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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 101 Facts About Bioshock

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greetings mother factors my name is Sam and today I'm here to talk to you all

about the gaming behemoth that really makes you think Bioshock yes since 200

seven Bioshock has been delighting gamers with engaging and sophisticated

narratives top-notch gameplay and ingame references out of the bottom it's gonna

be a very reference heavy video guys but which famous thought experiment is

referenced see in Bioshock 2 which often mocked new show Soul Bioshock Infinite's

logo and where can I get my hands on some of Booker's Vegas I know a few

people who had loved to see pected death by a cloud of angry crows two out of

three those questions are going to be answered so grab yourself some plasmids

get comfy on your favorite buzzer sphere and prepare yourself for 101 fact it's

about Bioshock number 1 in case you are confused by anything I just said

Bioshock is a series of first-person shooter games created by Ken Levine the

games are widely considered to be some of the best games of all time number two

the first title in the series simply called Bioshock was released for

Microsoft Windows Xbox 360 platforms in August of 2007 a version for the ps3 was

released a year later in October 2008 and an OS X port was released a year

after that in October 2009 an OS X port number three the game's design and

content was developed by Ken Levine the creative leader at the game developer

irrational who by the way of since rebranded themselves as ghost story

games for the sake of clarity we're gonna keep calling him irrational games

during this video the Bioshock franchise incorporates a wide variety of themes

and ideas but in particular draws influence from the 20th century

dystopian and utopian thinkers like aim brand Aldous Huxley and George Orwell

basically it's super emo but it's smart about it you know number four the game

is seen as a spiritual successor of the System Shock series it even has a

similar word which had also been developed by many people at a rational

including Levine the series is widely viewed as a breakthrough title and is

featured in multiple Hall of Fame lists number 5 the original game is set in

1960 and follows the story of Jack whose airplane crashes in the ocean near the

underwater city of Rapture which had been built by the business magnate and

drew Ryan Ryan had created the city as he utopia deliberately isolated from the

rest of the planet but the discovery of genetic

material named Adam which is capable of granting superhuman powers promptly

triggered the city's fall to ruin because and today with me children our

corrupts number six the player takes control of Jack as he engages with rap

just last few remaining same individuals and battles terrifying Adam obsessed

foes in an attempt to escape seriously you could just you know why cast nor

Kalon and just swim loads but hey that wouldn't be a game with it one such

group of terrifying enemies are the ICONic and again terrifying Big Daddies

which know not what you're thinking but are actually those guys conveniently

depicted on the cover of the game number seven a number of the deformed

unsettling faces found on some of the enemies known as splices were actually

based on photos of World War one soldiers who had undergone rudimentary

facial reconstructive surgery are to being severely injured is that offensive

that seems offensive don't shoot the messenger guys but I think that'd be

offensive I don't know what's offensive anymore number eight the designs for

other splices were inspired by San Francisco mug shots for the 1940s after

the irrational team found a book full of them on eBay look full of mug shots and

people thought I was weird for any fifty shades of gray number nine in case you

hadn't realized the term splicer comes from gene splicing a natural process

that occurs in cells during RNA transcription here you didn't know that

did you smarter than the average disembodied voice on the internet number

10 the game was originally going to feature bosses known as savants which

were literally just brings in a jar which has managed to evolve beyond the

need for physical bodies this idea was quickly scrapped because it dawned on

them the fighting brings him chance isn't as fun as it sounds wait nope it's

exactly as fun as it sounds which is fairy number 11 the vision aesthetic of

the belts are Big Daddies I mean sir mr. Sanford grinder at this point ie the

ones with huge terrifying drills was inspired by 19th century French diving

suits French to enjoy a good dive number 12

the development team considered a range of different occasions and time periods

before settling on the underwater Art Deco dystopia ranging from the 1930s

to the future even when locked in on a submerged metropolis ruptures design was

initially more reminiscent of a subway system this was ultimately deemed to be

too bland or shots fired on the other cheap

stations up there what you gonna do well it's seven sisters number 30 it wasn't

just the setting the winter of range of different forms as fire shocks enemies

also changed a lot during development at one point the player was going to face a

