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While I have some scary incidents that happened throughout my younger life, this one has probably

stuck with me the most. I remember when I was a little boy, and my

parents used to live in this crummy apartment somewhere in Cleveland, Ohio. I reminisce

to the days of the constant smell of mildew and mothballs, as my parents lived in a pigsty

of clothes and old trash. They're not bad people, no, they're just not the cleanest

in the world. My parents room had one TV, one bed, a near

empty dresser, and the rest of the dresser's clothes scattered on the floor. They had decent

jobs: My mom was a clerk at at this big grocery store that had hundreds of people storm in

a day, and my dad worked as a valet for this fancy hotel, so he always got good tips.

It's just that, my family never cared much for buying furniture, or anything that would

liven up our home, so we stayed in that pigsty for a year. Wasn't the greatest of my childhood

memories. But, not because of the ugly environment, or the tiny, but effective smell of dirty

clothes and a hint of fruity air freshener. I mean, the mixture of those smells made the

room smell slightly of rotten fruit. It wasn't those things at all, in fact, I didn't even

mind the smell that much. No, it wasn't any of those. It was the bathroom

that terrified me. I remember being at a height where I could just see a tiny spec of my head

when I walked past the mirror, and seeing a black shadow sitting in the corner. I was

too short to see the full figure, and when I would do a quick jump up to get a glance,

it'd be gone. On days when my parents were alone in their rooms, and I would be left

alone in the other side of the apartment, I'd go to the bathroom to go pee and see that

the mirror would be fogged up like someone had just got done taking a shower. Even the

heat you feel basking around after the shower was present. But I specifically remember my

parents not even using the bathroom that day, as both of them were most likely napping after

a long shift. I mean, even if they had used it, they didn't take showers in the evening.

I always felt like I was being watched, but not by a bad presence. But rather a presence...

Of comfort. I never felt scared when I felt this sense overwhelm me, rather I'd just smile

and go back to playing with my Tonka truck or whatever I was doing. The reason I'd never

feel worried, is because I was just a tyke then, and never took a second chance to think

that a sudden change of emotion in a room would be something horrible.

However, I had a feeling that warm presence wasn't the only one nested in our apartment.

Sometimes I'd watch Looney Tunes in my room with my tiny little television, and feel a

cold chill go up my spine and I'd feel like something wasn't right. When this feeling

happened, I would usually run to my mom and dad and hang out with them instead, watching

game shows and occasionally looking out their open door, nervous. But I never saw anything

suspicious. When my parents had to do night shifts, or

when they were both working, I was dropped off at my Aunt's till they returned. Both

of the random feelings of warm comfort, and dread disappeared when I would enter her house,

and the feelings would instantly come back when I came back home later in the early morning.

Let me get to the bathroom again. It was right next to my room, and it's door was always

opened, as my mom preferred, and since I didn't like the idea of closing my door at night,

I kept mine open, too. So every night, I could hear every little thing that went on in there.

Whether it be my parents going in there to do their business, the occasional automatic

air freshener which sprayed once every five minutes, and sometimes even the drippy tub

faucet. Those things were like white noise to me, and it would help me go to sleep. Weird

right? You'd figure a constant drip would keep your eyes wide open, each drop annoying

you more and more, until you couldn't take it anymore and would stop it. But, the sound

soothed me. One night, I was hearing the occasional spray

and drips, when my TV flipped on. I jumped out of my bed as I figured maybe I rolled

on the remote in my sleep, and I turned it off. When I whirled around to walk to my bed,

it turned on again. It wasn't showing any film either, just the static and white noise.

I turned it off again and lied down. I woke up a few hours later in the early blue morning,

and the TV was on again. A little creeped out now, I unplugged it and went into my parents

to snuggle next to them. My mom opened one eye and caressed her warm arm around my body,

making me drift off into a loving sleep. The next day, I told her the weird incident

and she shrugged it off by telling me it was an old TV, and most likely did stuff on it's

own like that. She said next time, just unplug it again. I agreed.

