Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LERAAR SCHELDT LEERLING UIT!!

Difficulty: 0

Mother has fed our rabbits.

What is the subject ?

Me. Mother.

Mother. Very well.

Osvaldo. Hello What are you doing?

A student is turned three-quarters of the lesson.

The rear neighbor is more important.

Her breasts are more beautiful than my breasts.

I mean. I don't have breasts

I mean. This is allright. Fitness

Two times a week.

Hello. Her.

Do I ask to much?


Fuck you dick.



I heard fuck you dick

No. I only said dick.

You say what a dick.

How often will I be scolded in a week.

I thought I'd make it even a list of .

Dickhead three times. Asshole two times and loser five times and Dick one time

These are the sad facts of a week teaching.

I do not know what to do?.I have tried a lot with you.

If the class is now empathize with me.

What will decide the classroom

blow with the fist

The same thing that made you.

You should also call him a dick .

Then I write . Uitschelden.Wat else could I do?

Send out.

What did you say? Detention.

What should I do?

Cussing . Cussing .

Who wants to cuss ?

The Class descides. The choice is made.

Cussing . What are you gonna do ?

Are you follow?Yes. Who says A must say B .

What are you buckling farmers dick .

A big horse dick .

A big big horse dick .

I think if you give the cake starts then you eat the cake completely.

Small shrimp pussy.

You're a dog's dick .

Dogs dick . Dogs dick . Dogs dick . Dogs dick .

Wait.I can cuss you.

Dogs dick . Dogs dick . Dogs dick . Dogs dick .

This is not fair. Not fair.