range of monsters that undergone rhythmic genetic mutations the game took

place on a tropical island overrun with literal Nazis number 14 early on in

Bioshock development the game's enemies were originally going to be based on

scooby-doo monsters but predictably once scary enough that's not what they're

talking about it's me buddy was terrifying when I was growing up and and

now number 50 in another early iteration of the game Bioshock was set in a

futuristic terrestrial city with a 1950s aesthetic the game featured an array of

interconnected controlled environment chambers filled with various ink tech

toy creatures one species called the gatherers collector genetic material

from human corpses while being protected by another species called protectors who

were protecting the gatherers from a third group of creatures called

predatory aggressors this concert was ultimately developed into Little Sisters

Big Daddies and splices which Jack ieu battles in Bioshock number 16 the creepy

foes known as little sisters also went through a variety of different

iterations most of which couldn't be any more different from a little girl other

designs for the atom harvesting enemies were large slugs crippled dogs which

scarred around on wheelchairs and even huge Franck's with a bizarre funnels

connected to their anuses however the team decided they needed an adversary

that players would feel conflicted about smiting and so the simple image of a

small human girl was chosen number 17 Bioshock features two times a big town

the enemy but there was originally meant to be three the third design known as a

slow probe featured a shoulder-mounted cannon and a large intimidating hook

used for devastating melee attacks however the slow pro was scrapped prior

to release much to the dismay of many of the

developers at irrational number 18 players of the original bioshock game

will be familiar with the deeply unsettling well liked groans emitted by

the Big Daddies these distressing voices are actually recording some voice actors


even though the main character does have a name

Jack the team behind Bioshock toyed with the idea of not naming him at all

Jordan Thomas has stated their desire to not force a particular identity onto the

player and even went so far to describe Jack as a meaningless alias Hashem mum's

are meaningless alias number 20 Jack who only actually speaks the very beginning

in the very end of the game is voiced by Nate Wells who happen to be an employee

evil rational games so I got the money's worth there Wells helped design the Big

Daddies and eventually worked as the art director for Bioshock Infinite's which

we'll get to in due time patience my children payment number 21 the creators

of Bioshock officially planned on having Jack undergo increasingly severe

mutations as he continued to consume more and more plasmids this would then

lead the plan Tabata life a little pickle in which they would have to

decide to continue abusing the plasmids and become more like a Spicer or

seriously cut back retaining their humanity at the cost of less safety but

whatever reason the idea didn't make it into the final game to the principal

antagonist of the game the slimy Andrew Ryan is voiced by armin shimerman who

happens to be the principal in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and quark from Star Trek

