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Hi guys, in this youtube video i will show you how to install qemu-kvm on debian

using gnome-boxes and virt-manager as graphical frontend. First, let's install them,

now let's install ebtables firewall and dnsmasq,

every virtual machine uses a virtual ethernet adapter and we also need a firewall,

because ebtables is a firewall. Let's install the basic packages, qemu, qemu-kvm, qemu-system-x86,

because we want to only emulate x86 computers, but if you want you can emulate other things as well,

qemu-system, we can also emulate mips machines, apple powerpc or sun microsystems sparc machines,

now let's install ovmf, it will allow our virtual machine to use uefi bios,

let's install various libvirt components,

libvirt is that software that will make us able to work together with qemu. libvirt-daemon-system,

libvirt-daemon-system-systemd because i am using systemd,

if you like debian without systemd, use devuan, that distribution is based on openrc, like gentoo.

libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu because we use qemu, on linux it is also possible to use xen hypervisor,

the operating system qubes os uses xen to provide virtualization, and libvirt-daemon-config-network,

the basic libvirt-aemon and libvirt-clients. Everything is installed, now sudo systemctl

enable libvirtd, because it is libvirt daemon, and start libvirt daemon. Now

let's add our user to some groups to make it able to use qemu as a user without

needing to type every time the administrator password. let's add our user to the wheel group,

to the kvm group, to allow it to use qemu, and to the libvirt group.

Now let's reboot the system. After it has rebooted we can go into virt-manager,

if it connects without giving you any errors it means that it will work fine,

while if it will give us an error and the connection won't be successful it may be

because you need to add the normal user to a group or you forgot to setup libvirt in the right way.

And now you know how to make qemu graphical frontends virtual machine manager and

gnome boxes work well on debian 11 bullseye. See you later, guys!

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