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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: New Renault SCENIC 2020 Review Interior Exterior

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hello guys and welcome back to a new video the new Renault scénic 2020 model

it's here with me and I will review it for you I will go to detail exterior

interior and I try to show you as many detail as possible first of all I have

to tell you that I'm very impressed with this car it is very practical it has a

great price a lot of new technology on it also great materials interior we will

go there and I will show you I like these rims they fit so nice on

the car they look really beautiful those rims the shape of the car it's beautiful

it has a big windscreen there we have a great visibility also full LED light in

the front only the blinkers are normal bulb light and the fog lamp other than

that just new technology LED lights from Renault and that's a great thing

so guys stay with me in the next minute and you will see all that details for

example you can see LED LED pure vision there from Renault on the daylight also

led great great visibility in the night also on the mirrors we have LED lights

here so you can see the blinkers pretty cool and also in the back the new system

LED lights from Renault only the blinkers are a normal bone type but

other than that just very very nice design there the LED in the night look

really great and they passed very well with the car I think this is a family

car this is the kind of perfect family perfect budget family car with a lot of

technology guys let me close the blinkers there we will go inside and you

will see how much great technology it has and also the materials quality or

awesome here let me show you some technical detail so we have 1.3 liter

engine 159 horsepower pretty powerful there you concealed the

information the basis price of this car it's thirty five thousand francs same in

dollar and this price of the car that I have right here with me is thirty thirty

three thousand francs same in dollar around thirty thousand euro so it's a

fantastic price for for what this car can offer and you will see in the moment

first of all I start with the things that I like so I like this windscreen

it's very big and you have a great great visibility you can see where it start

where its end a little bit later here we have the camera for Lane Assist reading

the traffic speed limit it's pretty great another technology in the same

price the a-pillar is split in two parts but the visibility it's great because

it's very tiny so that's another plus for the car then going forward in the

front the hood it's a little bit smaller you can see it's kind of smaller and

then it comes the LED light you see it before and then we go down here to the

bumper we have six parking sensors pretty cool in the same price pretty

awesome some plastic down here to protect the wheels there also it

continuing down there the fog lamps also normal bulb light a little bit of Chrome

there then we have the standing number down there they chose to put it a little

bit downer than normal and then we have the air intakes where the air go to the

engine then we have this grill with Renault

logo in the middle and this grill it's kind of similar with other brothers with

copter my gun and Clio it's very similar the front of the car also yeah going on

the side I want to show also something interesting I like this mirror you can

see the mirror it's black glossy also down here you have an LED light in the

night it's very useful it's illuminated floor and here we have

big mirror the blind spot technology logo logo light there in the corner

right of the mirror and then all these black glossy look at this very very

interesting let's go all the way through the car right here on the hood and it's

continuing its protect kind of protect those who eye person go all the way

through to the other side so how interesting is that I really find it

really interesting and I like it and also the the whole roof is black as you

can see the chrome design line come here on the upper side of the windows pretty

interesting and then down part of the windows is this rubber in matte black so

we have Robert then we have keyless entry in the car guys so you can see

here you just have to have the key with you and you can lock and unlock the car

very easily so another cool feature another cool tech in the same price so

I'm not sure what kind of car you can buy family car in this class with with

so much tech in this price so let me go to the end I like also the plastic down

there that protect the edges of the car here

I usually it have to be installed here around the edges some plastic like the

new cup tour if you didn't see the new copter 2020 model check out on my

channel have a full review with it and also here you have a little bit of

plastic to protect the edges of the car but let me go in the back six parking

sensors in the back as well really awesome here is the fog lamp and some

plastic design down there on the bumper no exhaust pipe as you can see the

exhaust pipe it's under the car hiding under the car there so it's it's quite

cool then we have some chrome design the scenic and there is no logo reverse

camera here in the back and LED lights to the number plate this is also pretty

good tech to have it and then up here the brake light so an

LED as well some black glossy plastic the spoiler it's kind of simple its end

up really straight and the shape of the car you will see the shape it's quite

interesting because it lets you have a lot of space inside and a lot of

practicality and I will go in the moment and I will show you also the interior of