Strangely, the TV never had anymore problems like that, but the next night, I remember

hearing the faucet water drip like usual. But it was at a higher speed this time, and

it grew to annoy me instead of soothe. I got up, adjusted my pajamas and walked into the

bathroom. The light switch wouldn't work, and I figured it must've burned out. However,

the hall light provided a good enough glow inside the bathroom for me to see my way.

I turned the faucet to the left, tightly, slowing the drip and was about to leave when

I heard a short distorted giggle of a woman. I stopped dead in my tracks and whirled around.

Nothing. I shrugged it off as my mom watching a funny show and laughing at it.

That night, I had a dream. I was walking to the bathroom with only the hall light guiding

my way. Each end of the hall that would lead to either the kitchen or my parent's room

was swallowed by darkness. I was moving slowly, almost in slow motion, and there was no sound

but light classical music. I saw the red painted bathroom door hanging open, the darkness swallowing

it just like the hallway. The background music was being drowned with the light sound of

drum cymbals being rapidly tapped. I pushed the door open more only to have the

light automatically flicker on. The light had a weird reddish tint to it, and the tub

was full of clear water. The sounds of music and drum cymbals stopped as soon as I looked

at the calm pool. I felt drawn to the water, almost as if I should lay in the tub. Above

me, in the middle of the air above the tub was a hand. It was a pitch black manifestation

and looked like a thick smoke, gesturing me to get in the tub, curling it's fingers in

a come hither motion. I extended my hand to grab the figure's, but as soon as my fingers

were about to grasp the inviting hand and it's long fingers, my other hand accidentally

fell in the water, and immediately, a maroon and sappy liquid dispersed from my fingers,

having it fill the tub. It was blood. I screamed, but no voice came out, only the sound of an

orchestra building up. The red blood lingered in my nose, filling it with the scent of dirty

pennies. a strong dream, one so real, you could smell and taste, you might understand

how I felt. The light red glow of the area turned into a crimson shine that made the

room a horror movie nightmare. I backed up and the hand disappeared into the wall.

The orchestra built up, not even giving proper notes, just playing the instruments with anger.

From the maroon tub, the watery blood gushed out the sides as I saw a plasma coated figure

slowly rise out of it. It was facing away from me, but it knew of my presence. The orchestra

was now deafening with harsh notes that I can't explain. If you've ever heard "A Day

in the Life" by The Beatles, you know what I'm talking about. I felt something leaking

down my ear as the music felt like it blasted my eardrums.

The crimson figure was sitting upright, facing the wall in front of it. It's long hair was

thick, with clotted gore hanging about. It lifted it's hand to to rest on the side of

the batbtub, and it slowly turned towards me. It's face, though lathered in the thick,

red goop, smiled at me with pearly white teeth. It's eyes were pure black with two white circles

for pupils. Other than that, it looked normal, although it was very fucking far from normal.

It slowly rose up to its feet, and the orchestra just..... just stopped. Instantly, the lights

turned out and I ran. I was still in slow-motion, but I sprinted as fast as my slowed down nightmare

would let me. I exited the bathroom and saw the white painted hallway walls bleeding from

the ceiling. A solitary piano key clicked in a steady pace, like you hear in those Michael

Myers movies when he's slowly following you. I turned around and saw the figure straight

ahead of me, smiling with those snow white teeth. It opened it's mouth and showed me

its tongue. It looked like it was snipped in half with a pair of old scissors.

And everything stopped. I was frozen in the hallway, mid step, and the figure was also

frozen, giving me that malevolent grin. I expected it to walk towards me, but it never

did. I stared at it in a frozen fear, my eyes tearing up as it's face was being embedded

into a memory that would stick with me for years. And then, I felt a drip on top of my

head. I couldn't tilt my head up to see what it was, and more rained down. It started to

leak down my face, and that slight tickle you feel when it does so kicked in. I didn't

know what it was, but I adjusted my eyeballs to stare up. It didn't work, but the mystery

liquid went in my eye. I squinted my eye shut in that intense moment of their irritation

and opened them. In my left eye was a blurry red. More drips hit my head as I felt cold

blood drip down my face, and hardening like you see with chocolate sauce on an ice cream

cone. The figure still gave me that grin, stuck in it's place. When the drips stopped,

it's smile widened and it took one step before everything went black and I woke up instantly.

