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How to Sneak Out at Night. If you're not about to be the only one who wasn't at the party,

follow these sneaky tips. You will need Practice Pajamas Patience Friends Alarm (optional)

and cell phone (optional). Step 1. Walk through your exit route during the day to familiarize

yourself with any potential noises. Fix squeaks and creaks if possible. Step 2. Dress in your

pajamas, and say goodnight to your parents as you pretend to go to bed. In case you fall

asleep, set an alarm to go off 15 minutes before you want to leave. Use your phone and

set it on vibrate if possible. Step 3. Wait until you are positive your parents are sleeping.

Listen for loud, deep breathing and snoring. Step 4. Tiptoe through the house to get to

the door. If your room is on the first floor, climb out of a window. Step 5. Quietly unlock

the door and gently close it behind you. Step 6. Be sure to leave the door unlocked so you

don't have to worry about jangling keys when you get back. Step 7. Don't do anything illegal.

It's one thing if your parents catch you coming in, but quite another if the police bring

you home. Did you know Daytime curfews for youth in a California community resulted in

a 39 percent drop in truancy and a 29 percent decrease in crime during school hours.

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