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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 軍嫂找特種兵隊長復婚,一開始首長卻拒絕二人相見,軍嫂看到這一幕頓時痛哭

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Lao Wang, there is no one else now. Tell me the specific situation of Changfeng

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You see, here and there

There are two possibilities in his current condition, one is immediate operation, and the other is recovery, but the danger is great

In case the operation fails

What's the second one? He's been rescued now

If properly cared for, there will be no danger,

But there's a good chance he'll be in bed all his life


Director Wang, he is the backbone of the special forces, is a famous anti terrorist hero

I know, but I should tell you the truth

Even if the operation is successful, his leg won't be able to return to its original shape

If the operation is successful, how far can he recover

It depends on the recovery

But it's impossible for him to take part in the operation again

What is the success rate of the operation ? 50

To be honest, it's a miracle that he survived

This operation has something to do with his life

You have to think about it


Director Wang, is your phone

I'm, I will go now

Changfeng is awake, and he wants to see you

Am I disabled

Why is my lower body unconscious

I'm discussing the treatment plan with Director Wang

See if we can get you back to what you used to be

Is he right? Yes

I want to talk to you alone

Don't talk too long

You tell me the truth

We've been together for nearly 30 years

If you don't have surgery, you'll probably stay here forever

I can't lie down all the time. I have to have an operation

But it's too risky. I might die, right

Maybe a lifetime in a wheelchair

Even if there's a one percent chance I'll stand up

I'm the head of the CTU

I'll stand up anyway

Before I do the operation, I want to ask you one thing

You worry about Fengqin and Miaomiao

If the operation fails, it's easy

Don't tell them about my sacrifice

After a while, our feelings will fade. You can tell them

Changfeng, director

If I spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair, I'm in trouble

I'm sure I won't bother the army. I'll stay away from the army and find a place to stay

After a while, you told them I was dead

Why do you suffer? I owe them too much

I should not be their burden

I can't promise you

It's not fair to them

When I signed the divorce agreement with her, I thought there would be today

It's just two results. One is dead, the other is disabled

We have to think about that in this industry

It turns out I don't care. It's just another fight

One is not to encumber the army, the other is not to encumber the family

You don't say that

You're digging your heart with a knife

I'm not asking you to do this today as my leader

You know me my brother. I beg you


I can't promise you

You are cruel

I'll be on the operating table soon. You won't give me a reassuring pill

Do you have an operation first? Shall we discuss it later


If we get through this, we'll discuss it later

But we agreed that you can't be assertive

Did he decide to have the operation, too ? Yes

I'll have him operated on tomorrow

Old Wang, I

I know, don't worry, thanks

Thanks, I will prepare

One is not to drag down the army, the other is not to drag down the family

Leaders approve our holiday. You don't go home to have a look. Leave me alone

Sister-in-law , Who? That's true

I think he came to see the captain. I'll tell her

I think she doesn't know about the captain yet

You told her you didn't know what was going on

Don't you go? I'll see. I won't say that, silly man

Fengqin, why you come here

Who asked you to come? No one asked me to come. I came by myself

I came to you with a mission , what

I want to remarry with Changfeng , what

You want to remarry with Changfeng, Yes, I think clearly

My daughter and I can't live without him, so I'm going to remarry him

Let's sit down and talk

You should understand that if you don't solve the problem with him, remarriage is meaningless

He may not agree with my remarriage, so I come to you and hope you do his work


Can you postpone your remarriage

No, I have promised my daughter to remarry

You can help me for the sake of our long acquaintance

Don't try to persuade me. If you are in trouble, call him in. I'll ask him face to face

Yangcan, you, sister-in-law is here

Why she comes?She didn't know about the captain's injury. She came to remarry him


He's the captain. What can happen to him

He's out on a mission

When will he come back? I'll wait for him here

He's been on a mission for months

Why don't you go back first

We'll talk about remarriage when he comes back

Your face tells me you're not telling the truth

You tell me what happened to him

I promised him. You don't have to embarrass me

OK, As long as you nod or shake your head, it doesn't count as saying it yourself

You don't break your promise

Is he on a dangerous mission

He is here

Does he die

Is he hurt or not? He's afraid to drag us down, so he told you not to tell us

I see. Thank you for the answer

Can you tell me where he is now

You should understand his pains

He did it for you and his daughter

I beg you to tell me where he is and what's wrong with him

He was injured while on duty yesterday and is now operating in the medical building , what

He's going to have an operation because of his injury. I won't be told about anything so serious

He won't let us see him the last time

He is so cruel

You don't say that

What do you want me to say? I'm going to find him now

When he's done with the operation, I'll ask him what he thinks

Your present status is not suitable to go

What's wrong? As long as he doesn't remarry, I am his wife. I have this right and obligation

Now that I've broken my faith, I'll break it to the end

But you have to promise me not to get excited, not to get him excited

It's dangerous, almost found out

What should I do? Come and have a look. We can help her in case of anything

Go behind him

Lu Changfeng

The operation is successful. You need to rest and recover slowly


Have a rest. The commander may come to see you later



You promised

Don't blame him. I found it myself. I forced him to tell me

You're still hiding it from me , you are so kind

Even if we get divorced, you're responsible for my daughter and me

You've seen me you can go

You have to drive me away. I will never listen to you again. I will not go anywhere. I will stay to take care of you

I have doctors and nurses here. There's no need to stay

I'm here to remarry you

I'll take care of you after we get married

I regret getting married, let alone remarrying

When I divorced you, I thought it would be today

But it really became a reality

Can I remarry you

I want to remarry you whether you like or not

I've transferred my work back. I'm going through the formalities now

You are forced to marry

You're my life. You're my ghost. I'll accompany you if you dare to die

And then my daughter will be an orphan

She has lost her father , you dare

You don't want to leave me in this life

This is the remarriage agreement. You sign it

I won't sign if you kill me. Will you sign or not , no, good

What do you think this is? Listen to my daughter

Dad, can you remarry mom

We're not afraid of terrorists. We're afraid that we don't have a father at home. Dad, please

Dad go home, I'll wait for you at home with mom, dad please

If you have a conscience, sign it

Dad, please


Chang Jian'an knows that they will never be separated. He dare not look or leave

He was afraid that he would disturb them and cry

Namin and Yangcan are also gratified and moved

Shiyu passes by, she sees they are over there and misunderstands them

Decided to remind her not to be confused

The Description of 軍嫂找特種兵隊長復婚,一開始首長卻拒絕二人相見,軍嫂看到這一幕頓時痛哭