Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [Eng Sub] Friend Zone 2 Dangerous Area | EP.10 [2/4]

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Can I smoke here?

You can. Just do it on the balcony.


Can I borrow your t-shirt?

And can I stay a bit longer?

I dont want to go yet.

Of course.

You can even spend the night here. I dont mind.

Let me go get you a tee.

Your exs?

Can I really wear it?

You can. I wont think too much.


Do you know people think youre wild?

I know.

I heard them talk.

Do I need to care?

Doesnt it bother you when they say youre slutty or you approach men first?

Whats wrong with that?

If I want, why do I have to wait?

I never force anyone.

Its a deal between two parties. Why do other people butt in?

Butt in?

I didnt mean you.



do you have a boyfriend or someone youre talking to?

There is one, actually.

I just cant get over him.

I run to him when he calls

and let him do some bad shit to me.


Doesnt seem like it.

When he does something nice, I become so soft for him.

I give in every time.

Even Wonder Woman, who is super strong, falls in love too.

And who the fuck am I?

I get you.



Are you hungry? I can fix you something.


I mean no need. Im okay.

I dont need steps, sex and dinner or whatever.

There are no steps.

I will cook if youre hungry.

Fine. I can use some food.

Youre good.

Good in bed and kitchen.


Dont be so reckless next time.

He almost hit you in the face.

We are women. We cant fight them.

Girls must be able to fight guys, Amm.

Its not like I can hold myself back every day.

I can someday and thats okay.

But some days are just too much to handle.

I need to fight back.

I know you have the capability

but you need to be careful.

Im worried about you.

Give me another chance, please?

Whatever on your mind, you can always share it with me.

Its been a long day.

I dont want to talk about anything now.

Can I just rest on your shoulder for a while?


I am sorry.

I didnt mean for things to turn out like this.

I love you.

I never stop loving you.

You coming back into my life is the best thing.

Ive never been this happy before in my life.

But I screwed it.

Im an idiot.

I should have stopped.

I should have been happy with what I had.

But sex just gave my hopes up.

I hoped you would think of me more than a friend.

It was all in my head.

Im such a terrible person.

No one wants to be friends with me now.

Thank you for everything youve done for me all these years.

I wont be around.

Take good care of yourself.

Find yourself a nice girlfriend.

Bew, are you here?

You know whats going to happen, right?

I know.

Thats why Im here.

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