number 23 it quickly became obvious that Andrew Ryan is a fervent disciple of

Objectivism the political philosophy of

russian-american ain't brand which preached radical self-interest and

individualism rise character reference Rand in a number of ways both of them

were born in Russia later moving to the US and it's a number

of similarities to Chand Gould the main character from rands most famous work at

the Shrugged number 24 not only that but Brian's name is even

included with the scrambled anagram of Franz and Roo rye Yan if you use the

remaining letters from his name Tom Marvolo riddle style you can also spell

out we are aimed brand number 35 Andrew Ryan

is also based on the famous businessman Howard Hughes Hughes began his career as

a film producer before becoming an influential figure in the aviation

industry where he made dollar son he's known for his eccentric behavior which I

suppose is reflected in Ryan as he did create an underwater city after all bit

of a red flag number 26 in 2010 Andrew Ryan was

included in Game Informer's list of 30 characters he defined a decade where he

could be seen skulking in the shadows in front of a wall adorned for the words

which are kindly written in suspicious red paint it's blood is definitely

number 27 in case you didn't know the phrase would you kindly is use

repeatedly throughout Bioshock and became something of a trademark saying

for the game the phrase has even been referenced in the uber popular and uber

unsettling television series black mirror in the second episode of season

three in such a play test where the character of Katie repeatedly asked the

question would you kindly open the door to the main character Cooper number 28

brian is one of only three characters in Bioshock with a unique character model

the other two being the insane artist and performer sander Cohen and the

terrifying Frank Fontaine number 29 invites the character of tenant farmers

only sing twice and has at least somewhat obscured both times this was

because of rationals budget the Bioshock was so limited that they literally

couldn't afford to create another character model number 30 even Atlas one

of the major characters in the game does not have a character model designed

specifically for him in turn his character is a simply re skinned wait a

splicer number 31 by the way in case you hadn't noticed yet and this is yet

another n round reference to sharing his name with the title of her most famous

work at the Shrugged number 32 additionally the game also features an

array of posters emblazoned with a phrase to his Atlas this is a reference

to who is John Galt an iconic line from Atlas Shrugged

number 33 Atlas is immediately recognizable for his thick working-class

Dublin accent what you may not know is that he was originally supposed to

support a southern American twang and the entirety of his lines were going to

be recorded with this accent however when test players got a hold of the game

ok that's your son Scott I think many of them responded negatively to his

Southern drawl which prompted Ken Levine to recast atlas and have all of his

dialogue Reeb recorded the I am not to liberate a lion ascribed to Atlas is a

direct quote from the Argentinian born revolutionary Che Guevara who said the

exact same thing but like you know in Spanish number 35 at the start of the

game atlas tells you about his son and wife named Patrick and Moira this turns

out to be a festering web of lies well one live at still late

all in the story and for tronic closers can be seen advertising a show entitled

Patrick and Moira heavily implying that Atlas lied to our very faces number 36

another thing that Adler says to you towards the beginning of the game is

would you kindly find a crowbar or something referencing the iconic weapon

Newton the half-life series in a way that is subtle yet obvious to hardcore

gamers number 37 the name of the disturbing character physicist Frank

Fontaine is yet another if slightly more subtle nod to aim brand this time for

another of her novels The Fountainhead number 38 sneakier Fontaine a photograph

inside his apartment at inverse Heights can be heard playing the traditional

Irish ditty Danny Boy this is a reference to the 1990 Coen Brothers film

Miller's Crossing in which Danny Boy plays on phonograph throughout gripping

scene depicting the assassination attempt Levine is freaking when he cited

Miller's Crossing as his favorite film and a huge sort of inspiration for

Bioshock number 39 Levine is also revealed that Frank Fontaine was

partially inspired by the character of Keyser söze from the film the usual

suspects they are both criminal masterminds who exist as boogie men

within their respective worlds in fact II would you kindly boredom Ryan's

office it's a direct reference to the iconic scene from the film in which

police officer dave kujan looks at the bulletin board and finally figures out

Kaiser Soze to identity number 40 it's not just films that Levine incorporated

into Bioshock either if the player enters the Whirley winery

in the Arcadia farmers market and then heads to the right corner of the lobby a

wheel of cheese sits next to a line of bullet holes

creating an image that looks exactly like pac-man rhyming after the pellets

that he's clearly addicted to can help pack get help

number 41 apparently Levine isn't even that shy about in-game Easter eggs too

when Jack is on the plane and the game's opening cutscene a business card from

rational games can be seen inside his wallet for meaning

for phonic was originally going to have rapture zoo within it which would have

been hey fun however it had to be cut out in the design process because of old

father time number 43 the high-pitched old-timey

