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hello welcome once again boys and girls thank you so yesterday it was your special day yes it was

your independence day and you guys commented a lot on our reaction yesterday from alibata

and our previous reaction reminding us about independence day so i guess this video

would suit us you know as a thank you for supporting to us as well today we're going

to react which you actually uh recommend to us as well to watch wonderland indonesia by alfie

riff channel featuring now via meat i don't know who is that but yeah all right so let's get amazed

indonesia is the most beautiful land in the universe

the land where we were born the nation where we grew up so many colors that lived together

with a million

i must say this is like the movie let me just

switch it off because it's actually english already there it's

is not doubling wonderful indonesia is a wonderland


it's a it's a beautiful production it's only hard to see what's what's actually real and

what's animated because it's that good uh video is it but it's um sometimes it's like okay is that

like nature or is it animated or well all love it it's uh and the music is nice actually the the

production video is actually quite uh uh what's that brilliant it's like a hollywood uh style



oh this is the first time i see this instrument what is this guys yeah can you tell us

it's just a string um three one two three eight eight okay wow it's not really guitar it's not

violinist it's like a ukulele but it's string well how many how many instruments we haven't known yet

oh this is real the setup


oh it's really interesting


you know watching this video it actually feels like we are in enchanted kingdom

yeah it was like which is like the moment we start is like i'm totally like oh we're about to enter

the kingdom of wonderland it's hard to distinguish what's really real though

literally fire is nature as well


this one




so this video is actually dedicated to the independence day yeah and i must say rafi

riff and people involved in this video wow you did really really great yeah it's beautiful it's um

you you've shown me but it's 75 years now am i counting correct i don't know guys

you can you can go back and check it out so anyway about the video uh i really love the essence of

the video yeah because i know i've never been but family telling us how beautiful indonesia is

and watching the video you know it's like we only watch cities that you recommended

us places we fell in love with it what happened if we are actually in there ourselves experiencing

i think i would love to be in there here it's just flat great great well there are links there

as well but it's different yeah my sister says the people there are very friendly and hospitable

and of course the food is wonderful that's for sure yeah right let's continue

i think


okay so there's all four there's several parts of it



you're showing me of the movie the dragon the way the song is fixing

don't worry

oh andrew the owner of the channel is also the director

i think this is the yeah this is the yeah

wow 1676 yeah

wonderful to see well congratulations indonesia with 76 years of independence

sorry to be a bit late but happy independence day

wow you have a beautiful country i can only wish to visit there one day so beautiful people

lots of talent and we're happy to react to your talents it's lovely to do i love it i think you've

noticed it so far on our channel it's like fifty percent maybe seventy five percent of our reaction

we actually focus a lot of indonesian artists and you guys are so supportive thank you our

libras from yesterday and all the talents there are so many talents in there as well

thank you and stay tuned for the next one make sure you do subscribe oh yeah

and subscribe for more yes comment down below stay tuned see you next time guys bye


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