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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Its Pizza Day, Baby! | Basic to Bougie Season 2 | MTV

Difficulty: 0

- [Timothy] To the loyal viewers of Basic to Bougie.

- Ooh. - I'm Timothy DeLaGhetto.

- Hey, I'm Darren Big Baby Brand.

- Welcome back to

the best show ever. - The best show?

- Ever? - Ever.

- Dang, the best show ever, man, Basic to Bougie.

Let's do it.

- [Timothy] So you know what we do,

we taste three different kinds

of one food. - Three, one.

- To figure out which one is the cheapest,

which one is the most expensive,

because you know,

sometimes the most basic food can be bougie.

(car tire squeal) - Or,

that the most bougiest food, - mm-hmm.

- can be basic.

- Facts.

- You ready?

- High five. (whispered praying)

(angelic music)

- Amen. - You praying?

- Yeah. - 'Kay.

- I don't wanna lose.

Let's get in to it.

- [Timothy] Let's get in to it.

- Let's get in to it.

- DeQuon? (record scratch)

Oh. - It's...


("Funeral March" by Chopin)

- We got a new one.

- Don.

- [Don] Comin' in hot, it's hot plate.

- Oh shoot, comin' in hot, Don?

- Comin' in hot.

- Alright, I'm not gonna reach. You got it, Tim.

- Think it's a, is this a hot dog?

- Bro, you are not Ray Charles,

so stop trying to see if I'm cute.

(laughing) Please.

- [Darren] I got a edge of it.

I got a edge of it. (Timothy gasps)

- Oh, man you already know!

Man! - Yes.

- It's pizza! - Yes!

- ♪ work this pizza

work this pizza

work this pizza

work this pizza

Let's go, what you thinking?

- We go for what appears to be,

- Cheapest.

- Yes. - Off the rail.

- [Darren] I know pizza.

- [Timothy] But it's going to be so good.

- [Darren] It's going to be (laughs).

- People sleep on a

regular ass, - Yeah, you put this

in the oven right now for 350 for 18 minutes.

- Dude, I like the cold pizza too.

- Oh, especially first thing in the morning?

After a long night? - Oh, uh!

- Ooh.

- Ohh.

(glasses clinking) - Oh man.

(quirky music)

- It's still consistent.

- You can't go wrong.

- (laughs) You cannot go wrong.

This is good pizza.

It's cheap, though.

- It's definitely cheap. - But good pizza.

(funk music)

- [Timothy] That Neapolitan style.

Thin crust, - Jalepenos.

- Got some jah-lah-pen-os on there.

- Jolly-pin-ohs. (laughing)

That's fancy.

This came from a pizzeria spot.

- Mm, smells good.

- Probably cooked on a brick oven?

- Oh yeah, for sure. - Yeah, the brick.

- You can see by like, - Yeah, you can see

by the brick marks.

- Mm hmm.

- Mmm.

- Pepperoni is a little spicy.

Ooh, and the jalapenos too. - Oh it's, oh, damn.

(coughing) It's in there.

Coming (coughs), come out the nose.

That's actually a little spicy, that's spicy.

You know how the spice open your,

- Open your pores up? - Yeah.

- Open your nose up. - Yeah yeah.

Woo woo woo!

- [Both] Mmm.

- [Darren] That's good though.

- Mmm, it's so good.

(rap music)

- [Darren] Here we go.

- [Timothy] Yes, sir.

First of all, - Thick!

- [Timothy] Thick, heavy! - Huh?

- Heavy.

Look at this. (loud heavy thud)

- Okay, you heard that? - Oh my God.

- Did you hear that bass?

- Do it again. (loud heavy thud)

- Solid pizza. - Sheesh!

- Work that pizza, work that pizza.

(loud heavy thud) Solid.

- What we got on here?

Looks like there's a big-ass piece of eggplant on here.

- Here's a little garnish.

- (laughs) You got it right this time!

The garments!

(car tires squealing) (laughing)

- What? - I think that's in the past.

- I know.

- Don't nobody eat the garments!

(bell rings)

- It was adorable. (laughing)

- Let's do it. - Alright.

(rap instrumental music)

- I'm not mad at that. (loud heavy thud)

You don't like that?

- Mm-mmm, man.

- You're not feeling it?

- No, man. - Why?

- (talking with mouth full) I don't like that one.


- [Don] Can I have it?

(laughing) Almost.

- Mmm, good crust on that,

too. (burping)

(funk music)

- [Timothy] What was your favorite?

Me too. - Yeah.

- Me too, definitely.

- I feel like that's the most expensive, though.

- Yeah, I think, I think, - Heavy, has a lot going on.

Multiple, multiple toppings.

- Some fancy ingredients.

How you put a whole slice of eggplant on the pizza?

That's kinda crazy.

(ghost howling) - Stop trying to

make pizza healthy!

- I'm pretty sure this is not healthy.

- Cheapest! - Uh-huh.

- Middlest. - Mm-hmm.

- Eggs,

You don't even have to eat it.


It's over.


- [Don] Yeah, you all right?

Yeah, Don, do you see him? - Yes, sir!

- [Don] If you get it wrong

you have to eat the eggplant. (record scratch)

- Don, you don't tell us what to do.

- Come on, dawg.

- When did Don start makin' suggestions?

- When did he start talking?

- When did this happen?

- He's, you not even mic'd!