voice that emanates from the circus of value vending machines is that of the

one and only Ken Levine it's like if Stan Lee made video games number 44

the gene bank machines that can be found scattered throughout rapture were

originally called plastic wick machines but it was eventually changed as my

testers had a tendency of avoiding them because they couldn't immediately figure

out what they were meant before number 45 in one of dr. Soong's many audio

Diaries he talks in more detail about the fighter chambers that reservoir in

the very likely event of their untimely death he bravely mentions plasma to

reconstruction this and quantum entanglement bats which is a nod to

System Shock 2 in which the player must provide quantum entanglement samples in

order to reconstruct their character in the very likely event of their untimely

death number 46 apparently dead bodies require a lot of processing power to

render so Bioshock will only allow a maximum of 5 corpses before they begin

to turn into lock boxes allowing you to loot people's cadavers without the

unnecessary moral weight of actually dueting people's cadavers number 47

after its release bioshock immediately received critical acclaim for its unique

setting with immersive environments and a challenging morality based storyline

Bioshock is now widely considered to be one of the greatest games ever created

and received perfect scores from a variety of sources including EGM

Eurogamer and game informer number 48 the game also received several Game of

the Year awards from a wide variety of different media outlets including Spike

TV ex play leave and BAFTA number 49 Bioshock was so impressive that it

really lighted the debate about whether or not video games before considered a

form of art in a 2007 interview Lavigne claimed that when starting the

process of designing a game he doesn't start with story biggest games and not a

story games a game play games are interactive suggesting that player

choice is in the heart of the medium Bioshock offers players all the usual

aspects of choice and decision making but weaves in notions of morality that

elevates it to more than just button bashing number 50 by shank was also the

inspiration for a new concept known as ludonarrative dissonance which are two

ludicrously long words referring to when a game sends one message to the story

and another contradictory message with the game

this was the case in Bioshock as its introduce you to a world defined by

commitment to free will exemplified in brandy and objectivism and yet the

actual gameplay still requires you to follow the predestined story to be

completed every man Evvie number 51 in 2010 Bioshock 2 was released as a direct

sequel to the original set eight years after the events of the first Bioshock

game the story revolves around a resurrected Big Daddy prototype on a

quest to find his little sister in the remains of rapture number 52 it's been

widely reported that the game's original full title was Bioshock 2 sea of Dreams

but a spokesperson for 2k games claims that sea of Dreams have to only ever the

title the game's first teaser trailer number 53 based on what you've just

heard in the previous fact you may be thinking um what happened to irrational

games who are these 2k game losers well as it

happens irrational games in Ken Levine were not involved in the making of

Bioshock 2 however the series didn't seem to suffer too much because of it as

the game is still rated highly by most reviewers number 54 however one downside

of the switching development teams for Bioshock 2 was that it led to a few

contradictions in the story that had previously been established in the

original BioShock title for instance in the first game it specifically stated

that the only person to ever challenge Andrew Ryan was Frank Fontaine for

Empire shock - the principal antagonist Sophia Lamb

I said to Vaughn was overthrown Andrew Ryan at one point in time number 55 a

little brunette no one I talked about a third very into the Big Daddy that was

cut from the first game the Slowbro with a huge shoulder mount of cannon vicious

hook well Bioshock 2 introduces the rumbler a former Big Daddy that is

actually based on the slow pro a slight difference between the two versions is

that instead of sporting a massive hook the rumbler is able to set up mini

turrets that blast you to smithereens number 56 AV go down to the Amigo fine

arts and Dionysus park where the girls are green in the grass sprint nope

that's wrong wrong song and wrong lyrics you'll be able to find a frozen cat

called Schrodinger this is a reference to the famous thought experiment known

as Schrodinger's cat no I'm not explaining Schrodinger's cat to you and

yes it's because I don't fully understand it myself number 57

the actress Sheryl Lee famous for her role as Laura Palmer in the cult TV

series Twin Peaks as cameo role in Bioshock 2 she ended up in

the recording studio due to a scheduling mishap but the team behind the game

weren't about to let her leave without laying down a few lines leave avoided

the dialogue for the uber-creepy Baby Jane splicer who yelled at you for

ruining her career you ruined your own career Jane and I'm not going down with

you baby yeah number 58 the photo of dr. Brigid Tenenbaum is based on that of

Hollywood actress Geraldine Fitzgerald an Irish American who made her Broadway

debut opposite Orson Welles in the Mercury Theater production of heartbreak

house by the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw that's one hell of a

reference guys what hell of a reference number 59 in August of 2010 the Bioshock

2 DLC extra Minerva's Den was released which told the story of the

supercomputer called the thinker and its creator Charles Milton Poulter Minerva's

