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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sea Women To Snorkel Northwest Passage

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I hate the cold I don't like cold water

if you are going to study climate change at the poles you have to immerse youself in the issue

that's why we're going to the Arctic

there's walruses polar bears orcas

greenland sharks

our team of 10 sea women is taking on a monumental task

and that is to snorkel the northwest passage

it has never been before. it is 3,000 kilometers. we have one vision one mission

and we are going to do it

sea ice is rapidly disappearing in the Arctic in terms it

arial extent every year and its impact on the eco-system

and the disappearing sea ice is a result of global climate change

and no one has ever

studied the northwest passage of the arctic

we have an extraordinary team of women

explorers, submersible pilots, medical doctors, customers for pilots medical doctors

scientists and journalists

are going to explore the northwest passage

is a really unique zone where the land the p.m.

care needs and as a snorkel ur your household in the water

and you're happy in the water there's an Eaton is the hard-working

geophysicist she's very determined all the time people say she's crazy

but she's definitely extremely passionate about let's walk

season comes from a background a very strong women

her mother was a marine biologist this is what I had it

I'm going to now in exchange for all expedition custom

on inlet all the way to do you think its 3,000 so in order to use opportunities

passage in one season

from July to October meeting distance every day

perhaps eighty congress today you had better remember Department

iconic unpaid traffic get good I call Susan super sealed

because she does get points to will try to go 24 /7

in every day one woman in 10 min out

I hope I'm not gonna go crazy cat this and

will take risks but she takes mission breast

and I'll camps a that she

well be injured propertytype

obviously there'll be days for ice that have a bonus

stack nice bad weather door

we're gonna fight every day in the water in the top it's not going to be easy

usual well I'm the what ifs too much

I have a friend who worked in the Arctic lot and he considers himself an expert

he scoffs at her plan and I'm sure she's going to prove him wrong


I could concept from a Eureka moment

out hustling



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