I was in my room, looking up at the ceiling. I was wondering what time it was, so I tried

to turn over in my bed, but I couldn't. I was frozen, just like I had been in my dream.

It was sleep paralysis, but I hadn't known at that age. I tried to squirm, but I was

frozen stiff, forced to look up at the ceiling. The sound of three quiet bells from my alarm

clock told me it was three in the morning. I was squeezing my eyes shut in utter terror,

hoping I'd just fall asleep and have a good dream like I always do. But I didn't even

feel tired anymore. The sweat from my sudden awake leaked down the sides of my head as

I heard something in the bathroom. It was a squeak, and then a heavy sound of

flowage. The tub had been turned on, and it was on full blast. My door was still open,

and I heard the creak of the bathroom door open, having soft footsteps being crunched

on the carpet. It stopped at my door, and although I couldn't see it, I knew it was

looking at me. It stared at me for a few minutes straight, and I laid there in that state,

not being able to move, or scream out. I heard that same distorted giggle, and then

it walked away back to the bathroom, humming a bittersweet tune. I still heard the tub

water flowing, and I tried my absolute best to scream, but it was just a muffled one that

didn't give much sound. I heard what sounded like the figure entering the tub and then

the squeak of the faucet turning off. The sounds of someone moving in the water were

heard, like it was trying to find a comfortable place to rest. It finally stopped and then

I could move again. Literally right after the sounds stopped, I felt a weight on my

chest, and I rose up, catching my breath and trying to stay quiet in fears it would notice

that I could move freely now. I was crying silently as I ran to my parents room, not

looking back. I woke my mom up and told her everything. The dream, the figure watching

me from my door, the tub water. My mom rose to her feet and told me to calm down and go

back to sleep, as the entire thing was just a dream. I told her I wasn't lying and I tugged

on her nightshirt. She rolled her eyes and agreed to come with me. My dad was working

the night shift for the hotel. I stayed by my mom's side as she rubbed her eyes, adjusting

to the hall light. We entered the bathroom and my mom flicked

on the light. It didn't turn on. She sighed, complaining that she had just replaced it

yesterday. She told me to wait there while she got a flash light, but I refused and went

with her. We came back and she shined the light in the room. Nothing. Nothing but a

tub full of clear bath tub water. I started breathing rapidly, wondering where the monster

was. I grew a false bravado since my mother was present, and went to touch the water.

Nothing. Just normal, warm water. I turned to her and told her to believe me, but she

told me it wasn't funny to fill the tub like that, and to wake her for such a stupid reason.

I pleaded to her I had nothing to do with it, crying, and she looked at me for a minute.

She looked around the flashlight lit bathroom with a troubled look and told me to sleep

with her for the night. Later that night, my dad came in my room quietly

and closed the door behind me. He kneeled next to me, putting his hand on my shoulder.

I explained to him and I saw his lower lip tremble a tad.

"I saw something in there, too." He whispered. It scared me that he resorted to whispering,

almost trying to make sure that.... that thing wouldn't hear us.

"Daddy was in there shaving, and I-I saw a hand crawl out of the wall. I turned around

and saw a woman smiling at me, standing in the tub. And then she disappeared." he said

shakily. I nodded at him and he looked at me.

"Don't worry, buddy. We're getting out of here." And then he kissed my forehead, and

simply walked out. We moved out two days later.