Den received immediate praise upon its release with many considering it to be

one of the best DLC expansions ever made early this week number 60 in 2013 the

third game in the Bioshock series was released entitled Bioshock through Oh No

Bioshock Infinite's the lofty title continued to buy up

tradition of video game excellence and along with its originator it's

considered to be one of the best video games ever made see how her buddy

central the game also saw the return of mr. Levine and irrational games haha the

gang's all back together number 61 over the cause the game

development the team behind BioShock Infinite reportedly cut around five or

six games worth of material that's a lot of Bioshock when he's give it to us

number 62 the conflict in BioShock Infinite was officially going to be

between tech geeks and the Luddites but that ultimately wasn't controversial

enough so it was changed to a political conflict with added religious fanaticism

just for good measure yeah those two things tend to make

things a bit more lively number 63 originally Daisy Fitzroy was white but

given the story it's extremely poignant plot about horrific racism the white

supremacy maybe making her not fight was the right choice Nintendo 64 BioShock

Infinite was worked on by Terry Prentiss daughter

Rhianna Pratchett Pratchett also wrote for games like Tomb Raider rise at the

Tomb Raider have any sword and Mirror's Edge number 65

in order to elicit a convincing emotional performance Courtney Draper

the accuracy voices Elizabeth CAD Levine and Troy Baker who voices Booker DeWitt

by the way direct hurtful and disparaging verbal abuse at her during

recording sessions until she was about to be crying in Silvis much like I often

and while I'm recruiting number 66 a day before BioShock Infinite was launched

irrational released a number of interesting facts and statistics about

the game which is great for us really since we're a YouTube channel that's

dedicated specifically to interesting facts and statistics for instance

descriptive BioShock Infinite has 20,000 more words than the average novel to

Gaffey game everyone number 67 not only that out of the 10,000 line that are

spoken in the game almost a third is spoken by Booker or Elizabeth those who

love a good natter number 68 Bioshock Infinite's contain secret into 631 miles

of code that's well over twice as long as the Grand Canyon that's a lot of

typing let's have sore fingers number 60

the rational games used enough kilowatt hours during the creation of the game to

burn through eight point eight million light bulbs you need to get some

energy-saving lightbulbs carbon footprint in it number 70 during the

development of BioShock Infinite 18 babies were born to employees it

irrational 10 boys and ape girls Mazel Tov I hope they were all called

Elizabeth and Booker number 71 during development a devoutly Christian

employee it's irrational threatened to quit over the portrayal of the game 21

tackiness Zachary Comstock because he's kind of a Christian fanatic in response

Levine sat down with the developer and discussed the character eventually

making changes to Comstock that everyone was happy with Levine even conceded that

the revision impede Comstock with more depth than he had originally intended to

give him which is you know depth is good number 72 the name Comstock is a fitting

tribute to the Comstock Act passed by the US Congress in 1873 as an act of the

suppression of trading and circulation of obscene literature an articles of

immoral use basically it was the anti fun legislation passed by prude and

named for Anthony Comstock as well as political busybody intent on eliminating

anything he considered to be obscene basically he was aggressively boring

number 73 not only that but Comstock's dying words uttered after Brooker

smashes his head in on a stone basin are the same as those that are traditionally