the car there you can see the signature for the LED light here we have the

newest system of thanking the car it's very simple you don't have to open and

nothing you just put it inside there and just press it it's it's super simple and

another cool stuff on this car in the same price then we have the rims that

the rims look gorgeous on the car in my opinion they look fantastic guys I don't

know about you but I think they fit perfectly on the car Continental tires

then you can see we have the disc brakes right there you can see they're very

small then we have like 20 inch rims and they they look gorgeous those 20 inch

rims they look gorgeous gorgeous on the car guys in the front of the brake disc

it's a little bit bigger kind of interesting why they chose to do that

but anyway let me go inside let me go in the trunk to show the the space inside

guys so manually lift gate in the trunk as you see it before the entrance in the

trunk it's huge really huge you can carry big items without any problem like

fridge like mobile parts and stuff like that

you have a flat floor again a cool stuff hooks in every corner also here we have

a light 12 volt port then we have this electric buttons really cool I didn't

expect to have this in the car just press the button hinder you fall down

the seat so we look at this you just press this is all for all the seats at

once and then it just for or one or another seat so also you can

take these out very easy if you want from here you can take it out and then

you have plenty of space there under the floor here you have another ten

centimeter and again under the other floor you have a spare tire and plenty

of space down there so quite impressive plenty of space in the trunk so great

job Renault so if you take this out you will see you will have a bigger bigger

space there so look at this you just press the button and you will see that

the seat is folding automatic and you have a flat flat directive flat floor

there so that way I told you guys the car it's super practical you have a lot

of space here in the car really awesome car I have to tell you that it is

gorgeous gorgeous car plenty of space big entrance in the car on the side

something that I like a lot also I like this system the system that they create

here guys you will see the way the seats are going

down a little bit also you see that it's plenty of space there here you can see

how the seat it's going much more down you know if you don't have to space on

the on the legs left but you have a flat floor there so you can see when it goes

down the other part from down go down so there's no space there on the legs to

put your things like usually the other cars have but you have much more space

from the roof to the ground there so it's quite practical for many people

that won't carry different items so let me take this out it's very simple to

take it out and let me show you how much space you still have in the car after

you take this out with one hand it's not so easy but I'm still able to let it

down here for a second so

let me show you right now the way it looks so you can see how big is how big

is this space guys can even sleep here in the car with no problem if you don't

find any hotel or it's something happen and you have to slip in the car I think

you have plenty of space there in the back anyway pretty awesome pretty pretty

awesome and very big space here in the trunk

so also LED light up there have a handle you have a hook good quality on the roof

