Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Padelles 10: Bajada de pared

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Padel Warriors!

In this class we are going to talk about the bajada de pared.

Also known as

The smash after the wall.

When you are at the net

And you receive a lob

Which is high and deep

You might have a possibility to play a smash after the wall.

But, keep in mind that when you receive a lob

The basic answer is to play a lob back.

So you can take over the net again.

In some situation you can play a smash after the wall to score the point!

And that is what we are going to do today!

When you receive the lob

The first important thing is to prepare your racket high.

Thereafter you run to the back

to position yourself behind the ball. To take care that the ball is in front of you

Your hitting point is with a slightly open racketface.

And the swing of your arm is forwards.

You have to keep in mind that you can only play a bajada, when you are comfortable.

For example this first situation

When the ball is low, you don't have space to play from up to down.

So this isn't a good moment for the bajada.

The next situation is

for example you are too late and the ball is still behind you.

Between you and the wall.

Then you haven't got space to play forwards

So this isn't a good situation either

And the last one

When the ball stays close to the back wall, you have no space to come behind the ball.

Also this isn't a good situation for a bajada.

But, you can go for the lob.

Which is basically the easiest choice.

Tactically it's smart to play your bajada to the middle.

Because it's the safest direction.

But, in addition you can play the bajada cross court.

Cross court is useful if you've played through the middle many times.

And you want to surprise your opponent

But, the base remains, play through the middle

Play trough the middle.

Or play to the open side

Cross court.

And the last tactical tip is

When you are comfortable playing the bajada.

Your opponents might anticipate

Probably your opponents will come close to the net to block the bajada.

And therefore they will win the point a lot.

In that case it's smart to hide a shot.

So instead of making a bajada, you play a fast lob sometime.

In that case your opponent will be too late to recover.

A nice situation to try out!

Padel Warriors!

This was already the 10th class.

The bajada de pared.

A lot of fun while practicing.

And I see you in the next class.

See you later.

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