attributed to Jesus cry bully died in crucifixion it is finished

this too has sparked accusations from Christian groups that BioShock Infinite

is essentially an anti-christian game not touching that accusation with the

20-foot poll number 34 Elizabeth was already not going to talk as the team as

a racial didn't want to irritate players with the same dialogue over and over

again but silent Elizabeth became a problem when interacting with other

characters so the decision was made to give her a voice number 75 according to

the game's official strategy guide when designing Elizabeth the animators behind

BioShock Infinite drew inspiration for her emotional characteristics and

animations from Disney Princesses number 76

interestingly enough the BioShock Infinite trainer that was played at the

2011 III event the big diversion the game that is completely different to how

it actually ended up in the trailer Columbia's held up by balloons and large

powerful propellers but in the actual game the cities held aloft through the

power of quantum levitation not only that but the trainer shows Elizabeth

saving Booker from a deadly fall by levitating him with telekinesis which is

weird because dot dot number 77 Elizabeth doesn't have any telekinetic

powers the reason why this differs in the TriNet is because elizabeth actually

did possess a range of psychokinetic abilities way back in earlier versions

of the game which he would use in tandem with Booker's Vegas

however they were ultimately scrapped and Elizabeth's powers were limited to

the opening of interdimensional tears instead useless number 78 not only that

TV adverts for BioShock Infinite depicted a scene where Booker st.

Elizabeth from being lynched by an angry mob which doesn't happen in the actual

game it's not on the advert show content that is a natural game play they feature

a version of the story that doesn't actually exist

it's really weird number 79 BioShock Infinite is filled with references in

Easter eggs perhaps as a result of Levine's return towards the start of

BioShock Infinite when Booker is about to baptize upon his

arrival to Columbia a priest in the hall asked another priest a question is it

someone new this is a speedy reference to the original bioshock game where the

very same question is asked by the first splice - the player encounters outside

the bathysphere number 80 towards the beginning of the game a wrench can be

seen near a bender that is identical to the wrench from the first Bioshock

no it's another reference you dingus number 81 at one point in the game

Booker and Elizabeth visit the city rapture from the first game when they

first emerge in the underwater city a little sister can be seen crying at what

appears to be a dead Big Daddy number 82 additionally after waking up

the beginning of Battleship Bay you can find pistol ammo and a baby carriage

through the first hallway this is another subtle nod to the original

BioShock when Jack also finds a pistol in the baby carriage first comes love

then comes marriage Pinkham to pistol the baby carriage number 83 when Booker

is in need of revival Elizabeth kindly obliges by holding a

needle and injecting him in a manner that's extremely reminiscent of how

Little Sisters harvest Adam in the original BioShock game number 84 Levine

and irrational but also happy to poke fun of themselves during the game when

Booker and Elizabeth walk through an old-timey arcade she encounters a game

called flawless Flint Ock and remarks that it had been delayed three times

this is owing to the fact the bargain but it was itself delayed several times

which means some rational games are taking a slide ticket themselves or

there were maybe rubbing our faces in it but by that point would have the game so