- We gotta FaceTime DeQuon after this, bro.

- Try and seduce us. (laughing)

- [Darren] All right, here we go.

Plain cheese pizza. (cash register dings)

We're right, six dollars.

Then we got pepperoni pickle chili honey.

21 bucks. (cash register dings)

- [Darren and Timothy] Artisanal Sicilian pizza!

39 dollars!

- You payin' for the eggplant.


That's what you paying for.

You payin' for the (beep),

- Wow! - I mean the eggplant!


- We got it right, though!

- Finally!

- Yay! - Sheesh!

- I'm greasy, I'm sorry, I'm greasy.

(clap) Ay!

(suspenseful string music)

- Bougie Round!

Bougie round!

Bougie round

We 'bout to put on our blindfolds

And guess some food this time

- ♪ Some (beep)ing food

- ♪ Bougie round

- ♪ Bougie round

Bougie round

- You ready?

- (beep)ing ready. (laughing)

Let's get it.

- Don Julio!

My brother Don.

Don Juan.

- Don.

- [Darren] All right, here we go.

You on the plate?

- Oh, I know what this is. - You on the plate?

- [Timothy] I know what this is.

- [Darren] What? you ain't even lettin' me touch it.

What is it?

- Macarons!

- [Darren] Aw, fancy cookies!

- Fancy cookies.

Little Spongebob Krabby Patties!

- Yeah! - Yeah.

- Oh!


- Alright, we bougie!

Can I be honest? - Yeah.

- I see these all the time,

- Have you never had one?

- And go right past them.

- Oh, they are delicious. - They are?

- Yeah, they're really good.

- It's just something that you see, like, in the store.

Like even on the holidays you'd be like, uh.

Let me go back to what I know.

- No, man, these are fire, bro.

They're worth it. - They're worth it?

- Yeah. - Let's do it.

Which one we goin' in first?

- [Timothy] Um.

- Pink, green?

- This one has a, like a sunset

painted on it. - Moon rock.

Moon rock. - Yeah, what's going on?

It has the whole, like someone's mascara ran

'cause she was crying. - Somebody laughed

'cause they know what moon rock meant.

- Ah, that's. You guys are heathens.


- Hold on, I gotta burp.

Okay, I'm straight.

Do you squeeze it first or anything?

- Nah, you just - Go right here?

- You just, you just bite it.

(Victorian music)

- What do you mean, you barely bit it!

What are you talking about?

- Mm-mm.

What is it?

- It's a little cookie!

- No, it's not a cookie.

What is it?

- It's a fluffy cookie!

- What's in the middle?

- Dunno.



- I gotta stop listening to your ass.

- It's good!

- No, it's not!

You really looked in my eyes and was like,

it's good, like it's a great cookie.

- 'Cause it is!

- Like it's something you gonna like, it's not!

- They're really tasty! - Move on, bro.

At this point, you're eatin' it.

We tasted it.

- I'm trying to guess the flavor.

- I don't know what that even,

- Mango.


- Everything's not mango 'cause of the color.

- All right.

- Green?

- [Timothy] Let's go with the green.

- [Darren] Money.

(Victorian music)

- You didn't like that one?

A little green tea?

Some matcha (beep).

You're not feeling it?

- I ain't had one that excite me yet.

- [Timothy] That's tasty, man.

- That tastes the same. (laughing)

Same texture, same everything, man.

- [Darren] You ready?

- [Timothy] Last one, yeah.

- [Darren] I hope I like this one.

- This is bubble gum flavor.

- It is bubble gum flavor.

Oh my god! - Why?


- Nobody wants a bubble gum cookie!

- Yeah, that, yeah I don't think I can.


- (laughs) Now there's the Pepto-Bismol taste.

- Oh my god, you're so right.

- Oh my God!

- This is a Pepto-Bismol (laughs).

- It's got the Pepto-Bismol taste!

- [Timothy] You all right, dawg?

- (bleep) This is nasty as (laughs)

My mouth is watering so much!


- You're about to puke.

- Go with the dyed, expensive?

- You goin' that, most expensive?

- [Darren] Yeah, 'cause it got a design on it.

- [Timothy] Okay, all right, I'm down with that.

- Cheapest.

- Okay.

- Middlest. - Okay.

- All right.

- All right, let's do it. (laughing)

- This one is a whole shot in the dark.


(arrow shooting)


(upbeat music)

My boy.

Man, he's starting to grow on me.

- Yeah, a little bit.

All the way wrong.

- God, bro, we're so trash. (buzzer beeps)

- Yeah?

- You thought that was green tea?

- I don't know what it was.

- It was pistachio.

- Oh, well damn, yeah I was,

And it was fifty cents per piece.

And it's the cheapest.

- Damn, it was the tastiest one, though.

- It was the cheapest!

- [Darren] Mango macarons, two dollars per piece.

- Oh, (beep)!

- Look at you!

You got the fruit right!

- Well how 'bout that?

- [Darren] Bubble gum, three fifty.

- [Timothy] The most expensive one was the horrible one?!

- Damn.

No, (tires screeching)

I'm good! (laughing)

This ain't my people!

We don't eat this (beep).

- Ain't my people! (plates clanking)

This is French (beep), dawg.

(patriotic music)

- Shouts out to all the French.

- Shoutout to France.

- Au revoir.

- Are, - I think that's hello.


(patriotic fanfare)

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