for me?


Down, BowBow.

You're OK to do it, look it.

Feel it out, feel it out.

BowBow, it's embarrassing.

Fall-- oh no, don't just steal the treats.

Whenever you're ready, I'm ready.

Whenever you're ready, do it.


We're halfway there, guys.

And roll over, yay!

We did it!

Good job, BowBow!

Good girl, that's a good baby.

You wanna do it again? Let's go down and roll over!



She's doing it now. Good girl!

So what I love to do with BowBow, this is our favorite thing to do,

is we do a full routine.

So that means all of her tricks, right in a row,

she has her full routine, we go down, roll over, high five, speak, dig a hole.

Are you ready?

Alright, that means she's ready.

Three, two, down!

Then roll over, there you go.

High five.

Dig a hole, dig for it. Dig for it, BowBow.

Dig for it, and one more roll over and you got it!

Yay, good girl BowBow!


Stop being so cute.



Say "bye-bye". They might comment to wave.

You wanna wave?


Turkey meatball breath, it's the best.

[music playing]

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