we're happy right number 85 in a neat little continuation of the Bioshock

brand the vending machines in the original bar shop gang would exclaim

welcome to the circus of values whereas in BioShock Infinite they say it's a

carnival of thrift and by the way that still Levine's voice in infinite number

86 as you journey through the world of

Columbia you'd notice a lot of the music you're hearing is rather

contemporary this is because Albert Fink an upper-class citizen of Columbia and

one of the city's most celebrated composers has ever heard modern songs

through the tears that appear in Columbia and is essentially just

converting them into a style befitting that of his Society for example the

Beach Boys tune god only knows what I'd be without who can be heard being sung

by quartet in the beginning of the game number 87 on another occasion the

classic Cyndi Lauper Bop girls just want to have fun can be hide immediately

after Booker finds a list of at dancing at the beach the original version of the

song can be heard through a tear found in a wreckage of Albert Fink's house yep

right next to is murdered corpse number 88

you can hear a woman singing Creedence Clearwater Revival's famous song

fortunate son in pink sand proper only the book owner Elizabeth sing

recognize it number 89 many of these anachronistic songs in BioShock Infinite

were arranged by a fella by the name of Scott Bradley who later became known for

his band postmodern jukebox which performs covers of contemporary songs in

a wide range of older styles Bradley even appears in the game as the

man himself Albert think as the characters model is rendered in

Bradley's likeness number 90 you also may have noticed a slightly creepy

ambient droning as you journey through Colombia well some smartypants of the

frighted era speeding up a recalling of gameplay featuring this disquieting hum

and what do you know it's actually hidden music weird kind of unmissable

music but music nonetheless number 21 magic number 91

in another tear this time ever by Elizabeth there is a per se in cinema

screening of lower voyage to Jedi which I'm sure you can deduce his French for

revenge of the Jedi which happened to have been the working title for Return

of the Jedi ie the third Star Wars film which is

episode 6 presumably this tear leads to a wild where the working title was

retained all our voyage to Jedi is an entirely unrelated from about Jedi a

French Bulldog who sent a mountain emerges rampage against his new terrors

upon one can imagine number 19 - whenever Elizabeth chucks according to

Booker he always catches it heads up you may think this could be just a lazy

programmer but actually it has some real significance in the grand scheme of

bioshock's egregiously complex and cryptic narrative number 93 upon

completing the game if you stay and watch the credits you'll be treated to a

delightful behind-the-scenes video of Troy Baker and Courtney Draper

singing together

Oh a lovely despite the horror you've just played through number 94 on your

first paper of the game you can tackle BioShock Infinite on easy normal or hard

mode after which the extra hard setting 1999 mode is unlocked however you don't

waste your time playing on the lowest setting if you don't want to player just

enter the Konami code google it at the title screen and you'll unlock 1999 mode

instantly but hey you didn't hear from me capiche number 95 1999 mode is so

named as a reference to System Shock 2 released by rational games in 1999 of

all years and considered to be a very very hard game indeed number 96

the narrative of BioShock Infinite is notoriously complex stretching across

various timelines and universes one small detail that left players

scratching their heads is the identity of the dent going the lighthouse who you

encounter within the first few minutes of the game who is he

though his identity is never revealed most theories agree he was simply the

lighthouse keeper whom the loot s is murdered as they considered him an

obstruction to getting Booker to Columbia poor guy number 97 in 2014

Fox News ripped off BioShock Infinite slow-going from a graphic they used

during an anti-immigration segment called to defending the homeland

the irony of fox news a channel noted for its over-the-top conservativism

stealing the logo of a game with a strong anti-racist narrative was

obviously entirely lost on them living in himself called the incident irony and

even tweeted about it snapping a pic of the offending graphic and saying glad to

help Fox glad to help number 98 a remastered version of

BioShock Infinite was released on the 13th of September 2016 the PlayStation 4

Xbox one and Microsoft Windows as part of buy shot at the collection

the collection included new and improved versions of all three main Bioshock

series games as well as the DLC extras it's kind of fun number 99

at some point in all three Bioshock games the players were quite to unlock a

blocked door using some variation on the code for 5-1 it may require an

additional 0 at the beginning or might be reversed but 4-5-1 is a reference to

the Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451 which tells a story of a society in

which books are banned and burned whenever they are found the series has

become so popular with in the modern game videogame culture that the bar shop

universe has even overflowed into other media Bioshock rapture written by John

Shirley and released on the 19th of July 2011 is a sci-fi novel set in the

Bioshock universe and exists as a sort of literary prequel telling the story of

the creation of rupture up to a point before the first game begins number 101

the director of the Pirates the Caribbean films Gore Verbinski trying to

make the games into movies and tried to create them in the same style as 300

what really however 8 weeks before filming was due to begin the plug was

pulled which Verbinski flames in the studio being unwilling to make an

r-rated film for the amount of money it would take to properly realize the world

of Bioshock hey if you need someone's play Booker I'm your man or play the

lute esses both of them I play the lute s's and then Jennifer Lawrence could be

the other Lou test sorted anyway that was 101 fact of a Bioshock

I hope you learned something I hope you enjoyed it as well let me know in the

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