guys there is the seat belt for the middle seat then I wanna show you this

system you can see how its work every time you pull the seat up the down seats

it's going to go up as well you can see there you can fold these seats only one

seat and you can see how cool it is here in the middle you still have this two

cupholders even though you have this very genius a visa fix for kids even

though you have like free free individual seats I like that here's the

stick where you wait where you can fall down the city just have to pull it up

also you can adjust it from here have adjustable seat the same as in the front

you can push it front or back and it's quite awesome to have this opportunity

to adjust the seat in so many ways so I can't believe actually guys in this

price how many things this car can do the prices I can believe that you can

buy a new car only thirty thousand euro buy this new car with all that cool

technology and practicality and I'm not finished so stay with me to see until

the end let me go inside here first time guys and show you the doors I think we

start at the door but first time I want to put this shit in my drawer

in position because I want to show you unrealistic distant I just want to make

it really realistic and then I want to show you really really how much space

you have there in the back so let me go in the back right now I like the fact

that it's only one window here so it's made from one who knows one piece is

good here on the on the car we have you can see they're kind of plastic but down

here you can kind of a soft material guys and then down here again you have

this leather with white stitches soft material I like that really great

quality some storage space and the speaker there so the quality on the door

is not bad at all I like it also the entry in some plastic here and then the

entrance it's quite straight so you go inside the car very easily that's

something I like it as well the seats look fantastic you have a combination of

leather with fabric material in the middle and you have free individuals it

so it's very easy for free people to stay here in the back on their own seat

so you don't use other person's seat so you can stay on your own seat I like the

quality I like this for Brit material the way it feels also in the front here

you have kind of place where you can put your stuff there and then a storage

space down here back of the front seat just leather quite awesome going inside

down here have a twelve volt port USB port they're very useful these days and

another big big space here where you can put your stuff and then just push it

from there super awesome here you don't have any floor so you can stay there in

the middle great job again really impressive with this one I like that

space it's very practical there in the middle also plenty of space on my knees

even though you cannot see so well from this plastic up there but the real

deniz is really good also on the legs no complaining my head four or five fingers

no problem I can sit on my on my own seat without any problem the visibility

on the windows it's good handle hooks you already see it I have a good

visibility on the windows no problem at all I like the way it is made also you

have a small window there but not so useful but it's enough this big windows

here let me go in the middle very easy go in the middle

plenty of space also in the middle I have a good good good comfort plenty of

space on my legs the cool fact is that I can stay with my legs together as well

so this is a great great thing guys really impressive I like that maybe a

kid it's perfect in the middle but other than that you can see I almost stretched

my hand there so free people no problem in the back great job a lot of space I'm

quite happy with with the car really really I didn't expect to find such a

good price also here on the door we have this vent on the b-pillar very practical

as well awesome awesome I like that we will go

in the front now you have a center armrest here pretty awesome great

quality leather you can see the white stitch is there then we will see the new

dashboard and all over the dashboard it's soft material guys I have to tell

you that from the beginning we have the new multimedia system and then you can

see also the a-pillar it's split in two but the visibility it's still good so

you cannot complain about that also a little bit of LED light insertion in the

center console and also look at the stitches around the dashboard the way

they continuing on doors this is a cool cool thing

and I like it I think Renault did a great job with this car and it's kind of

almost perfect budget family car look at the door in the front you have this

leather with stitches great quality up here on the upper part down here you

have again kind of a rubber soft material and then down here again you

have the leather with stitches and then the buttons for electric windows

electric mirrors adjustable storage space speaker there the entrance it's

flat floor again pretty awesome very easy to enter in the car the pedals kind

of normal there you already see it here you have manual just bull seats you have

just this button for well just a part of I just bought it so anyway the seat are

the same as in the back leather on the side in the middle you have this fabric

material and then what can I say a side support they look nice and they also

very comfortable when you sit on them not sure for long trips but they still

look sporty they look nice also down here you have a small space you can

adjust the light position there then you have here on the dashboard these

stitches and soft material everywhere the vents look nice they feel good as

you touch it good quality soft material all over the dash so no no complaining

about that pretty awesome I like that I like the dashboard it's kind of a rubber

soft material you can see here the visibility on the mirror you can see

also here the visibility not sure about blind spot I'm not sure about that I

didn't write the carpet from here it looked nice it looked like you don't

have any problem while you're driving the mirror it's nice you have a good

visibility in the back as well you can see it from here also visibility

in the back no problem the car have also a reverse camera so should be great LED

light up here no glasses support as I wish all the car have up here glasses

support I think everybody used some glasses sooner or later so they should

put it somewhere so every car should have a glass support we have a

microphone up there and LED light and also the mirror I actually I like this

split a pillar I like the dashboard very much the way

they integrate the way they make it it's awesome the glow books I like it as well

it's different you just press that button and the Clos books come out and

you can see how much space you have here

then another vent around the multimedia system it's right here in the middle

start/stop button integrated there in the dash you can see also the - it's not

the newest this one from Renault but it's it's pretty awesome in the middle

you have this new DS display in digital display where you can kind of customize

the things there from the buttons here and the steering wheel it's it's kind of

cool it's looked much nicer than the the analogical one classic one and you can

change different settings there also you can see there if you look carefully a

camera cannot adjust the colors but you can still have there the information

about the driving and all that stuff the steering wheel is not super super fancy

but it's kind of enough for what you need to look nice it's it's great also

here on the side you have these controllers and also the the light

controllers on the sides the sticker and anyway not bad also the steering wheel

it's not bad at all it's look nice it's feel nice as you touch it all

so great visibility from the driver side of you here in the middle center armrest