I tend to try and avoid using public bathrooms because of something that happened to me in

one before. I didn't really like them much beforehand, but for a different reason. They

are rarely as clean as i'd like them to be. Most of the time, i'd rather hold it and wait

until i get home. I'll cut to the chase, because all of the details leading up to what happened isn't

really important. When I was traveling, I must have eaten something bad because i was

getting some really bad stomach pains. I was hoping to find one of those stand alone restrooms

on the road. I finally found one that was also part of a large park. I got into the

bathroom rather quickly and ran to the last stall. I was rather fortunate that the place,

although icky, was empty. I got in the stall and tried my best to not touch anything. I

even left the door slightly open because I didn't want to touch the lock. Weird, I know,

but it was pretty icky. I wasn't in there for 2 minutes, when someone else walked into

the bathroom. I was about to close and lock the stall, but i paused when i heard the guy

say to someone else - to check the stalls and see if anyone is in them. The other guy

replied that the doors were all open, and he could see it from there. His partner told

him to get down on his knees and look to see if he saw any feet. Scared, I quietly raised

my feet up because I didn't want anyone to know I was in there. Apparently, the guy looked,

didn't see any feet, and stood back up again. I tried to keep my feet up against the stall

wall and it was very difficult.The guys began talking about a third guy that was supposed

to be meeting them there. At first, I thought maybe it was a fellow gang member. I don't

know, I guess I shouldn't assume that they were in a gang, but they sort of acted like

it. One guy instructed the other to get behind the door and told him that when the person

they were waiting for arrived, to grab him from behind and slit his throat. Scared was

not even the appropriate word anymore, I was terrified. I was alone in a bathroom with

two guys that were just talking about murdering someone. What was worse was the my feet were

beginning to slip, just a little bit. I tried holding them up for as long as possible, and

then the worse thing happened. My stomach made the loudest groaning sound you've ever

heard. I was in the right place, because I was so scared, I was gonna mess myself. The

2 guys heard it, and before I could even pull my pants all the way up, tehy were already

at the stall. One of them greabbed me, and pulld me out. I was yelling and screaming,

trying to get away. I wouldn't have been able to, even if it was only one of them though.

They weren't huge guys, but they were much bigger than me. Once i was dragged out of

the stall, one of the guys slammed me hard on the ground, face down. My forehead hit

the ground and al of these gold stars appeared before my eyes. Before i could recover, one

of the guys grabbed my arm and roughly flipped me onto my back. He was holding me down with

just one arm. He then took the other and reached for a sheath on his ankle. And pulled out

one of the biggest knives I have ever seen, outside of a samurai movie. Both guys started

yelling at me, asking me what I was doing and if I was working for someone. I had no

idea what they were talking about. I'm not ashamed to admit, I was bawling like a baby

and pleading for my life. I told them I was just a guy trying to use the bathroom. They

didn't believe me. The guy was just showing me the blade and I thought was about to feel

it slice me open. The door then opened, and I saw the greatest thing I'd ever seen in

my life. Three big, I mean huge, hell's angels looking guys came into the bathroom. They

were enormous, wearing denim jackets with leather vests. One of them looked like fucking

bam bam bigelow, he had flames tattooed on his bald head. "what the hell is this?" One

of the guys asked. Before the two guys assaulting me could answer, I screamed for the bikers

to help me. and I told them I was just using the bathroom, and these 2 guys are gonna kill

me. The guy with the knife got up and moved as if he was gonna attack the big guys. The

bam bam guy opened his vest and pulled out the biggest freaking handgun I ever saw. Big

knife, big handgun, everything was big. It was a tense stand-off. The guy with the knife

looked like he was gonna move at any moment. As if sensing this, bam bam simply told him,

"this is a fucking gun, dumbass." The two guys got the picture. The guy with the knife

continued to hold it, but he hald it over his head. He and his buddy moved along the

wall until they got to the door. I kept expecting him to lunge forward with the knife, but he

knew it wasn't worth the risk. They opened the door and left. The guys who helped me

weren't actually hell's angels, they were just bikers, but they were sort of my angels

that day. They made sure I was ok, and walked me to my car. Thank you so much.

