Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vineyard Expansion

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Well probably start planting the vineyard about the tenth of April.

Were going to let it get nice and wet right now so we can get most of the weeds out and spray all the weeds.

So we have a nice clean start.

All the posts are in. Irrigation is in. And we just started irrigation. No leaks so far, so that is a good sign.

Training. Training make sure to get a nice straight trunk.

That would be the first year. That takes law labor to do that.

But if you do it right you can get half a crop the second year and a full crop in the third year.

The vineyard we took out right there is Chardonnay.

And were going to plant some Mourvèdre. On different root stock.

And also, a couple of rows of Malbec.

The Description of Vineyard Expansion