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Hello there! I'm Rodrigue Delrue, Community Developer on Crusader Kings 3, and

welcome to our January Video Update in our new sound and streaming studio here.

Today is going to be a very meaty update in which we are going to discuss one of the

most vastly improved feature of Crusader Kings 3, that is: the Lifestyle System

its perk trees and its attached focuses.

And I'm gonna step into that room and have a chitchat with Alexander Oltner, Game Designer for the game, and

we're gonna have a talk about the Lifestyle System in general

and what has changed since CK2.

Follow me.


The Lifestyles in CK3 are very different from those in CK2.

There is one Lifestyle per Skill category and each of them contains three different Skill Trees.

When you pick a Focus, you start gaining experience in the

Lifestyle the focus belongs to. Experience is gained passively over time

and when you have enough experience you can spend that on unlocking a point.

The Perks in the Trees unlock various different bonuses from minor modifiers

to decisions you can take. The final Perk in each Tree always unlocks a Trait and

gives you a very significant bonus. Your education quality will affect how well

you can accumulate experience in your chosen Lifestyle when you are an adult.

When you conquer some territory and you get a bunch of titles to hand out

you can give them to older characters and they will unlock Perks based on

their education. Sometimes you end up in a situation where you have Perks you do

not particularly like you can reset those Perks and spend them in let's say the Gallant Tree.

"When" you get the Perks also matters a lot because getting a certain

Perk Tree when you're young might give you more opportunities than when you're old.

You can choose to reset your Perks once every life but when you do so

you will get a massive spike of Stress.


Alright! And now I am going to have a chat

with Sean, Content Designer here at Paradox, and we're going to talk about

Lifestyle Events and how they affect gameplay when you're playing Crusader Kings 3.

Join me.


When you select a Focus in Crusader Kings 3 you will start receiving events

related to that Focus and the Lifestyle out of large, and unlike Crusader Kings 2 all

that is handled by the Perk System in Crusader Kings 3, so now the events are a

lot more free-form. If you get an event about collecting taxes you'll have the

option to be strict or lenient you'll have choices about how brutal

you are to people who don't or won't pay your taxes, so there's some advantages to

each option, there's some disadvantages to each option, there's very rarely going

to be an option that you pick every time because it's clearly the best option.

As another example: if you pick the Scholarship Focus in the Learning

Lifestyle you'll start receiving ideas about different experiments you can run

and books you can study and your character sort of has to make a decision

of how far do they stray from official church doctrine and into more

questionable experiments which could increase their knowledge but might lead

into the realm of heresy. The events will have a noticeable impact on your ruler

and their reign. Another example of a Focus you can pick and how that will

affect your Lifestyle is the Temptation Focus from within the Intrigue Tree.

You can basically use it to manipulate people and get them to do favors for you

you can use it to sway people over to your side so that you have agents and

people who are indebted to you when you need to call on them later or you can

just use it because you want to run around seducing everyone and having a

debauched hedonist in this Lifestyle.


And finally we are going to sit down with Petter

also Content Designer here at Paradox and we are going to delve deeper

into the Intrigue Lifestyle, its Perk Trees and its attached Focuses.

Join me.


There is one Lifestyle for each Skill in the game and each Lifestyle has three

different Lifestyle Focuses associated with it, and three different Perk Trees

that you can gradually unlock Perks from.

The Intrigue Focuses are Skulduggery, Temptation and the Intimidation Focuses.

The Seduce Scheme makes a return from CK2, now as a dedicated scheme that you can track the progress of.

It takes more consideration of who the target is and who you are and a lot of the events that

can fire along the way focus on the interplay between your personalities and

about making not just the right choices but the right choices in regards to who they are.

You might receive very hard rejects that will prevent you from

attempting to seduce them again in the future or they might even out you as a

lecherous bastard for trying to seduce them despite their marriage status.

It [Seducer Tree] also aids your fertility and helps your seduction and level relationships be more impactful

It also helps in less explicit ways by for example expanding

your pool of potential targets by removing the incestuous penalty to

schemes. It can also remove other soft blockers such as the penalty for your

own sexual preference being wrong, there is also a very convenient perk that

makes it harder for lovers to join murder schemes against you and also

makes it so that lovers are more likely to "get in the way" of murder attempts...

... Not every love story has a happy ending.

The final perk in the Seducer Tree is

Seducer which grants you bonuses to your fertility, your success chances and the

attraction opinions of anyone who is unfortunate enough to have the correct

gender and sexual orientation to potentially be attracted to you.

Torture makes a return from CK2 as one of those iconic medieval pastimes.

It's a great way for increasing your Dread, your dreadfulness, to make your vassals fear you.

It has the added bonus of having a chance of giving up the target's

secrets as they attempt to bribe you into letting them go.

The downsides, unfortunately, also include the church disliking you in the form of Piety loss

and Clergy Opinion losses unless of course you've done a little wiggling

within your religion so this kind of activity is encouraged rather than frowned upon.

If you're not a particularly sadistic type this kind of

cruelty can really take a mental toll so we've made sure to add in some Perks

that give you bonuses from having high Stress. The last Perk in the Torture Tree

is Torturer: in addition to granting even further

Dread bonuses, it also grants Prowess and Levy bonuses.

The Schemer Tree grants various bonuses to your Intrigue Schemes

it also helps you and your Spymaster keep other people

from murdering you or discovering your secrets.

It also unlocks a couple of new Schemes.

Alright and that is it for the January Video Update.

I will catch you next month, in the meantime if you want more information on

the Dev Diaries that were published throughout the month of January, just

click on the links below. I'll see you next month.


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