Okay so a little backstory before I tell you one of the crazy experiences of mine that

happened during my 2 year security career from 2013 -2015. I am a 67 male in Australia,

Id like to think Im a fairly tough and intimidating guy but some of the shit that

used to go on at the mall I used to work at still gives me Goosebumps to this day. So

the mall I worked at was very, very large, probably the largest in my state Id say,

and all the way up to about 8:30pm it would still be quite busy, only around 9:30 would

we manage to usher all of the stragglers out and only at about 11:00 pm would all of the

business owners have left, my job was basically to patrol the mall and make sure there was

no one sticking around after the doors were closed during the night.

we didnt have guns or batons, only a can of mace that was very rarely used. There were

multiple occasions were we would find would-be thieves hiding around trying to break into

shops after dark but they were normally far outnumbered by the 4-5 of us on shift at a

time and they would usually be intimidated by me or some of the other imposing members

of security. this one night though, shit started getting

really weird for me on the night shift. So Id say it was about 2 oclock and I was

standing in the middle of the empty food court eating a sandwich, this was the only part

of the mall that had any light at night time due to the skylight so it was comfortable

to eat there. While I was eating though, I heard a dull

scraping noise from the hallway leading off from the food courts and to some toilets,

it sounded like a piece of metal dragging across the floor, I was immediately put on

edge and I flicked on my torch (flashlight) without a moment of hesitation.

I can remember creeping down the hallway flashlight in hand illuminating a good 6 or 7 meters

in front of me, as I got closer and closer to the end of the hall the noise became louder

and louder until I was at the end of the hallway and there was the toilet doors to the left

and right of me. I could tell the sound was coming from the

female toilets though, I gripped the handle and opened the door a tiny little crack, the

noise was now very clear and had me not scared, but confused, I yelled Oi, who is in there?.

The noise quickly stopped, I paused a moment, listening hard through the tiny crack of the

door and I swear to fucking god I could hear breathing, low, male breathing, I shut the

door, still gripping the handle tightly and flicked on my radio This is 1-3, I need

help in food court bathrooms I think someones here, no response, this was really strange

and it put me further on edge, policy was to ALWAYS answer the radio and now I was truly

becoming quite alarmed. This is 1-3 does anyone copy? still

no response, I can remember whispering to myself what the actual fuck, I again

opened the door a tiny crack listen mate I said sounding as intimidating as possible

if you dont fucking come out with your hands up you're going to end up eating your

teeth tonight, do you want that?, I sat there at the door, quite honestly terrified

at this point but there was no response, in fact now there was no noise at all, I yelled

into the bathroom Okay mate Im coming in, if you do anything stupid its not my

fault youll never walk again I tried my hardest to sound scary but my voice was

quivering at this point, this whole situation made no sense at all, why would someone be

in the female bathrooms? What was the metal noise?, what the fuck is

even happening?. I very slowly opened the door, and scanned my flashlight slowly across

the room, all the cubicles were open (weird) but other than that the room was totally empty,

I was totally shitting myself about now, I was definitely losing it, I walked into the

centre of the bathroom closing the door behind me, scared to the core I let out a faint this

is some horror movie shit aye, come out when I heard the long, whining squeak of the

door behind me. I span around, basically crying at this point

and shone my torch on a fucking massive man, at least a head taller than me or so it seemed

in my state at the time, he was Caucasian and at least in his forties with matte grey

hair all over his forehead, he was mid opening the door but he stopped dead still in the

middle of his action. He just looked at me, smiling this guilty

fucking smile like a kid would make when he gets caught stealing biscuits or some shit

like that, Im not going to lie, I was so scared I froze, he lifted his finger up to

his mouth, shhhhh before swinging the door open all the way and sprinting out with

what looked like some type of small metal box in his hand.

Turns out he was just behind the toilet door when I was opening it and I totally missed

him, I was so fucking close to him and I didnt even fucking notice him, he could have killed

me if he had a knife or something and that thought still haunts me to this day.

Later that night my radio miraculously started working again and I got right on to telling

my co-workers about my story, they collectively went pale when I told them what happened,

they all had similar stories but none that were as much of a close shave as mine.

I worked the night shift for another week after that before I quit, Im not sticking

around in a job like that, I needed help and didnt get it.

So weird giant guy in the bathroom, lets not meet again.

Hey guys and ladies. Thanks for watching. I want to thank Killer Orange Cat for working

with me, and being so nice to me all around. He has a ton of awesome videos on his channel,

but I'm sure you guys already know that. And I'd like to work with him again in the future.

If you want me to tell your story or read a creepypasta, email me at

Be good to animals, even people. cya

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