I like it it's so big and nice you have USB ports there and a small space where

you can put your stuff then you have here in the middle the key and a huge

huge space guys another huge space like in the electric cars I like that I like

the huge space here's the key if you're wondering how the key look like those

are the new keys from Renault most of the new cars come with the same keys

here's the ambient light on the center console I like it it's changed the color

depending what driving style you are I like this stick they take it from

Volkswagen it's the same stick that for them have it on golf or of on automatic

cars also here you have the electric brakes and also outer hold you can

change different driving mode and also the color there on the digital display

is changing so this is also good stuff here in the middle you have the buttons

for different things for example for the parking sensors this thing will you have

on the car this possibility to park automatic parking also in the same price

so this is cool

climatic system here buttons you can adjust it from here

and then on the side here you have kind of a shortcut button for this new

multimedia system that's that's much better well from from the previous one

so we have here all that active braking blind spot technology speed alert and

all that cool technology that this car come with and I find it really really

impressive now you can see that the center console

look also very beautiful here are is the menu here are all the most important

things that this car have so navigation I think is the most important everybody

want to have a nice navigation and this car have a huge screen great

usability from the driver point of view you can see they're very easily and the

navigation it's work just super super smooth no lag no problem

nice colors nice resolution I like it I like the screen much more you have a

freedom app as well so it's pretty cool I'm really impressed with Witter and all

with the new cars they are really good really good multimedia system also it's

it's kind of impressive here how deep you can go in these settings is so

complex and in the same time it's so simple it's much more simple than the

the more premium cars because here you have all the big items and you see what

it's saying there it's very simple to learn all that stuff and even for the

people and on tech with day they are not used with the new forms new tablet and

stuff like that it's still great great easy to use car and I find it really

really awesome so yeah what can I say really impressive really impressed with

to it what this car can offer so also here another cool cool feature that you

have on this car guys it's the massage your seat can do a massage in and what

car in this price can make your massage I'm really impressed and you can see how

it's moving the back and you go home after work or you drive a long trip and

you have this massage amazing really impressive

ray job Renault great job great great job that's why I told you it's it's full

of surprise those cars from rain also you can choice different driving modes

you see before I call sporting and normal mode and stuff like that here you

can go into menu you can see how how economical you drive you get stars you

get all that info it's so complex this this

our navigation system I think I already make a full review on my channel I'm not

sure about that you can check it out but it's really great it's really I will

check it out if I didn't do it I will do another full review I want to show you

something another super impressive about this car something that will blow your

mind and it will blow my mind first time when I see it you have a handle here

push this handle and look what happened look at that what what the hell man look

at this cool stuff it's not not amazing twelve volt port there it's not amazing

tell me what do you think about that like electric cars have a huge space

there to put your stuff and you still have you still have plenty of space two

cupholders hiding there a lot of space down here on there

it's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous practicality inside this car and you can

adjust it the way you want it you have more position in which you can adjust it

front back kind of gorgeous fantastic way to adjust this this car so it's

amazing amazing amazing made great job Renault from me you have all the respect

so guys if you need a family car that may be the right one for you now depends

what you like but I find it beautiful the car is beautiful has nice shape nice

design nice rims a lot of great technology a lot of space a lot of

practicality it's kind of an SUV it's kind of bigger you can see like the same

size like battier duster it sits around it's right there it's the same size so

anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the review with the new Renault scénic 2020

this is the price again amazing price amazing

technology on the car from me you have all my recommendation so anyway I hope

you enjoy it I hope you was helpful if you like it guys please subscribe to my

channel check out my other videos also thank you very much for watching here

you have a little bit of engine bay if you wanna if you are into this so yeah

anyway I hope you enjoyed it subscribe guys don't forget to subscribe and see

you soon with the next car bye guys


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